Saturday, 29 August 2015

Cherry Red

These are my first pair of red-ish shoes.  And I so love them.  I pair them with anything but not too dark colours.

From what I read so far, you can wear demin shorts or maybe trousers with black jacket.  I suppose, anything that has no bold colours in it will do.

Comfy Shoes

The hunt is on.  With the number of shoes that I own, you may say that I own a pair that are really good for walking a long distance.  You know what I am talking about, right?  I am talking of a pair of shoes that are comfy for going away somewhere, doing tourist-y stuff.  A pair that have padded soles, not too high heels, something that will not rub on my toes.  But nah! Yes, I own flat shoes, yes I own padded soled shoes.  Yes, I own comfy shoes but most of them rub on my toes that I really feel after walking for a long time and distance.  Yes, I do own runners.  I do own sneakers but they are not what I meant.  I meant, stylish shoes.  I've done my research of which shoes to buy so far I have not found it.  I saw some at the chemist, you know those shoes?  I just have to try them on or keep on looking.