Sunday, 27 March 2011

Shopping Cutback

All these have good and positive effects. It is noticeable at the shops these, how people are thinning compared to last year. It is affecting the retailers and the economy but at the same time, it means people are saving or paying off debt - saving for the rainy days and maybe to spend on Blue Cross Blue Shield NC when it is the right time. I'm half-way in between...
NOBODY predicted the slowdown in consumer spending as Australia bounced back from the global financial crisis and no one has great confidence in forecasting how long it will endure.

The central view, reflected by our panel of economists, is that the savings rate will stabilise at just under 10 per cent (its current level).

This means spending is likely to start rising again, at least in line with income growth, The Australian reports.

The growth in average weekly earnings of about 4 per cent and of employment at, perhaps 2 per cent, should translate to acceptable growth in consumption in the region of 6 per cent.

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Love the Scarf

Cold season is coming up in the land down under. I own a few scarves but if this is added to my collection, it will be a bang.

Michelle Trachtenberg and YARNZ Leopard Hearts Scarf. This gauze scarf features heart-shaped leopard spots and frayed ends.

It's just lately that I am hooked into scarves. But so far, I don't own any printed ones much as I don't have any step stools with handles. All can be remedied one way or the other.

That Clutch

I said that I really like this cluth, the Bottega. It's a surprise when Sarah Geronimo has it. She must like it as well. And because she can afford it too. I wonder if she bought it herself or her Mum.

Princess Mary of Denmark is also a fan, it seems.

Now, I'm wondering if it is really that cool as much as I wonder if does Hydroxycut work. Nonetheless, I can't find the answer myself.


On The Floor

I heard this song first from the radio when I went to Sydney early this month. It was sort of funny because it was played just when we were driving from the airport to the customer's site and 4 days later from the customer's site to the airport. I am not a big music fan especially such as this music but I can say that I quite like it. The music video is a mish mash of everything but just apt for the music, I suppose. Lots of urban clothing for the people who graced this video.