Monday, 18 January 2016

Art Nouveau

I am currently reading a trilogy book and I am on the third instalment. On a side, since Fifty Shades.. most of the books these days are in-parts and some even are cliff-hangers. But that’s another story. In the book, the hero gave the heroine an art nouveau oval-cut diamond ring. It was described in details that I might recognise it when I see it.

Not only the book made me curious of the ring but I want to know what is art nouveau, of course. I bet I would be curious too if I read about joy jewellers promise rings. I found that art nouveau is the style between 1898-1910 where the design is inspired by the nature forms. Most of the rings that I saw have lovely design and patterns in them – flowers, plants. I am always fascinated with natural designs on jewellery and I reckon I own a few.

Back to the story on the book, it was not an engagement ring but an eternity ring. And it was given with a note and a speech that was so sweet.