Sunday, 8 July 2012

Polka Dot

Hey, really can I borrow it sometimes? I already own white pants and I do have polka dots top. This gives me an inspiration for that outfit. I'm not into fashion and I mostly dress based on my feeling and how comfy the clothes are. This reduces the stress really of thinking what to wear on casual Friday - one step less to that use of ecg machine. Whew!
MIRANDA KERR We're loving the model mama's breezy polka-dot top and those wide-leg white trousers, to which she adds an oversize black tote and cat-eye shades. The whole outfit just screams chic. Hey, Miranda, can we borrow it sometime?


These floral capris are event stealer, I reckon. But the top and shoes really are good match to the pants. Katy Perry has really excellent taste but makes you wonder if she owns a sm58. I would assume most musicians or those inclined to music has.
KATY PERRY Leave it to Katy to have this much fun with fashion during the daytime. She dons a demure Peter Pan-collar top with playful floral capris, both by Alice + Olivia.

Down Low

This "world-class mum" is a class of her own. She does not don her celeb status when she's with her cuties. How I admire her. They seem to be always happy despite the paps hounding them. I suppose, if that is the only thing to be worried about - it's the least (lesser than finding cheap appliance parts). As a fan, I am quite glad what I see and read about this family.
AWAY WHEE GO! After a patriotic Fourth of July bash, Jennifer Garner gives Seraphina, 3, a slide show Thursday at a Santa Monica, Calif., park.


I have not seen any of her concert but as a fan (silent, that is), I am updated as to her whereabouts. This is one of SG's customes in her 24/SG concert that was last night - it's first night. The second one is on the 21st of July. Based on the photos and the videos that I have seen online so far, it was magnificent. As read, her custome was worth 6MPesos- 4 changes. Why? There were glittered with crystals (I wonder if one can get the same with birthstones for a february baby?). They are designed by Furne One - a filipino designer based on Dubai. I'd go and watch this if I was in RP.