Saturday, 24 October 2009

I Want to Slip My Feet in Them

I saw these pair from Shoeflair and I want to have a pair. I've been checking out shoes for our summer get away (not orlando vacations, it's in Sydney) in December. I haven't really got a plan but seeing them, just confirmed my mind.

I'll keep my eyes open and look-out for something similar as I am not really sure that there's a Kate Spade around my area.

Shoe Insert

I wasn't really a shoe insert fan. I didn't see any use in me so I didn't bother. I have shoe insert but only to some of my shoes that don't fit me well. I didn't consider them to give me comfort.

After reading here, I got curious about the 10 kisses shoe insert from Scandalush so I checked it out. 10 Kisses are stylish inserts (in the shape of the lips) that combines comfort, functionalities and fashion. Now, that's really interesting.

With women who love wearing killer heels, this is revolutionary - could make it a little comfy standing for a couple of hours (if only wearing breeches, could make any better).

Friday, 23 October 2009

I'm Not a Pack Rat

You Are Not a Pack Rat

You're not a pack rat - and there's probably no rats in your home.

You have a living style that's totally minimalist. You're definitely not attached to stuff.

I'd like to think so but I have things that are excessive in quantity. Mcj is actually warning me of my mortgage. Oh well, I'll just toss them if I need be. For now, they can stay where they are and see if I can be useful to me. It's not like we are moving by rv (and could need an rv towing). You know, there are just stuff that it's too hard to part with.

Comfy but with Killer Hills

Now that's a big contrast.

I've seen working women wearing flats or some even don runners in going to work and I'm sure they switch to their killer hills when at work. With the Kenneth Cole 925 Technology, the days of switching shoes would soon be over with the ladies.

I've gathered from, the shoes were named for it's from 9am - 5am wearability.

Shoes bearing 925 Technology are made up of two layers of foam: one is a shock absorber and the other is a poron memory foam that molds to the shape of your foot. A pillow in the arch cradle is designed to support the foot and soft rubber sole enhances flexibility.

It's been said here Down Under that killer shoes will be banned from work as they cause back pain to women (and I guess more term life insurance rates to pay for the employers) but with this innovation on fashion, no need to ditch that sexy, confident walk and poise.
Credits: Shoeblog

New Telly

We just bought something like this. I know we're quite late on the norm (if you may call that) but we had a very functional telly (sans remote) with excellent picture quality. Who wants to part with something that you know is reliable?

Hubs saw that there was a good sale last weekend so we didn't even check-out the price in other shops (like where one can always find the best buy). It was sort of like an impulse buy but the principle was it was from a local entrepreneur and we used a 2 year interest free facility. I think, it's worth it.

Good News

What payment methods do you accept?
We currently accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express and we are working on Paypal as we speak.

I just checked out the FAQ of ozsale and found that they are going to accept Paypal payment soon. Yay! Good job ozsale. You’ll be having a share of my hard earned money soon. Can’t wait to spend on some of the enticing items on sale (maybe on some best eye cream, though).


You Should Wear Peach Lipstick

Clean, fresh, and simply pretty.

Your look: Natural Beauty

Your signature lip gloss flavor: Peach

I'm not really that it will suit me to wear peach lipstick - I haven't really tried, I think. I seldom wear lipstick these days. I only have the lipgloss - easy to put on, no need for a mirror. It's not as if I would apply for Philadelphia Jobs - which I am sure require dress code. We do have a dress code in the office but not too strict or rigid. Casual, laid back.

Metallic Shoes

Shoe sale is just sprawling on the net. Here, there and everywhere if compared to a shop setting.

I’ve admiring some metallic shoes and these are my picks:

Gita Sequin Detail Heels-GITA-Gold

Sapphire High Heels-SAPPHIRE-PaleGold

Santorini Two Toned-SANTORINI-Cream
I like the pattern and colour combination. If only we can wear shoes as many as rings at the same time, business gifts to women could be shoes, shoes and shoes. Oh how we love shoes. Sometimes, I can’t even explain it. It’s just inherent in women, I think.

Burberry Trench

I’d like to own something like this:

Red Classic Trench Coat with Check Pattern Lining-11133298-red

Even with the sale in ozsale which is more than 50% off the RRP (which can be considered a Best buy), I still can’t get myself to spend that much money on a trench. It’s just sinful to think. Maybe, when we’re sitting on millions and family, all my rellies and friends are well-off, I can get myself to spend some of my hard-earned money on a Trench and go for Vegas vacations as it's one of my dream destination.

Shoes on Sale

I joined a few weeks back. There have been so many signature items sale. I drooled over them but sadly even if I can afford and willing to buy some of them, I didn’t. They only accept credit card for payment which up till now, I am not willing to do online. I’m just too scared, what with all the scary news on telly about identity theft (more scared than box cutter cutting my hand).

However, I still enjoy window shopping.
Dreams High Heels-00Y237-PR080-H0144-Black

Dreams High Heels-00Y236-PR012-H0728-InsiganBlue


Saturday, 10 October 2009

Heard So Much

about YSL tributes that I thought, I would check it. Though of course, I won't ever own a pair even maybe I can afford one - there's just so much poverty around the world to be spending that sinful amount of money on shoes - not unless you earn your keep byt struting those shoes.

I've heard they're quite comfortable to wear even with the 15cm heels. Now, I think it all depends on who wears them, don't you reckon? As for me? I still prefer flats as I can kick them off any time while playing playstation 3 or blogging. Only that we don't own any of those new toys. Lol.



So apt for summer.

I'm back again tonight, window shopping. If only I can spend online using credit card, I would have grabbed some of the good bargain there is. Too bad, even if we have good internet antivirus and all that stuff, plus a reliable identity theft protection law, I'm still on high alert as to using credit card online. Well, I'll just have to suffice to windown shopping, shouldn't I?



I am now in the hunt for a functional, practical yet stylish swim wear. I've been taking Jens to a swimming lesson and my two-piece bikini won't fit in the type of crowd and situation. Even if I have put on a singlet on top of them, it still doesn't look right.

Now, I'm on the prawl. Hopefully, I can find something suitable tonight in the internet or tomorrow at the shops.

I've shopped around already and found some - and of course from the girls section with my build as it is.

I'm still hesitant to order online as they might not fit me right. I'll try my luck tomorrow at the shops. Hopefully, I can find them easy enough (as who know they are not like wf2cb to be so elusive in the market).


Functional Elegant Dresses

I like dVB styles. Simple but very elegant, for me that is. This is Elle McPherson donning the dVB in four occasions.

Victoria Beckham's Frocks
Victoria Beckham's sinking her fashion claws even deeper into the designing pie by adding a range of evening dresses to her dVb jeans range. Gulp.

Her frock-wearing history is colourful indeed. In fact, sometimes she wears things that, well, leave us mystified.

Will frocks like this one influence her own designs?

I'm not a Posh fan, just an admirer of her creation just like admiring some of the acne products that I wish I can try on if I got zits. Lol.

T Sandals

T sandals always attract my eyes especially on dainty feet not on mine. I have long toes but have callus and corn on them. Grrrr. That's from wearing shoes everyone. I was able to get rid of them when I haven't worked for 2 years. That long, hey!

Brand: No Shoes
$ 39.95
Colour:Dark Red

Brand: I Love Billy
$ 59.95
T bar sandal, black patent straps and satin rose bud detail.

Anyway, it's always fun shopping even not buying anything at all. I always buy things that works for me and will look good on me, just like people who want to loose weight, buying diet pills that work.


Options, Options

If I can't find and buy the ideal sling bag that I want, I will settle for some colourful ones like them for our next holiday. No, it's not in hotels in Panama City beach FL. Just interstate - Sydney.

Hive Bag - CJG419-ChocoWhite

Gather Bag - 2850-FireRed

Hopefully, I would be able to find my hearts desire. I got one in mind but I want to know my other options. It's all about options, right?

Vintage Tees

Tees are fantastic to wear during warm season. Not much encumbrances to annoy your already sweaty neck or armpits or hems. That's what I thought.

Check this vintage tees. I seldom see them and I would love to have at least one of them.

Erotica print short sleeve tee -FRE009-Cream

Antibes print short sleeve tee-FRE002-LightGreen

My favourite wear this warm season is dress. I just like the feel of no entanglements anywhere. It's really cool. It's like working in a fulfillment center. I get to fulfill my desire to be just free and cool at the same time.

Unique Looking Bags

My quest for the ideal sling bag always leads me to different sites. And today, these are my finds. Don't they look nice and quite weird.. err unique?

Black Leather Punk with Balled Rocker Strap-00B306-PR013-H0144-Allirea

Beige/Moss Green canvas Tote - Forest print with Diesel plate logo.-00B560-PR190-H0136-Cinnamon

Racing Red/White Shoulder Tote -00X020-PR004-H0172-Tecni

They are all Diesel bags. I quite like some of them but I still haven't found my ideal one. I'm that picky that finding one takes me about 2 months now. Only if they are like cheap insurance, it would be quick as a snap.

Thursday, 1 October 2009


Are you into belts? Belts are one of the accessories that can enhance your look if chosen wisely and worn with style.

There are many types of belts - classic, wide, thin, fabric, belts with unusual design and some made of jewellery.

There are heaps of style to prettify and complement your aura. To see these pretty things, head to

I on the other hand, have to check some wedding invitations.

Legends of the Fall

I bought this movie more than a week ago. It’s a combo pack of 3 with Brad Pitt in all of them. We haven’t seen them yet. I was not too eager. But, now I am after reading some of the reviews in, including this:

I watch a lot of movies & I can't remember the last time a film held me so spellbound. Not only are the characters engaging & vividly portrayed by an excellent cast, the subtle dynamics of their interactions are portrayed with inspired undertone & nuance. Star billing or even an Oscar should also have been awarded to the spectacularly beautiful scenery of Montana for the vast majesty it bestowed.

This complex saga of love, grief & loyalty is narrated with stark simplicity by old Stab, long-time friend to retired Colonel Ludlow & his 3 sons: staid Alfred, the eldest ("old even for his years"); idealistic Samuel, the youngest ("There was nothing these brothers would not do for him."); & wild Tristan ("Such people become crazy or they become legends."). The conflict between Ludlow's fiercely anti-government anti-war stance & his sons' determination to do what they see as their duty is but part of the story; the heart of the tale is the rift that threatens the mutual devotion of these 3 loyal brothers as they all come to love the same woman. "She was not to blame," Stab tells us, "She was like the ice that freezes in the rock and splits it apart."

A tragic tale, yes; heartbreaking at times, but never boring. Every time I felt certain I knew what was coming next, the plot took another unexpected turn & I sat there riveted, softly breathing "Wow!" now & again into the darkness. This film immediately became one of my all-time favorites; I've watched it half a dozen times since then & its scope & power still move me.

I can’t wait to have a spare time to see this movie, among others with Mcj. Although, it’s not like a Myrtle beach golf tour that extra planning is needed, we lead a very busy life that watching movie together seldom happens. We prefer going online. Hahaha.