Thursday, 25 November 2010


Your Face Says You're Reflective

At first glance, people see you as warm and well-balanced.
Overall, your true self is creative and expressive.
With friends, you seem thoughtful and interested in ideas.
In love, you seem mysterious and interesting.
In stressful situations, you seem cheerful and optimistic.

I thought, I would get results something like scary.. the negative mindset is on the loose again. But really, I was curious. Obviously, blogthings have only good things to say so really lovely. 'Nough of this memes. Now onto diet pill reviews. It's Friday tomorrow so life is getting.. easier...


Rug up like these stars. Well, the northern hemisphere need to, unlike us here in down under. It's sunny. But I haven't found a jacket that I really like. It does seems like looking up therapores is easier than looking for a jacket that will fit me.

Reese Witherspoon stays toasty between takes as shooting continues Tuesday on the Vancouver set of her new romantic comedy, This Means War.

Leaving their daughters at home, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck step out for an adults-only stroll in L.A. Tuesday


Twisted Dress

There's a poll in asking if you want to wear dresses like these. Maybe but not on special or formal occasion. Plus, the hair should be like how JA did hers. Casual and not too off-putting. Though the hair is good if you're hiding something and the best acne face wash hasn't taken effect yet.

Star Airport Style

These are no prom dress, rather the stars Airport Style. From downright casual to something weird I reckon. Head to to see more.

The sexy actress goes gray, softening up her black leather pants and motorcycle boots with a cozy shearling Fay jacket and matching satchel at JFK airport.

The L.A. based British designer makes a sleek hop back across the pond in a two-tone double breasted peacoat and patent leather booties at Heathrow.


Thursday, 18 November 2010

If Only I am

You Are Wise

You are a prudent and rational person. You try not to do anything you regret, and if you do, you learn form your mistake.
You are educated or at the very least knowledgable. You have a perception that most people lack.
You've learned to be vigilant in your life. You are pretty much always on guard.
No matter how old you actually are, you are quite seasoned. You are experienced and worldly.

Working on that. That's why I sometimes think that I'll recommend something like diets that work to my friends who need help.

Looking Back

My little boy is now fast asleep and snoring and I sort of miss him really today. We didn't have plenty of cuddle time as he was home late from picking up his uncle from the airport with his dad. I usually have flowers around the house from him but they've all gone bad today so I put them in the bin. Too bad, I missed them tonight like main flower page. So I turn to this sitcom again. My favourite ever. Downside is I still get surprised when I see them as I imagine them in their looks these days.

All Black

Call it black magic! Jennifer Aniston looks effortlessly chic decked out in a classic ensemble while out and about in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood Monday.

Looks like JA has been using diet that works as she looks trim and terrific. Plus look at the b-u-m.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

On Mascara

For her debut campaign as LancĂ´me's newest ambassador, Julia Roberts unveils the brand's newest mascara, $29, which uses cutting-edge conditioning technology to help create perfect, feathery lashes.

Just something new. I have never bought a mascara in my life, that I can remember. I have owned quite a few but I remember using them once or twice. I don't wear make-up but sometimes I think of wearing just mascara yet I haven't done so. It's because I'm just lazy. When I was holding a finance job, I didn't see the need but I should be wearing makeup now, yet I am not really keen on doing so. Can't be bothered.


at VS - victoria secret, that is. With the AUD at par or more than the USD, I grabbed the opportunity to shop online in one of the shops at the US. Plus, I cant seem to find bra that really fit me here in Australia. I have bought some but I have found som faults in them that I decided to try my luck with VS. Hopefully, they will turn out okay. I don't expect too much.

I didn't bother to get quotes like you usually do with insurance quote, but just go with the flow and shop. So now, I just have to wait for another 2 to 3 weeks.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Any Truth?

You Are Innovative

You're the type of person who is always putting a new spin on things. You are very creative.
You sometimes feel like you are a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, but that's okay! You'll build your own square hole.
You are cutting edge to the point of being avant-garde. You are extremely inventive.
You can't help but be original. You love to experiment and try new things.

To this? I'm not sure really because I haven't labelled myself as innovative but I do things my own way. No proding or probing or pushing. If I maybe neeed opiate detox, I'll have to make the effort to make intelligent decision.


"Blake was wearing Lanvin, and it was very flowy, so we wanted to do something sleek that wouldn't take over the look," says Rod Ortega of elegant chignon he gave the star for the Spike TV Scream Awards.
Four Easy Steps
1: Apply T3 Polish serum on ends and blow hair dry using a T3 Featherweight dryer and flat brush.
2: Flatiron select strands of hair only using a SinglePass flatiron, bending up at tips.
3: Pull hair back into low pony and spray tail with dry shampoo to create workable texture.
4: Tuck pieces into the base of the ponytail one small section after another, anchoring into the elastic band using pins.

I'm interested to make a chignon but it doesn't seem too easy as they make it sound. Plus, I don't have loads of products that will assist me. As much as possible, I don't buy any hair products other than shampoo and conditioner. It's not that I am saving for baby birth announcements because there's no bun in the over. I am just practical and can't really be bothered styling my hair.


Hit for me

Anne lets her hair down at the Love & Other Drugs Hollywood premiere, leaving no room for error in a body-hugging Antonio Berardi dress, Neil Lane jewels and nude peep toe Sergio Rossi platforms.

Always, the smile is fab. Looks like she's promoting a acne scar cream that really works for her.

SJP steps into The World of Gloria Vanderbilt in a ladylike ensemble at the book's launch party held at the Ralph Lauren Women's Boutique on Madison Avenue.

Well, except SJP's smile which I reckon looks like put-on big time.