Friday, 27 January 2012

All Fun

That's all I want right now. To have fun, fun, fun. Add a splash of williams symphony elite digital piano into the pit and I'll be bouncing. Although, I doubt my ability and skills to learn to play piano at my age. If I were born in the old age, I wouldn't have learned to play it. I would have ended up a shooter or a swordplayer.

You Are Fun

You always like to add a whimsical touch to your look. You never take yourself all that seriously.
You are driven, but you aren't taking the beaten path to success. You are doing things your way.
Of all the types, you are the most original and creative. You wear your uniqueness as a badge of honor.
You are bright and happy. You have a lot to be optimistic about, and you have a "can do" spirit.


Red Satchel


Mixing colors and prints like a pro, the actress pairs a starry top with a colorful striped jacket (both by MiH), finishing the look with a deep red bag and aviators.

While I am on to red, this another red thing - of course the bag is another favourite of mine. I like structured bags and this just catch my fancy. I love the get up as well, particularly the sweater. The polka shirt is something that I can immitate as I own one with dots like personalized coins - huge.

Lady in Red


Back to blonde after her brunette turn in One for the Money, the actress accents her golden updo with a striking one-shoulder red gown, dangling Sethi Couture earrings, Jimmy Choo sandals and a Salvatore Ferragamo clutch at the film's N.Y.C. premiere.

This one lady in red is surely a glam. I'm being side-tracked from searching about Short Order Cook Jobs with this sophisticated look. It's a hit for me.