Friday, 23 March 2012


A butter-yellow patterned halter gown with pretty bow back is perfect for hosting the Academy's 2006 Science and Technical Awards. The actress finishes the look with a relaxed, side-swept bun and berry lips.

This is an old photo of RM but I reckon she looks really pretty and svelte in this. And quite young to boot. She's one of my favourite actresses. I recently saw her movie, Morning Glory and I liked her role in that. Plus no need to wear eyeglasses to see her gorgeous arse. :) Just an opinion.

Sunday, 4 March 2012


I know the feature on this photo is the jacket but what caught my attention most are the bags. She likes structured bags and I so like them all. How I wish I could get hold of them. I wish my next bag will be like on the first set. I am into decorating our new home (mostly considering ceiling light) that personal stuff is so far from my mind. Well, aside from maybe another pair of shoes. :)


A staple in Pippa Middleton's enviable coat collection, her red Zara peacoat brightens up a jeans-and-boots ensemble.