Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Latest on Jen


Amid rumors of a new romance with actor Chris Gartin, a sharply dressed Jennifer Aniston steps out to attend a meeting Wednesday in Los Angeles.

It's been months since Jennifer Aniston has been spotted with a new love interest, so when she enjoyed dinner out with a mystery man at L.A.'s Sunset Tower Hotel July 1, blogs were abuzz.

Despite the intense interest, Aniston, 41, was simply dining with an old friend, actor Chris Gartin, 42, who is the soon-to-be ex-husband of event planner Jo Gartin, a close friend of Courteney Cox and David Arquette's.

"Chris and Jennifer have been friends for many years," Aniston's rep tells PEOPLE. "She has had dinner with him dozens and dozens of times."

The pair arrived and left together, but "they're definitely just friends," seconds another source. Of the romance rumors: "This is just silly."

Well, I'm happy now. Not because of the rumour that Jen is dating again but because there's something new about her, rumour or not. Everyone is over with her diet (or weight loss products). Moving on.


Jelly Flip Flop
■Synthetic upper.
■"Burberry" printed on the strap.
■Synthetic lining.
■Check print synthetic insole.
■Synthetic outsole.
■Made in Italy.
■5.00 oz.
■Product measurements were taken using size 37 (US 7). Please note that measurements may vary by size.

Couture Bow Jelly Sandals
Sweetly lavished with a couture bow for instant appeal.
Rubber sole
Made in Italy

I'd like to own a pair of these or somewhat like these come summer. They're dainty and lovely. They come in hot pink too. How's that for being "kikay"? Hopefully, my callouses would all soon have faded-out (one thing that's unsightful on my toes - at least I don't have to use apidexin to slim the down because they already are).

Talking of Beauty

Your Beauty Element is Earth

You are the epitome of a natural beauty. Your look is definitely effortless.
While you shy away from a lot of make-up and accessories, you're no granola girl either!
You keep your beauty routine simple and clean. You would never cover up your beauty.
And since you use so few products, you can really splurge on the stuff you love.

I believe this is soo true. I do like looking at women wearing make up. For me, they're sophisticated and beautiful. But I haven't found applying makeup on myself quite entertaining. I don't know how to but there are many materials available that I'm sure you can learn quite easily but I'm just not interested. First, I don't have the luxury of time, I'd rather sleep-in. For me, it's just another complexities in life that I don't need (thank goodness, I don't usefat burner supplement, or else). But I admire women who wear makeup. Marvellous.

I Finally Found Someone

I have chosen first a different video but embedding is disabled - it was actually the video clips of the movie The Mirror has Two Faces, one of my favourite that I haven't seen in a long time (will surely look for a copy and own one - if only I can decide in the same way with rocawear)

I saw this trailer and I so like it. I forget the story of the movie already and I saw in youtube uploads of the whole movie. I might make sometime this weekend to see it. Yay! I'm soo easy to please.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Blue Opal

One thing I really want to own is an Opal Pendant mined in Australia. Although, for now I don't want to ask my Hubby about it. Maybe, when I see fit. I want blue - as I have made that my favourite colour. Lol. Though, I'm really looking for a unique style. Although, it's like back acne treatment that you really can't see what's happening a pendant can be your shining beauty. Ah, I'm babbling already.

Looking For

Comfy shoes and I thought I'd like to try these lovies at Rivers. I hope they don't look tacky though. Oh well, I'm always on the look for shoes that fit my criteria but I don't really end up buying any. Heck, I should be a shoe maker. First, I have to do this opp on vga cable to earn some more money for my shoes. Lol.

Polka Dot Shoes

Polly Grey Spot Platform Shoe
Price: £40.00
Item code: 51U38EMUL
Colour: Grey

These shoes look spectacular for a low price. How could that be. I wish I could find a place like that in my area here. I can only find a good pair for 40 bucks in the Philippines. Oh well. I really need to save heaps of money so that when we go to the Philippines, the epson receipt printer of the shoe shop will run out of ink. Lol.


Skull Sandals


$319.00 - $795.00

Matt black skull sandal with silver stud detail and stiletto heel. 95mm heel height

I'm not really into skull and bone or just skull icon on any of my clothes. I do buy some for my little boy but it's a different story altogether. But this case, the sandals just looks really dainty. It's no vulgar. If anything, it's actually very classy. Now that should online degree be.

Stars in Star-studded shoes

Christian Louboutin
Clou Noeud 150 studded slingbacks
Heel measures approximately 150mm/ 6 inches with a 30mm/ 1 inch platform. Rev up eveningwear with Christian Louboutin's black leather stud-sprayed slingbacks. Slip on these directional heels to add edge to every outfit. Shown here with an Alexander McQueen bag and a D&G jacket, top and jeans.

If they are comfy, I'd give them a try. The heels really look good and sturdy. But they don't come cheap for me (the price will certainly put a big dent on the bank and health savings account.

Hating Kapatid Movie

This is the movie that all SG and JAS are waiting for. Hopefully, it's a block buster. The trailer and video music is funny.

I won't be able to see it this year maybe but for now, scraps on youtube are fine. Maybe, I'll buy the dvd when we go back to the Philippines again next year. For now, I have to finish this steel buildings opp for more pocket money.