Sunday, 31 October 2010

Plans for the Day

Moving is not a walk in the park. Although, I like the new place.. it takes a lot of hard work shifting stuff.

We are just half way through. There are so many things to do. I have to clean-up stuff and shift things some more. Oh well, at least I dont have to worry about eczema treatments, which I reckon is as itchy at it feels.

Now, I need to be up and running. :)


Does anyone discuss about natural male enhancement with their partners? I do. It's not really for him but you know, the general idea of what it's about or for example, how to write this opp.

Anyway, I have learned some but I am not in the process of learning some more. I'll just leave it to those who really need it.

For the Face

For almost 4 years I've been changing face wash (not really something like acne wash) and moisturiser. I wasnt able to find the perfect brand for me. Then, I read that Jennifer Aniston is using the Neutrogena clear soap. I tried it and I didn't have any break-outs (except that special days of the month) so I can say that it's for me. I still havent' finished my Avene facial wash. I used them simultaneously, whatever is handy. As to moisturiser, I used Garnier and I'm into the second bottle. So far so good as it has SPF15.


These cupcakes dont fall into my category of spooky or scary. More like on the freaky side. It's halloween and the shop that makes these cupcakes sure know their stuff and some gimmick to attract attention. Can they be used like collateral in an asset based lending or can the owner capitalise on their success?

No Attention Please

You Are Compassionate

You have deep and genuine feelings. You are a very caring person.
You're the type not to make a fuss. You're more likely to sit back and figure out how you can help.
You're not looking for a lot of attention on Halloween. You're just happy to put a smile on someone else's face.
You believe that Halloween is mostly for kids, and you want to make it as special for them as possible.

Well, I don't really even if it's my big day today. As a friend said, I have everything so there's really no reason to fuss about. Life is good - there are ups and downs but it's normal. I don't have to worry for lipofuze review as I don't need it.

Love the Shoes and Bag

Never one to shy away from bold colors, the singer goes for a tutti frutti look – right down to her turquoise shoes! – as she leaves the MTV studios in New York.

I just love the shoes and the bag - structured bags are my favourites. I'm curious as to where to buy these - not that I will buy the same brand. There should be a web directory to check for what are the celebs wearing and where to get them.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Red is not my colour

You Should Paint Your Room Red

Dramatic and bold, a red room brings energy.
Your red room will inspire you to try a new activity...
And bring out even more passion for the things you love.

I'd rather have yellow, blue or orange. But red? Hey, I don't really like it but I don't dislike it either. Maybe, it'll look better in an equestrian apparel.


yet, enlightened. Are you confused yet?

I'm talking about every diet fads there is these days. I mean, I hear different types of diet in the current affair program every night. How many are there? Each back up(ed) by weight loss success stories, so they look credible.

No wonder of me being confused as I am not really into, just curious. Everyone is into it these days as summer is approaching in Australia. Hope everyone gets what they desire.


Saturday, 16 October 2010

Hit Or Miss

We'll I've been parking in my favourite website about celebs again, And today, we're going to have the hit and miss. These are not all the choices but just mine as if I have to put everything, then I won't have room for how to treat acne. Head to the site to vote.

The actress pulls off her BFI London Film Festival outfit with great Conviction, rocking a peasant-style black dress and bronze strappy sandals at the movie's photocall.

The star cuts a glam figure in a black cutout dress with glittering earrings and a bracelet both by Samantha Wills at the DVD release party of How to Train a Dragon in L.A.

Sporting more than just a bikini, Katherine leaves Jimmy Kimmel Live! in a menswear-inspired dress with gold epaulettes and coordinating jewelry.


Sunday, 10 October 2010

Falls Hottest Shoes

These are my picks from at least 8. I'm more of a minimalist and functional. There are options on where to buy these shoes. If you're interested, head to the website. They range from the cheapest to the most exy (much like accounting jobs, they range from the highest paid to the lowest or vice versa).

Finally, shoes that we can walk in! Mother-of-two Reese Witherspoon knows that sky high heels can be impractical, choosing mid-height heels instead for a business lunch in Beverly Hills.

Trend-savvy Gwyneth Paltrow has an eye for style, picking up on the mod '60s influence of a bold, geometric bow on shoes for fall. Her delectable pair is from Louis Vuitton, who dressed the actress head-to-toe for their London bash.


Saturday, 2 October 2010

Positive Comment

We were at the shops this morning with Jens with me. Just doing a little bit of retail therapy. Jens was really talkative when we are the shops. We frequent it almost every weekend. When we were queueing at the counter to pay because I bought more than 10 items, the lady at the counter offered the person next to me to come first so she's not hussled waiting for us. This lady then said to me "I have to tell you ma'am, your little boy talks really well. It's nice to listen to him talk. He'll do well in school." I have to say thank you several times and couldn't stop grinning.

I'm glad to hear it really. It's not the first compliment that we get but it's always nice to hear that people recognise or hear how clever my little boy is.

And talking of which, I'm always geared up to prepare for his future everytime I get talk about school. with education, I always believed there's no early time to prepare for stuff like lsat prep courses. I know, I have more research to do and I'm talking my time.


Winter is over

but the cold weather is still here. Spring it should be but it doesn't really feel like spring-y. It's been raining for almost a week now and if forecast is good, it will still be until next week. The weather is still good for donning on sweaters. I am looking at these lovies. If only, they're available in Australia.


Wish List

My birthday is coming up and I have lots of things I want. I dont want anything but just some little bits and pieces. Although, I wish for a Canon camera. Not just a compact one but a SLR.

I also want my own laptop and Apple maybe. I can have jewellery too. Diamonds, preferrably.

But most of all, I just want to be healthy - no backpains, that's my constant complaint a knee pain like I'm eon years old.

Happiness too! But I am now.


I Just Hope So

You Try to Tread Lightly

You would like to make the world a better place, but you also don't want to inflict any damage on it.
You try to live a green and sustainable life. The environment matters deeply to you.
You are thoughtful in your decisions and words. You think everyone should try harder not to harm one another.
You don't think big... in fact, you tend to think small. You know that one small action can make a big difference.

I do tread lightly because I have always been cautious in my life. I don't want my actions and decisions to backfire on me like led flashlights pointed to a wall.

But I do have a simple mind and think that the problem of the world can be solve using simple logic if only everyone will cooperate.

Pregnant Pause

MIRANDA Kerr isn't letting a little baby bump get in the way of her chance to walk the Balenciaga runway.

After making her Balenciaga catwalk debut a year ago (a major move toward building a more high-end image), Kerr - now five months pregnant - took to the runway for the second time Sept. 30 in Paris, where she wore a wide shift dress with an oversize houndstooth print that conveniently disguised her belly, along with a rubbery black jacket and chunky men's-style flats.

Read more:

Being preggy is not a thing that will hinder one in appearing in the runway except maybe if one is wearing french maid costumes. It's good to know that there are designers who allows model to appear preggy with their creations.


In the Future

According to reports, this is the lounge room of the future. A 4 yard tv, speakers that know the room (it’s too hard to expound on that one as it has something to do with the position, dimension, etc about the room). More features are available and I think, with these changes in ones home, insurance quotes will sky rocket not to mention the cost.