Saturday, 20 September 2014

For comfort

Due to the size and shape of my feet, it is hard for me to choose and buy shoes. I have very slim but long-ish feet and for some reason the width is not proportion to the length. As evident, I have calluses on my toes which for the past month have been making it uncomfortable to wear closed shoes however soft and comfy they are. Well, I am not entirely blaming the size of my feet.. you'll have to factor in "vanity" for wearing slightly high-heeled pairs. I need excuses to spend money on shoes, so I thought as presents for Mcj's father's day.. I bought 3 pairs of sandals/open-toe shoes. And these are one of my favourites. And my famous last words, these will be the last pair for the year... not ever, that would be sacrilegious. :)