Sunday, 18 November 2012

Dressing Down

DEMANDS from Generation Y to dress down at the office are making casual clothes the norm in many Sydney workplaces. Employees in the IT, consumer goods, creative, telecommunications and the corporate sector are leading the charge in looking sharp without the suit. Myer has seen a 15 per cent growth in sales of chinos and "double digit" increases in the sales of men's casual work shirts. Recruitment company Hays regional director Carolyn Dickason said a decline in the amount of face-to-face meetings was behind much of the change. "There is more time being spend video conferencing, Skype and so forth. It doesn't necessarily warrant being dressed up all the time and therefore that relaxed dress sense has crept in and become acceptable," she said. "With Generation Y, the fashion boundaries have been pushed a little. The new thing is dressing business appropriate. "It's not one outfit for every occasion. Quite a lot of workers try to mirror the fashion style of the clients they are going to see."
It's the same thing at work also. Have to dress more formally when going to the clients or there are clients going to the office. I wonder if it is the same in hatteras cabanas? Must be all wearing summer-y clothes.

Pink Pump

ELLE FANNING With Thanksgiving just days away, it's the perfect time for Elle to indulge her Pilgrim garb obsession, this time pairing pink buckled pumps with a high-necked dress for an N.Y.C. screening of her film Ginger and Rosa.
Her other shoes garnered lots of attention - but I reckon, at her age she is making her own mark in fashion. Celebs are known for many things anyway - is there one about using air pot? I like her style though.


KRISTEN STEWART After two consecutive Twilight looks that were sheer madness, the star picks a Dior dress that's attention-getting in a very different way and pairs it with Barbara Bui pumps for the movie's Madrid premiere.
I reckon yellow is not always a great choice for a dress but this one hit the note, for me anyway. I have always admired her style, she has her own. The shoes area also standouts. Her not carrying any clutch add to her style - just like yoga for men is not for everyone, male that is.


DRESSED TO IMPRESS Skin is in for a sultry Miranda Kerr, who shows off her supermodel figure while celebrating W Magazine's 40th anniversary at New York's Gramercy Park Hotel on Thursday night.
I am a silent fan (silent no more) of Miranda Kerr. She's very stylish and in this, classic. I reckon, she'll look good whatever she wear including holding a personalized tumbler here.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Any Green Things

The article in is about her eyelashes but what really caught my attention are her earrings.  The contrast of orange lips and green earring is remarkable, well for a person who can't decide what her favourite colour is - green or powder blue.  

This girl is always donning something sweet - no rough around the edges style.  She must be sticking to her country image.  Is that where a  wine maker excels?  

Just Simple Please

Frankly, I am not into lace and frills.  I just find them too cumbersome.  I like structure and simplicity.  No fuss.  I'm sure that's not much to ask but these days, it is hard to shop just like that.  The shops are sprawled with stylish clothes that I can't relate to.  If I have to, I can done stuff like the north face clearance items - when it's cold that is.   

You Are Classically Fashionable

When people talk about a look that never goes out of style, they're talking about your look.
You pick items that will last a lifetime. You are obsessed with quality and details.

While you think trends are fun, you avoid them and focus on what's tried and true.
Your look does evolve over time, but your evolution is subtle. You generally stick to what works.


Dotted Pants

I always admire her style in bags, shoes and clothes.  Simple yet elegant.  And these pants are something that I actually want to own.  Oh, don't forget the lipstick.  It stands out like revolving rotary blades in the middle of stock still blades.  

Don't mention the structured bags as well, big fan of structured bags that I am.  


Cheers! Taylor Swift waves while exiting her London hotel on Thursday, a day after taking in the Elie Saab runway show in Paris.


Monday, 10 September 2012

Flatform Shoes

I now own at least 3 pairs of platform shoes. I so like them, they are very comfy. Not because they are flatform but of course, I am not into comform shoes with style. But I don't opt for bulky platform - no thanks. I am more into my size of course. And despite not having so many shoes shops around our area, I still get to see stylish ones and my favourite shops have always specials. I wonder if they have Asolo TPS boots? I am on the look for boots of any closed shoes that are not black.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Busy Bee

I am not so into fashion and I can not play a good fashion police but I have noticed recently that her outfit is always wrinkled. Maybe, it's just the style of the clothes that she likes to wear but they look chaotic to me. Maybe, her hair has something to do with it too - just a bit unruly. Or maybe, I am just more inclined into simple, straight and easy - more of a activa compression stockings sometimes. But it's just me.
ALTERNATIVE APPAREL TOP Another busy mom on the go, Sarah Jessica Parker turns to her super-soft Alternative Apparel tee (available in a rainbow of colors for $40) to complete her jeans-and-comfy-shoes outfits around N.Y.C.

Barrel Bag

I am into structured and hold-all bag and this just meet those standards. It's not so structured as there are no compartments but just enough space to get my essentials plus my lunch and snacks. How good is that? There is plenty of room that I can fit at least ten carrera tag heuer. One of my everyday basics, for sure.

Tan & Pointy

I love these pair, really. Tan, check. Sexy and simple style, check. Pointy, no likie. Reasons? Those pointy ends get scuffed pretty quickly. I have learned from experience. Plus they make my feet look bigger and longer - they're already big enough. But maybe for casual wear, they will definitely go down that path - no need to use t bolts to me get it.
BRITA WOMENS LEATHER PUMP Corelli Corelli Womens Leather Stiletto Style # 119681528 Brita is a Leather on trend pump with a soft point and stiletto heel. Perfect for work, evening or the races, this style is the classic you can't live without!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Brown Shoes

or tan. I am in the look for tan or brown shoes to match my light coloured pants.
Feefifo $149.95 A chic and versatile wedge with buckle detail. Pair with a skinny leg pant and a silk shirt for an elegant look. Leather upper, 9cm heel height.
These shoes for Ninewest will do but I have I have been burnt buying shoes online so I really want to try them on. It's like buying shoei helmets, they need to be tried and tested first.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Polka Dot

Hey, really can I borrow it sometimes? I already own white pants and I do have polka dots top. This gives me an inspiration for that outfit. I'm not into fashion and I mostly dress based on my feeling and how comfy the clothes are. This reduces the stress really of thinking what to wear on casual Friday - one step less to that use of ecg machine. Whew!
MIRANDA KERR We're loving the model mama's breezy polka-dot top and those wide-leg white trousers, to which she adds an oversize black tote and cat-eye shades. The whole outfit just screams chic. Hey, Miranda, can we borrow it sometime?


These floral capris are event stealer, I reckon. But the top and shoes really are good match to the pants. Katy Perry has really excellent taste but makes you wonder if she owns a sm58. I would assume most musicians or those inclined to music has.
KATY PERRY Leave it to Katy to have this much fun with fashion during the daytime. She dons a demure Peter Pan-collar top with playful floral capris, both by Alice + Olivia.

Down Low

This "world-class mum" is a class of her own. She does not don her celeb status when she's with her cuties. How I admire her. They seem to be always happy despite the paps hounding them. I suppose, if that is the only thing to be worried about - it's the least (lesser than finding cheap appliance parts). As a fan, I am quite glad what I see and read about this family.
AWAY WHEE GO! After a patriotic Fourth of July bash, Jennifer Garner gives Seraphina, 3, a slide show Thursday at a Santa Monica, Calif., park.


I have not seen any of her concert but as a fan (silent, that is), I am updated as to her whereabouts. This is one of SG's customes in her 24/SG concert that was last night - it's first night. The second one is on the 21st of July. Based on the photos and the videos that I have seen online so far, it was magnificent. As read, her custome was worth 6MPesos- 4 changes. Why? There were glittered with crystals (I wonder if one can get the same with birthstones for a february baby?). They are designed by Furne One - a filipino designer based on Dubai. I'd go and watch this if I was in RP.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Blue for You

COLORBLOCK HEELS A striking outfit like Jessica's floral pants and ombrĂ© jacket needs appropriately striking heels – and her strappy kelly green sandals are the perfect choice.
I'd love to own a pair of these babies. Mind you, there are similar styles out there that are not that expensive so head to people's website. All these pretty shoes just make me yearn for shoes shopping - just like builders with metal buildings. And what makes it so good, it's holiday tomorrow so I still have time to indulge.

Yellow Flats

YELLOW FLATS Happy feet are yours in an instant with a pair of pretty ballet shoes in this sunny shade. And they're surprisingly versatile – try them with a navy top and cognac bag (Taylor Swift's is Patricia Nash) for a preppy look, or wear with a dress in a contrasting bright to make a summery statement.
These are just what we need down under in a gloomy weekend. It is a long weekend but it doesn't look good at all. Planning on that garden bridge is put into naught because of a cold day. Yes, shopping for shoes is just what we need to perk us.

Pretty in Pink

ALDO PUMPS You can't trust the B— in Apartment 23, but you can trust Krysten Ritter to find a good deal. Here, she mixes high and low in the form of a designer Sportmax dress and $59.90 Aldo "Fravel" heels in an eye-catching fuchsia hue.
Not all the things that celebs wear are exy - just like these pretty pair. But I reckon, these are just to be worn once that durability is not what one should pay for almost 60 bucks. If only flat screen tv stands can be like this.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Too Right

This is just about right. Yes, picky in everything I suppose even with the people that I relate with. The best part I like is I am easy to make happy. Big check. I maybe picky but I get ecstatic in small things. I don't have to be impressed with fancy stuff. I am too conventional, remember? A bonfire will surely pick me up now that it's dark and cold. It doesn't matter if it is propane fire pit.
You are Picky

You have a sharp personality, and you never hesitate to say what's on your mind.

You are always looking to add a little more authenticity to your life. You prefer things and people that are real.

People can count on you to be calm and level headed. You are the voice of reason.

People don't realize you're more conventional than you seem. It's easy to make you happy.

Is this it?

GWYNETH PALTROW'S HOOPS I caught a close-up of Gwyneth's cool earrings while watching the Met Gala live-stream. Details, please! – Lori To accessorize her Prada mini, the Goopster selected bling-tastic Anna Hu earrings, inspired by fighting scenes in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (yes, really!) and featuring emeralds, diamonds, tsavorites and rubies set in white gold.
The controversial dress that showed off more that hide? I have heard something about it but I have not seen the dress though. If this is it, it shows plenty how fit she is. I like this actress in the Iron Man. I can't remember if I have seen one of her movies before the IM. But now, I am hooked but also because of Tony - especially when she argues with him, they do have some remote control harmony at least.

Webbed Shoes

CHARLIZE'S SEXY SHOES "Charlize Theron's sandals. Must have. Now. Designer info. Please!" – Cea So hot, right?! Charlize Theron gives her simple skinnies-and-blazer look a boost with Jimmy Choo's striking webbed "Imogen" sandals – yours for $769. Pinching pennies? Shop our picks instead!
I'm not one for artsy-fartsy even with shoes - but what I meant are blings, ribbons or any adornment. I don't really mind the style, just like these. They'll look good on slim feet with colourful nail polish. They can't be compared to kerrits riding apparel though how stylish you might want to go riding.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Statement Ring

I like statement ring or shall I say designer ring. I have found one at the shops and I'll just get Mcj to get me one. :)
SARAH HYLAND'S STATEMENT RING The gold ring Sarah Hyland wore in this pic is very cool. Can I get it or one like it online? – Alexei We've been lusting after Modern Family's young star's ring too! It's an H. Stern gold-and-diamond design, and you can order it by contacting the company on its site (or try shopping one of the similar rings at left!).
This one is a lovely look alike with the one at the top photo. It's not as great as gold-star, but the style is nice. I also like the bracelet.
Rose Flower Ring - 7 $ 28 It’s all in the details with our Rose Flower ring; a vintage-inspired, rose gold-tone flower blossoms to reveal a clear crystal center.

Round and Round

I am definitely not talking about her figure. I like a well rounded woman. I am talking of her sunnies and the earrings. I have taken fancy on round earrings but I don't have the courage to talk myself into wearing them. I prefer large-ish pair but I am petite so I am not really sure at all if they will look good on me. I reckon, I have to try to be able to know. It's not like I am going to wear them when going to work, only maybe when filling up kroger employment application form, or Not!
SAYING HER PEACE After riding the Caribbean waves, Beyoncé Knowles returns to mommy mode with 3-month-old Blue Ivy in New York's Central Park on Monday.

Best Outfit

I reckon, the best outfit one can wear is her smile. It's free too. But of course, it has to be sincere and true and that's a big feat if one is unsure, not confident and not happy. Would you be able to smile whole-heartedly when you are mulling over the side effects of apidexin? Would you be able to smile if you're worrying about your next mortgage payment? Happiness is a choice and a state that one has to work on as well.
GRIN BIG So that's where she gets her smile from! Emma Roberts and Aunt Julia beam brightly Wednesday at the L.A. premiere of Jesus Henry Christ.

Pinky Quirky

Pink is really not my favourite colour but put it this way, this is an eye candy and will surely attract my attention. I love the boots. Where can you get them. If it's me that will go to her concert, forget about the G&L Bass, I'll be ogling her outfit.. know what I mean?
THINK PINK What would you guess Nicki Minaj's favorite color might be? The singer with the colorful reputation went with a Barbie-themed outfit while signing copies of her new album in London on Thursday.

Colour me Rainbow

RAINBOW BRIGHT Another day, another transformation! Nicki Minaj continues to explore her color palette with a florescent ensemble while leaving her London hotel on Friday.
No inexpensive maternity clothes here. It's all about colour and style. It's all weird styles as for me but they all accentuate each other. I am partial with the wooden bangle, if I may call it that. Plus, that feather top shoes - it's all about simplicity and style.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Brown Shoes



Elegant and chic leather riding boots. With a slight heel and a rounded toe, these boots will be your go to item this autumn. Leather upper, 4cm heel height.

From ninewest
I've been wishing for a brown winter shoes and I'd love to have these. I just hope that it is not otk for me or I'll look like a dwarf. So while I am wishing, I'll just have to save my penny and turn it into silver bullion.


You Are Dreamy

You are a stylish person who tends to value form over function. You like to look good.

Your gut reactions are neither negative nor positive. You tend to see both sides of issues.

You are efficient and savvy. You don't get tied down by unnecessary details.

Challenges make you feel alive and exhilarated. You love to be in the thick of the action.

That's what I need now. I want to go wander around nature, aiming for nothing. Just to smell the roses. This coming 4 day weekend will not be enough (only for rearranging garden gnomes) but in a fortnight, we'll be away for a week and I hope we'll all have fun.

The Decker


Swathing her famous physique in an illusion navy-and-white gown with a thick gold belt, the Battleship bombshell takes Tokyo by style storm at her movie's premiere.

I saw her movie with Jennifer Aniston, Just Go With It and I really liked it. Not just because of her of course. There's JA and Adam to laugh with.

But, she's a stunner her. Before the movie, I saw her on the court side on telly. She's a awesome then. The charm seems to be on all the time, despite of a wood switch covers. Lol. Roddick is one lucky guy!

Friday, 23 March 2012


A butter-yellow patterned halter gown with pretty bow back is perfect for hosting the Academy's 2006 Science and Technical Awards. The actress finishes the look with a relaxed, side-swept bun and berry lips.

This is an old photo of RM but I reckon she looks really pretty and svelte in this. And quite young to boot. She's one of my favourite actresses. I recently saw her movie, Morning Glory and I liked her role in that. Plus no need to wear eyeglasses to see her gorgeous arse. :) Just an opinion.

Sunday, 4 March 2012


I know the feature on this photo is the jacket but what caught my attention most are the bags. She likes structured bags and I so like them all. How I wish I could get hold of them. I wish my next bag will be like on the first set. I am into decorating our new home (mostly considering ceiling light) that personal stuff is so far from my mind. Well, aside from maybe another pair of shoes. :)


A staple in Pippa Middleton's enviable coat collection, her red Zara peacoat brightens up a jeans-and-boots ensemble.


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sarah G. Live

I can't watch it on the telly as we don't have TFC here but I am online on twitter to keep me up to date, while blogging on small business equipment financing. The updates on twitter is really exciting. I thought at first, GA is a guest but it was a recorded set. Nonetheless, he was there.

It's way past my bedtime, I'll get headache tomorrow. Whew!



A sweet pink sweaterdress, nude pumps and golden jewels (hers are House of Lavande) is an easy weekend look that requires little effort but still makes a big impact.

Yes, simple but adorable. The dress is so casual but paired up with these pumps - it's elegant casual. I like the colour and style. It can even be worn when pushingbaby jogger city mini GT. Guess who can carry that off? Humm?




We'd love to see Halle go for the gold in a plunging Zuhair Murad or look pretty in hot pink (a hue she's favored in the past) by Ralph Lauren.

At the Oscars. I'm torn between these two gowns for Hale Berry. They're flowing and lovely. Fit for her body (no trailer hitch at all).

Friday, 27 January 2012

All Fun

That's all I want right now. To have fun, fun, fun. Add a splash of williams symphony elite digital piano into the pit and I'll be bouncing. Although, I doubt my ability and skills to learn to play piano at my age. If I were born in the old age, I wouldn't have learned to play it. I would have ended up a shooter or a swordplayer.

You Are Fun

You always like to add a whimsical touch to your look. You never take yourself all that seriously.
You are driven, but you aren't taking the beaten path to success. You are doing things your way.
Of all the types, you are the most original and creative. You wear your uniqueness as a badge of honor.
You are bright and happy. You have a lot to be optimistic about, and you have a "can do" spirit.


Red Satchel


Mixing colors and prints like a pro, the actress pairs a starry top with a colorful striped jacket (both by MiH), finishing the look with a deep red bag and aviators.

While I am on to red, this another red thing - of course the bag is another favourite of mine. I like structured bags and this just catch my fancy. I love the get up as well, particularly the sweater. The polka shirt is something that I can immitate as I own one with dots like personalized coins - huge.

Lady in Red


Back to blonde after her brunette turn in One for the Money, the actress accents her golden updo with a striking one-shoulder red gown, dangling Sethi Couture earrings, Jimmy Choo sandals and a Salvatore Ferragamo clutch at the film's N.Y.C. premiere.

This one lady in red is surely a glam. I'm being side-tracked from searching about Short Order Cook Jobs with this sophisticated look. It's a hit for me.