Monday, 31 January 2011

On the Hugh :)

Claire Danes forgot to thank husband Hugh Dancy when she picked up an Emmy last year, but the actress was sure to call out her "glorious" love when she picked up a Golden Globe for the made-for-TV movie Temple Grandin this time around.

Just the latest on Hugh Dancy. Oh, and I can't let Claire Danes gown passed without commenting it. The colour is fetching and I like the hair. Have to search that do and check gift ideas for valentine. Valentine's Day is almost here.

At the Guild

Looks like she took our advice! The best-actress nominee for Rabbit Hole is feminine in a lace-back Nina Ricci gown and Fred Leighton diamond-and-enamel necklace

The red carpet has been graced with beautiful women again with their lovely and non-so-lovely in others gown. I'm not in the authority (much as I am a in chair for giving Samsung my two cents worth) to give a good review and what-have-yous on the gowns but of course, Nicole Kidmans gown never failed to mesmerise me. It's always unique and she has a style of her own.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Much Better

You Are Lavender Shampoo

You are an unfussy, down to earth, natural type of person. You shy away from anything fake.
You are both classic and classy. You always mind your manners and you never fall for trends.
While you live a simpler life than most, your personality is quite complex and layered.
You strike the perfect balance, and there are often two sides to every facet of your personality.

I like this meme result better especially the two sides to every facet of my personality. Do I sound weird? Well, at least I am a sort of smoking (cigars) and non-smoking one. I react according to my mood and when I'm otherwise subdued, I react differently.

Celebs Favourite

to wear and use. And mine too. Oh really, I promised no more spending. I should stop going to the shops - maybe just once a month will do.

Whether in New York or L.A., Hereafter star Bryce Dallas Howard adds a bright spot to her looks with her vermillion Kate Spade "Five Points Camille" bag.

True to her flirty, feminine style, Anne Hathaway rocks her bow-bedecked Brian Atwood "Donna" pumps with romantic, draped dresses and sexy minis.

It's not that I'm saving for appetite suppressant but we have several projects so they need saving up.

Fringe or

bangs as most people from my home country, call it.

I'm not a fan of fringes. I can't even remember when was the last time I sported this do. I believe that this type of hairstyle doesn't suit everyone. But I also think that this do makes SB look younger. It's like having a doll-y face. See, one doesn't have to stomach fat loss to be younger. It's all in the style.

Before rockin' the red carpet with her new blunt bangs and shimmering gown, the Golden Globes presenter worked the floor-length look at LAX in a shearling coat and equally cozy knit tunic.


Casual Shoes...

or something like that...

We've an event to attend to next month and although it is a formal event I don't want to be really wearing formal shoes. I prefer shoes that can be worn in casual and formal affair and at the same time can be worn to work.

Tawny $139.95 Leather open toe wedge with knot feature. Wedge height:7cm

Daiquiri $109.95 Two tone leather high heel with buckle feature. Heel height: 9cm. Please note: Black White Stripe is Fabric

In my area, it's hard to find shoes that I really like considering the comfort, durability and style (in that order) that are worth my money. Sometimes, it is easier to find weight loss pills that work than finding the right shoes. Thanks to the net, I can have my pick before I torture my feet.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Pick of the Week


Kammi-Pe cocco-Viola-I1152-571-Forma571-Purple

Ballerina-Te dusty lame-Nero-I131-Forma624-07-Bronze

What's with Italian made shoes? They're like hot potato. I saw one shop with Italian shoes specialty (maybe, along with skinny ties. The price displayed were not that I will induldge myself into.

Yet, these shoes here are in good price. As usual, I was tempted to buy a pair but I don't really need or want another pair. I just bought some two weeks ago.


Watch Out!

Bracelet Watch-IM805 G BK-Gold black

Pendant Necklace Watch-PD-07 G-Gold

White and gold bangle watch
Perfect to instantly update any outfit!
Impulse designs fun and fashionable watches and fashion accessories that will take your look to the next level!

I have always admired unique and stylish watches. I was tempted to buy one last week but I thought better of it. I already own a couple and I don't have enough wrist to put them on. Bes to invest my money in gold coins. It's more valuable and appreciates.



The ageless actress flaunts her famously rockin' bod in a Dolce & Gabbana pantsuit with plunging sleeveless tuxedo vest and layers of antique gold Fred Leighton necklaces to present at the People's Choice Awards.

I particularly like the necklace. It's ashame that I can find any detail in wikipedia about Fred Leighton. I visited the website and the collections are quite astounding but of course with a hefty tag price on them. The price of cubic zirconia rings is only a portion of it - if I can call it that.