Sunday, 25 August 2013

Hair-banging hair style

I had a haircut when we went to the Philippines. It is a bit short and it has been the shortest for almost 9 years. It's no use if you are hair-banging just like what some did in the air guitar festival - my hair just won't bang that way. Speaking of air guitar, what's your take on it? I see two things - I thought it silly and at the same time, I admire the people involved. To make something that big, is legendary. Do you think they still check out the Alfred Guitar Tablature even if they are playing air guitar? Regardless, this is inspirational and I hope many things such as this one will crop-up in the future.
Your Ideal Hairstyle is Sexy Waves
On a hair note, I can't wait for my hair to grow back. I miss it when it was long that I only have to wind it up my head and viola, instant hair do.

My favourite bag

Currently, this is my favourite bag. I bought this in the Philippines in our trip a few weeks ago.
This bag has only 1 zip pocket inside and two non-zips for phone and what not. What's I like about it is the material. It's not so structured but it can be if it contains the right stuff. The leather is very soft and supple. I also like the colour. I have another bag with the same colour combination that has now been related to my weekend grocery shopping bag. This new bag has become my going to work bag. I am very picky when it comes to buying bags - it has to have the "it" factor. I don't know what it is before I look for a bag that I like but I will know it once I see it. It's really hard - a lot of time is put into it just like buying industrial safety equipment. Oh maybe not imperative. In industrial equipment, it involves the safety of people and that above all else is what matters.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

6 Shoes

In my recent retail therapy, I bought 6 pairs of shoes. I have yet to take photos of them. I really liked this shopping trip as I have time to contemplate what I want and need. I reckon, I bought what's needed in my work and casual wear. It's like buying cool Yamaha Guitars, it's all intent and purpose.
Rain Makes You Happy
You tend to move slowly, but you still get a lot done. You are steady.

You are down to earth and practical. You like to live an ordered and organized life.

You find it difficult to be comfortable, and you are often shocked by your surroundings.

You prefer to be around a wide variety of people. You believe that you learn a little something from everyone.

You find peace when you are alone. You know how to balance your emotions well.