Sunday, 7 October 2012

Any Green Things

The article in is about her eyelashes but what really caught my attention are her earrings.  The contrast of orange lips and green earring is remarkable, well for a person who can't decide what her favourite colour is - green or powder blue.  

This girl is always donning something sweet - no rough around the edges style.  She must be sticking to her country image.  Is that where a  wine maker excels?  

Just Simple Please

Frankly, I am not into lace and frills.  I just find them too cumbersome.  I like structure and simplicity.  No fuss.  I'm sure that's not much to ask but these days, it is hard to shop just like that.  The shops are sprawled with stylish clothes that I can't relate to.  If I have to, I can done stuff like the north face clearance items - when it's cold that is.   

You Are Classically Fashionable

When people talk about a look that never goes out of style, they're talking about your look.
You pick items that will last a lifetime. You are obsessed with quality and details.

While you think trends are fun, you avoid them and focus on what's tried and true.
Your look does evolve over time, but your evolution is subtle. You generally stick to what works.


Dotted Pants

I always admire her style in bags, shoes and clothes.  Simple yet elegant.  And these pants are something that I actually want to own.  Oh, don't forget the lipstick.  It stands out like revolving rotary blades in the middle of stock still blades.  

Don't mention the structured bags as well, big fan of structured bags that I am.  


Cheers! Taylor Swift waves while exiting her London hotel on Thursday, a day after taking in the Elie Saab runway show in Paris.