Sunday, 28 August 2011

Younger Looking


Despite her bright red pants, the actress turned music video director flies under the radar at LAX in a retro-style newsboy cap, rocker tee and cool kicks.

Indeed, this getup makes Drew B look younger. She's like a highschool kid (that's got her car title loans Kentucky). I wonder if she's trying to hide or calling attention to herself.

Match It


Baby on board! The supermodel mom keep her precious cargo, 7-month-old son Flynn, close – and matching! – in classic stripes, blue jeans (hers are Nobody Denim) and fancy black footwear for their departure from Sydney Airport.

I'm into matching colours of clothes that we wear as a family but I haven't really thought of using patterns. This gave me the idea on my next shopping trip. The person manning the posguys barcode scanner might get a kick of it.

Hair Care Tip


Looks like all those bikini shoots have made a big impact on Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl Brooklyn Decker! The model turned actress tells PEOPLE, "The best hair product in the world is the ocean water. For me, when I go to the beach – it sounds gross, it probably smells bad – but I don’t wash my hair for a day or two because it’s so wavy and salty and beach-y and you get the natural color from the sun."

I can't say that I like this tip as when I go to the beach my hair just gets stringy and sticky that it begs to be washed. But maybe, if you're into that messy look.. this is a perfect tip. But not so if you're eyeing those Legacy System Operator Jobs.

What's on your Nails?


Stars from Emma Stone to Khloe Kardashian are sporting this ultra-hot hue with their wardrobes. To dip a toe into the trend, keep the color on your fingernails, like Selena Gomez, while leaving the rest of your look neutral.


Who says baby blues and pinks should be spring only? Subvert tradition and stand out from a pack of reds and neutrals with this bright, fun shade that is great against fall's hottest jewel tones.

I am not really into nail polish these days. I used to but it takes time to keep them up (not that I am fixing things like gianna rims), I gave up. These are my picks though. Or something orangy-ish would be good too. Anything that enhances my complexion and texture of my skin is good.


Monday, 15 August 2011

Platform Shoes

The shoes that Miranda had here are quite charming. I looked-up the Jimmy Choo site to see the heels but I cant find it. I might not be looking hard enough although they're far more interesting than ATV Tires. I'm considering to buy new shoes but I still can't decide what are those that I want.


Supermodel Miranda strikes a pose in a fitted leopard-print top and high-waist skirt with towering Jimmy Choo platform sandals at a David Jones store in Melbourne, Australia.