Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Green Shoes

Have you heard of the Mojito Shoes? They are green shoes made from carbon fibre (with rubber for soles and leather on the sides) that wrap and writhe around the foot, supporting the heel and the ball while the foot acts as a bridge between the two.

They look like an art, right? Are they comfy enough to strut on the street?


Friday, 25 September 2009

Pants of Skirt?

I seldom wear dress or skirt when going out but when it's hot, I defy my rule. Comfort comes first.

Saw this online and it's already sold out. Seems every is like a hot potato these days. Hopefully, the Tacoma car accident lawyer doesn't come close to it as it means, more people are hurt.

What's In?

It seems this type of dress is in fashion these days. Frills here or there. V neck shape. Cottom. I see sun, beach. Summer. Yayyy!

It's time to hit the pool or the beach. It's not that I'm getting tired of cooling off under the shower or the tap (maybe because it's not Kohler faucets). It doesn't matter anyway. It's just getting hot.


7749 Missco Patchwork Leather Tote
Missco patchwork leather tote. This Missco tote has double pvc handles and a pvc base. The body this tote is patchwork leather. There is a magnetic fastener at the top of this Missco tote. Available in 2 colours.
33cm(H) x 60cm(W) x 20cm(D)

8005 Missco Rope Handle Cotton Tote
Missco rope handle cotton tote. This Missco tote is an ideal summer beach bag. Available in 3 colours.
35cm(H) x 55cm(W) x 20cm(D)

7982 Missco Printed Cotton Tote
Missco printed cotton tote. This Missco tote has double handles and a drawstring to gather the top. It would make an ideal beach or shopping bag. Available in 2 colours.
41cm(H) x 41cm(W) x 1cm(D)

I like these totes. And they are cheap. Hummmm, I've been mulling over if I really need another bag. I like pink one. Hummmmm. It's not that I am saving up for a exam table for Jens' schooling, it's just that I also have a tote that Mcj bought for me so no need for another one. :)

Save or Spend?

Saving money for kids is already fun. We've been there. Jens has a good time to drop money always. Add more spice with this money box.

I think, this will end up in Jens' toy box. It looks really interesting and fun to be just propped on the shelf.
Ah, saving money - I really need to have a goal to do it myself. I'm spendthrift. I would dash to the shop even if I just fancy buying some face product that I don't really need - it's not like best acne treatment that is needed right away?


Body Reducer Strapless Capri-3039-Skin

The Shape Renewal smoothes away extra skin around the front and back of arms, tucks away the tummy and the midriff and enhances the bust line while lifting and moving the breasts inward ever so lightly.
Please note: Even though sized XX-Large the leg area is still a S-M sizing.

Fancy to own one of this?

A Valentino

Valentino Mini Handbag - VBSM2105-BRONZO
OUT SIDE 100% PVC LINING 100% Polyester
w 20 x h 13 x d 8 cm
Zip up
Internal pocket
Comes with attachable shoulder strap
Comes with Valentino dust protector bag

Ozsale has got it sold out like a hot potato. Designer stuff on sale always get sold out after a couple of hours (just like Samsonite luggage). It seems Ozsale member hang in there watching out for the sale. I can't get a good timing though. I always miss out.


for these, that is.

Marc Jacobs Woven Rainbow Wedges-MAR011-MULTI

But even on sale, I can’t splurge on $200 pair of shoes that I can’t often wear. My birthday and Christmas are coming up but I already got a gift that will cover all special occasions. My car.

Oh well, I’ll just have to look at them every now and then until I get tired of then.

Plus, Mcj have been telling me to minimise amassing personal stuff so we won’t have much mortgage with us when we move (that is when it happens most of the time just like in mobile homes). So far, I’m cutting down a bit.

Friday, 18 September 2009


These mid heel sandals, will be perfect for everyday wear.
Heel: 3cm
Fabric: Leather (Light Purple & Black), Fabric (Light Green Multi/Light Green)

..colours.. and more colours. That's what I like very recently. Splashes of colours. Maybe, I am inspired by the weather? It's been pretty warm and I just like. Good time to do picnic.

Speaking of food. I like light picnic food - just finger yummies. Not so much fatty ones even if there are good colon cleanse review, you don't want to take chances, do you?

I Like Flats

This ballet flat is a great update to your spring wardrobe, featuring canvas finish and patent trim. Team with On the Brightside Tote for a complete package.

Fabric: Fabric

...even if I am short. It would be lovely to have a pair of these for summer. Hummmm. Don't think that I am over spending. I am just window shopping and admiring them. Have to set priorities, you know. And for now, there are more important stuff on my list but not stuff like top diet pills. More for the family and investment - did I have a change of heart and mind? No. I just changed. :P

A Favourite

7749 Missco Patchwork Leather Tote
Missco patchwork leather tote. This Missco tote has double pvc handles and a pvc base. The body this tote is patchwork leather. There is a magnetic fastener at the top of this Missco tote. Available in 2 colours. Due for delivery mid September, place you order now to secure this bag and receive a 5% discount at the time of purchase.
33cm(H) x 60cm(W) x 20cm(D)

I'm going to break my rule on this - if I can get out of it. It's just a lovey. Should I or should I not? I can now Mcj saying, bags and more bags not TV and tv stands. :)

Feeling Summer-y

7775 Lili turnlock bag - small
Lili turnlock bag. This Lili bag has a chain feature on its single handle. It also has a turnlock fastener together with a drawstring closer. The Lili bag also features a removable, adjustable shoulder strap. Available in 2 colours
35cm(H) x 30cm(W) x 8cm(D)
Ink(navy),Pink .

Looks pretty, isn't it? Perfect for summer. It doesn't come with a price either. Hummmm, does it tickle my fancy. Should bag is not on the list for now but sling bag is. And flat panel mount plus a flat screen for Mcj. :) But a big NO from me.

Green Christmas?

The first -ber month is closing to an end. I miss Philippines more. I haven't seen any Christmas light here yet but I bet some of the Filipinos are already decorating their homes.

You Are Green Lights

Your holidays are a time of rest and solace.

You take time to reflect on the year that's passed.

You also enjoy connecting with friends and family you've lost touch with.

The holidays are your opportunity to remember what's important in your life.

I've always liked green. Hopefully, this years Christmas is a lot merrier than the year before. We're going to Sydney so I'm not sure what awaits us. Oh, I haven't asked for a leave yet, so it's not a real deal yet.

I wonder what will I get this year? I don't wish for anything except maybe one of the desktop computers that I used will get fixed. I already got so many gifts and blessings from God through Mcj and my family. What else could I ask for?

Friday, 11 September 2009


Our internet connection is very slow again. Oh well. I haven't been watching videos online but I guess somebody did. I've been watching this vid with Sarah and JL and it's taking so long to finished that I have to stop it to continue blogging.

It's not even the middle of the month yet. How much slow would it be towards month-end. Oh well, I'll just have to resort to watching movies in telly then. Or maybe do some research which I love to do - something to do with Asbestosis & Lung Cancer. I've seen a few cases of this in the news lately and it's very deadly. We need to be informed.

Tax Talk

I haven't filed my income tax return for 2008-2009 yet. I'm still waiting for Mcj's. Then, I heard from my Filipina friend that she got an over 2,000 bucks refund. I didn't think that I would get any but she said because we started working a few months after the start of the year, the deduction was computed based on a whole year salary. So, I think I would get refund as well.

It's not sure yet, but I'm already excited. More fund for retail therapy or for our Christmas holidays or for tuxedo shirts for out little boy. He doesn't own one yet, you know. Where would he use it anyway. But I bet he will look good on them.

Today's Pick

Even if I now drive, I still don't have much time to go to the shop. So, I indulge myself with browsing online. It's more satisfying at times.

I have bookmarked several shopping sites here in Australia. Although, they do have shops close to home, I still browse them. It's really handy to have a look online as you know the prices and you can compare them as well.

Today's pick are:

I know they're lovely but with my headache now, I really can't appreciate them much. I'm not on the verge of calling emergency assistance yet, but I might crash down soon.

Free Time

I've been feeling sick for the past weeks but I still go to work. It's nothing that panadol can't cure, that's what I though. First, I got cough then flu and cold. Talking of taking it all in.

Today, I decided to skip work. I just don't feel good enough. Besides, I am not busy in the office anymore. I have missed the department meeting but hey, nothing much aside from that. I can get updates from my boss on Monday anyway.

We woke up later today. I dropped Jens to "school" and did some retail therapy - summer office clothes. What a better way to spend a day off, isn't it? I really love it now that I know how to drive and have my own car.

And what else am I doing? Oogling on these:

I'm running out of fragrance and maybe out of loose diamonds. Hahaha. In my dreams.