Saturday, 27 February 2010

Fill for the Week

As usual, I was at the ozsale site to browse around. I'm curbing my shopping these days so I just window shop mostly for shoes (not really forwireless security systems). Anyway, here are what filled my eyes.

This laptop bag is adorable. It's just a shame that it can't hold my notebook as it's quite wide. I'm due to buy a laptop bag soon so I'll keep my eyes open.

I'm not really into scarf. It seldom gets too cold here in winter that wearing scarf for me is not a necessity. But this one is just beautiful all on its own. It's quite dear though. I bought myself a 4.50 scarf last week and I'm sure that'll last me 10 years. Scrooge.

And these are my favourite. I'm looking for shoes that I can wear on winter. And these just fit my criteria - not too high, not pointy and pretty. It comes in black and patent as well. Oh well!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Wandering Mind

Sometimes, I dislike (hate is a strong word for me) it when I'm idle. My mind wanders to so many things and because I'm very fickle and I get bored really easily, it tends to veer off to the forbidden path - SHOES and bags. They're the topics that perk me up especially if it involves buying them.

This morning while on the train, I was thinking that most of my shoes are a bit damaged on the tip mostly those that have pointy end. I still keep on wearing them when it rains - I don't want to ruin my good shoes. I made a mental note of disposing those that I thought are really tacky already. But another part of me says, they're still usable. Hummmm. Also, I added one rule in buying shoes, no more pointy tip.

Today, I'm drolling over these:

They're all Nine West - I became a fan as I like their style - comfy, practical and affordable. The last pair I bought was really good and sturdy - but not apt for pushing Baby jogger city select. It's a blessing, Jens is more of a stroller than a pram baby now.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

What Do You Think of These?

I was in the again. I couldn't resist to snatch some of these pretty (?), unique (absolutely) looking shoes.

I think these ribbony pair is great. Looks soft though. And as the author of shoeblog said, they're apt for the wedding and they'll be appreciated when the bridal gown is above the knee (?) or when the bride lifts her gown up. I reckon, they wouldn't look nice in white.

So much for shoes in one day - have to do the free directory submission for my Hubs business if I can squeeze it in.

Rule of Thumb

...when dressing up. I got this from
Busy dress, simple shoe. Simple dress, statement shoe."
Also, don't forget to match the colours. Here are some sample matching outfits and accessories, all from



And check this out if you're looking for an employment, your wardrobe might need an update.


Bad Valentine Gifts and Their Replacements

Mark Ellwood of tells the bad valentine gifts and what should you replace them with. Here are some of them:

BANNED! GAS STATION FLOWERS: Ah, the classic scent of Valentine's Day: wilting, week-old carnations and a whiff of gasoline.

BETTER! YOUR FAVORITE FLOWERS: "I've never really liked red roses, or baby's breath, the whole thing is so dowdy – and they put a big mark-up on red roses this time of year anyway. What you want is something really elegant," Thoreson confides. Men should instead gently Braille their loved ones to find out their favorite flower and buy two dozen of those instead. A simple, yet personal, gesture like that will eclipse any past rose-related snafus. Or if those flowers aren't easily available, a fragrance – whether perfume, candle or room – of that same scent instead.

BANNED! DRUGSTORE CHOCOLATES: Admit it: last year's box is still secretly stashed under the sofa, cellophane intact.

BETTER! CHOCOLATE BODY PAINT: Take inspiration from chocolates in a quirkier way: a jar of edible, chocolate body paint is both more fun and lower calorie than those inedible coffee creams. For a less raunchy riff on the tradition, bring home a bar of Swiss chocolate and a punnet of strawberries for a dessert that can be made together. And a box of chocolate cupcakes delivered to the office is a can't-miss twist.

BANNED! CHEAP CHAMPAGNE: Nothing takes the fizz out of a relationship than a last-minute bottle of bubbly.

BETTER! D.I.Y. WINE: One of Shine's favorite NYC treats is the Chelsea Wine Vault, a store that allows couples to custom-blend their own wine which she does with her husband each year. "I'm more a White Burgundy, he's a Riesling. We combine that and make a wine that would be us together and save it for next Valentine's Day when we can enjoy it together." There are similar firms across the country, or couples could even sign up for a wine-appreciation class together then select a bottle based on what they've learned to lay aside for next year. "Make a tradition out of something you guys like to do together," Shine suggests.

BANNED! CHEESY CARDS: Does anyone really want to say "I sort of love you, I suppose"? Send a flimsy, generic card like this one and that's exactly the sentiment telegraphed.

BETTER! A PRELOADED DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME: Nix cards completely. Buy a digital picture frame and then pre-load it with a few personal snaps – trips or days or moments that are meaningful. It's not the frame that counts, but the time taken to select the photos.


Who buys chocolates at drugstores or chemist if you're in Australia, anyway? I certainly don't. They are just good for prescriptions and maybe all natural vitamins but the turn-over of confectionery in those shops are low. Stay out of it if you can.

Red Tote

This is a Tod’s D-Styling Baulette Medio I found at the I've been looking for a loud bag that looks like this. But of course, it's out my price range. I won't subject myself to some serious spending and get credit repair services in the long run.

Yet, I can't stop to admire. I guess the whooping US$1445 don't disappoint.

From Style Hunter

These are just some of the featured products in I love the dress and the shoes.

This off white rayon/cotton dress has v neck, cut out scallopped sleeve edges and hem, extra side drape fabric and a shirred elastic back. Gorgeous, soft flowing dress that can be worn belted or as is.
Normal Price: $79.00 from

Price: $160.00

Oh, I just love shopping especially online. I don't have to leave the house, my comfy chair to see these lovely items. Not unless I'm trying to rid belly fat, I'd be doing a shopping marathon.

I am Adventurous

You Need Adventure

You need change, excitement, and thrills in your life. You can't stand being bored. You crave new experiences... big experiences. You are big on taking risks. Staying stimulated is crucial for your happiness. If you don't have enough to do, you tend to cause drama. If you can harness the way, you are a visionary leader. You are ready to charge ahead into the future.

I love adventures not as natural fat burners but it's in my nature, although when I was single I have lived a quiet, normaly and boring life. I guess during those times, I was just playing safe as you know, I'm trying to take care of myself while living alone.

And now that we do have a kid, we're trying to down play everything too but as a family, we love adventures. And we are looking forward for more in the future.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Inspired and Will Only That

I’ve been blog-hopping for a few minutes today and I was inspired by Mich to window-shop for bags again (no, not for commercial fitness equipment).

These bags are well within my budget but I now ask myself questions like Do I really need it? Where can I use it? Well, after answering these questions, I deduced that they’re just for my eyes only.

I’ll ask myself again in the next couple of months and maybe then, I can pluck a bit of whim to buy another bag. Meantime, I’ll just suffice to browsing.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010