Monday, 18 January 2016


I am talking not just the colour, which is my colour of the year.  There are yellow stuff around the house before this year arrived but I decided that my house will be adorned or decorated with hues of yellow, green and light blue. 

Okay, on to another yellow.  One of my favourite songs of Coldplay of course.  Before I became familiar with their songs, I have heard of the band.  I believe the first song that I listened to was the Sky Full of Stars which the video was recorded in Australia and if I am right, launched here as well. But it was Yellow that really latches on me.  From then on, my curiosity with Chris Martin grew.  Of course, I am not happy that they divorced but I am not a fan of Gwyneth so I am not so sad as that of the Bennifer #2.  So do you think, the martin 000 is named after Christ Martin? 

On the Yellow though, I read in Wikipedia that there are different versions of origin of the song as told by Christ Martin.  In one of his interviews, he said that it is a ploy to move to the next question.  I am not really sure if this makes me like him more or less.  The jury is still out but I don’t have to like the singer.  I just like the song.