Saturday, 31 October 2015

Bucket Feet

I can't remember if I have posted anything in facebook related to shoes.  I love shoes but I am sure that I have not broadcasted it to facebook.  Anyway, I have been targeted with Bucket Feet ads every time I access facebook.  I am not complaining really.  They're all lovely shoes, good for walking as what the website says.  I am actually tempted to buy a pair (they look like vintage  but I was warned by a friend that somebody said, stuff that are being sold in facebook are not what they were said or advertised to be.

Search in facebook if you are interested.


I Shop at Hardware Store Too

The news that Woolworths or it's parent company might pull-out Masters saddens me.  I have shopped there a lot when it was new.  I have not been there recently, been going to Bunnings though for some reason.  But I reckon, having Masters just so close to Bunnings drive the competition.  But the thing is, both stores don't really sell the same brand so the promotion of beating 10% of the price, can't apply.  

I really hope, Masters will stay.  I mean I have not bought a Fulterer soft close drawer slides there yet.  


Saturday, 24 October 2015

Nautical Blue

Hmmm.. not that I really like stripes but I do like blue.  When I bought this, there were only one left at the shop.  A few weeks later when I visited the shop again, the shopkeeper said... she wished that she kept one for her self.  

it reminds me of sunshine, summer and the beach.  Nautical design you say?  Maybe.  I just love it.

Orange & Flowers

How do you like them orange?  With flowers too!  And this time, they have thin heels too!

Lacy Shorts

What's with lace recently?  Or maybe, it's not really that recent.  I bought a lacy top almost two years ago.  Anyway, I bought these lacy sort of shorts and I am not sure what top should I wear with them.  I own a black knit top, I suppose that will do.  

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Dresses for Little Person

Some of the dresses that I bought for my pretty neices back in the Philippines.  I have three and I really want to spoil them.  We'll go shopping for more when we get there so I can buy them shoes. I am excited.  

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Linen Sheets

I really like this linen sheet.  And guess where did I buy it?  Costco of course for only 25 bucks.  Bargain, reckon.  

The catch?  The Tatapilla doesn't like it.  It's scratchy and itchy and I agree.  What can you expect with linens?  Do they come with 1000 thread count?  Please let me know.

Bargain Shirts

These shirts are really bargain at Costco.  15 bucks for adults and 10 for kids.  Really.  Good quality and colours.  What can you ask for?  Hummm, that I should have remembered to buy one for myself?