Monday, 23 April 2012

Statement Ring

I like statement ring or shall I say designer ring. I have found one at the shops and I'll just get Mcj to get me one. :)
SARAH HYLAND'S STATEMENT RING The gold ring Sarah Hyland wore in this pic is very cool. Can I get it or one like it online? – Alexei We've been lusting after Modern Family's young star's ring too! It's an H. Stern gold-and-diamond design, and you can order it by contacting the company on its site (or try shopping one of the similar rings at left!).
This one is a lovely look alike with the one at the top photo. It's not as great as gold-star, but the style is nice. I also like the bracelet.
Rose Flower Ring - 7 $ 28 It’s all in the details with our Rose Flower ring; a vintage-inspired, rose gold-tone flower blossoms to reveal a clear crystal center.

Round and Round

I am definitely not talking about her figure. I like a well rounded woman. I am talking of her sunnies and the earrings. I have taken fancy on round earrings but I don't have the courage to talk myself into wearing them. I prefer large-ish pair but I am petite so I am not really sure at all if they will look good on me. I reckon, I have to try to be able to know. It's not like I am going to wear them when going to work, only maybe when filling up kroger employment application form, or Not!
SAYING HER PEACE After riding the Caribbean waves, Beyoncé Knowles returns to mommy mode with 3-month-old Blue Ivy in New York's Central Park on Monday.

Best Outfit

I reckon, the best outfit one can wear is her smile. It's free too. But of course, it has to be sincere and true and that's a big feat if one is unsure, not confident and not happy. Would you be able to smile whole-heartedly when you are mulling over the side effects of apidexin? Would you be able to smile if you're worrying about your next mortgage payment? Happiness is a choice and a state that one has to work on as well.
GRIN BIG So that's where she gets her smile from! Emma Roberts and Aunt Julia beam brightly Wednesday at the L.A. premiere of Jesus Henry Christ.

Pinky Quirky

Pink is really not my favourite colour but put it this way, this is an eye candy and will surely attract my attention. I love the boots. Where can you get them. If it's me that will go to her concert, forget about the G&L Bass, I'll be ogling her outfit.. know what I mean?
THINK PINK What would you guess Nicki Minaj's favorite color might be? The singer with the colorful reputation went with a Barbie-themed outfit while signing copies of her new album in London on Thursday.

Colour me Rainbow

RAINBOW BRIGHT Another day, another transformation! Nicki Minaj continues to explore her color palette with a florescent ensemble while leaving her London hotel on Friday.
No inexpensive maternity clothes here. It's all about colour and style. It's all weird styles as for me but they all accentuate each other. I am partial with the wooden bangle, if I may call it that. Plus, that feather top shoes - it's all about simplicity and style.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Brown Shoes



Elegant and chic leather riding boots. With a slight heel and a rounded toe, these boots will be your go to item this autumn. Leather upper, 4cm heel height.

From ninewest
I've been wishing for a brown winter shoes and I'd love to have these. I just hope that it is not otk for me or I'll look like a dwarf. So while I am wishing, I'll just have to save my penny and turn it into silver bullion.


You Are Dreamy

You are a stylish person who tends to value form over function. You like to look good.

Your gut reactions are neither negative nor positive. You tend to see both sides of issues.

You are efficient and savvy. You don't get tied down by unnecessary details.

Challenges make you feel alive and exhilarated. You love to be in the thick of the action.

That's what I need now. I want to go wander around nature, aiming for nothing. Just to smell the roses. This coming 4 day weekend will not be enough (only for rearranging garden gnomes) but in a fortnight, we'll be away for a week and I hope we'll all have fun.

The Decker


Swathing her famous physique in an illusion navy-and-white gown with a thick gold belt, the Battleship bombshell takes Tokyo by style storm at her movie's premiere.

I saw her movie with Jennifer Aniston, Just Go With It and I really liked it. Not just because of her of course. There's JA and Adam to laugh with.

But, she's a stunner her. Before the movie, I saw her on the court side on telly. She's a awesome then. The charm seems to be on all the time, despite of a wood switch covers. Lol. Roddick is one lucky guy!