Friday, 28 August 2009

Wedges I like

Jennifer Aniston adds a pair of Stuart Weitzman for Scoop espadrille wedges to her khaki-chic look while filming The Bounty.

I like these wedges. They look comfy and will match any clothes. I'm not sure if they are available here in Australia. I discount buying them online although the shipping box might be durable to keep them in shape. It's the cost I'm not prepared to pay.

Bright Colours

You Paint the World with Bright Colors

You are a true artist. You are very creative.

Your friends can count on you to be playful. You always know how to have fun!

You are a truly friendly person ... though sometimes you can be a bit jealous.

You are laid back and relaxed. Nothing really gets to you.

The second paragraph sounds quite true. I sometimes think I'm being complacent but not too the extent on trying diet pills like Fastin for somebody I love that's got weight problem.


This is the Official Title of third sequel to SG and JL Movie according to wiki. SG will sing the song of The Corrs and maybe, Viva or ABS will work on getting the original singer of the song to collaborate with SG. Yay!

Say it's true, there's nothing like me and you
Not alone, tell me you feel it too
And I would runaway
I would runaway, yeah
I would runaway
I would runaway with you
Cause I have fallen in love
With you, no never have
I'm never gonna stop falling in love, with you
Close the door, lay down upon the floor
And by candlelight, make love to me through the night
Cause I have runaway
I have runaway, yeah
I have runaway, runaway
I have runaway with you
And I would runaway
I would runaway, yeah
I would runaway
I would runaway with you

I’m updated, aren’t I? Not just on long distance moving facility but with celebrity updates as well. Hummm, do you think, I still have free time?

Friday, 21 August 2009

What Works For you

With the influx of diet pills in the market - online, at the shops, chemist, even at small stores, one would really find weight loss pill that works and it is not easy.

What's most important is to see your doctor, ask the experts advise especially if you have an illness to be concerned of.

We are in the world of instant gratification and I'm sure those who are, for the lack of an apt term, desperate to loose weight and who are vulnerable, they would just succumb to what purports to be the best in the market. But it is not bad to do your research and always get second, third, fourth or fifth opinion.

Shoes of the Day

Brand: Lipstik
$ 64.95


If only I don't have callous and corn on my toes, this would look beautiful and fitting on my feet. I have very slim fit (without the help of ephedra) but because I am wearing closed shoes 5 days a week, the corn can't be avoided. What to do, what to do?

My New Laptop Bag

I like my laptop bag now - classy and trendy I would say. But with the weight of my machine, it's giving me backaches. So, I bought a backpack. I know, it would still be heavy but at least with a backpack, the weight is even.

Everki 15.4'' Coast Light Day Laptop Backpack - Blue .
For laptops up to 15.4".
Backpack style - easy to carry.
Carry handle and adjustable straps.
Fully padded.
Document store sleeve.
Zippered central compartment.
Easy access stash slot.
Side zippered key and pen stows.
Multifunction accessory compartments.
Comfortable straps with ergonomic no-slip pads.
Inner compartment size: Approx. 29cm x 26cm x 5cm.
Made from 1000D nylon.
Colour: Black and blue.

I got it from dealsdirect for a very low price. I am happy. Doesn't cost me a steel buildings. Just a couple of opps.

Sounds So Good

You Are Kind and Sensitive

You relate to others easily. You have many friends, and you love making their lives better.

You are genuinely warm and radiant. People feel comforted by your presence.

Becoming a better person is something you think about every day. You want to be interesting, insightful, and special.

You need love more than most people in the world. You're willing to love those who don't love you in return.

But is it true? I try to be. It's not far from what I am working on to be. I think I am getting there - I'd like to think that way. I really want to spread love by being kind to everybody including the Tennessee injury lawyers.

She Also Has a Car

I had a very long conversation with my friend from Adelaide the night before last. It’s been two months since we last talk. Although, we miss each other we lead a very busy life now that we are here in Oz so finding time to talk takes so much effort in scheduling.

Anyway, she wanted to report her new car. It is a good buy – old, cheap but practical. She sent me a photo and it looks quite new – or newly painted. She said, it requires a bit of fine tuning on the brakes and wheels but it is serviceable. I wonder if it has led tail lights. It is a 90’s car but doesn’t look Jurassic-y.

Now, we are on the run! Literally.

Our Haven

I like the suburb where we live. I can call it a retirement place – not my ideal but close to. It’s just north of Brisbane – less than an hour drive if we want to feel the hassle bustle of the city and less than 30 minutes to the beach. We are close to the shops, schools, highway, hospitals and rail stations.

When I first came here, I was so amazed when I was woken up by the tweeting of the birds in the morning. It is so quite and so close to nature. It is a perfect respite for a busy mind.

I feel safe in our home. Home alarms are not necessary. I can stay at home by myself. Although the neighbours are quite far, I don’t feel we are isolated.

I am living in the best of both worlds. I am trap in the busy life of the city 5 days a week and in the weekends, I can have the quite time I so want. We are blessed.

Booster Seat

Another expense that comes after owning a car is a booster seat. And you think you would just pay for the car and everything is settled. There’s the insurance and the rego. For us who got a kid, we would need another car seat. The plan is I will drop off Jens to “school” in the morning and Mcj will pick him up in the afternoon. That way, I don’t have to change my schedule for work.

I just want to get Jens a practical seat – but at the same time safe. His car seat is already fitted in my car. Tomorrow is shopping time. We’re buying another seat for him and we haven’t got swing sets
for him yet. We’ll just go to the park if weather and schedule permits then.

My New Baby

Oh, I am not preggers again. Nor I am replacing Jens. Hahaha.

It's a car. My OWN. In my name.

It’s used. I am practical. I can’t drive our car confidently – it’s a 4WD for crying out loud. All I wanted is something smaller that I can use so I won’t forget how to drive as well as the road rules. We were looking for a cheap one but also not a death trap.

This one has always been the car brand and model that we’ve wanted me to have. It’s within the price range that we are willing to pay. It’s cheaper compared to the internet rates.

Our 4th wedding anniversary is 2 days shy of the end of August. I asked Mcj if this is our gift to us. And he said, why does it have to be for something? Oh well. For me it is, so to always remind me how special this car is.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Currently Reading

Each day involves countless interactions with others–not only among family and friends but also with neighbors, coworkers, even telephone solicitors. An attitude of love may ot be your top priority in some of these encounters. But what if the ancient maxim “love your neighbor as yourself” applied to everyone, including those you meet in the most ordinary circumstances?

By giving love, instead of grabbing for it, you’ll become the person others want to love in return, no matter what their role in your life.

Relationship expert Dr. Gary Chapman applies the seven characteristics of authentic love to family life, friendship, the workplace, and beyond. Eye-opening personal assessments uncover relational strengths and weaknesses, while real-life stories and ideas for building habits of love will inspire you to grow into the complete person you were meant/created to be.

Capture a vision that will transform your relationships and make your corner of the world a better place–by choosing Love As a Way of Life. Includes self-tests; practical ideas; and a discussion guide for churches and ministry groups.

I've barely scratch the surface but I like it already. It's a very insightful, inspiring and eye-opening book. It is more than a book for me. It's a meditation. As I was reading, it makes me ponder my way of life and ask myself how or did I manifest love in that moment? A good book for a good coffee-Nespresso maybe.

Killer Shoes

Cusec from RRP 129.95.
How do you like a pair of this? Isn't it lethal and gorgeous? It's one for the wish list as I'm sure I can't muster the courage and the strength to put them on. Maybe, for just a minute and nothing more except when sitting down. Hahaha. For it's style, I guess it's pretty good price even if they are not on sale.

What My Name Means

What Era Means: E is for Entertaining

E is for Entertaining

R is for Romantic

A is for Animated

New Bag

This came last week – another loot from an ebay seller. The size is a tad big for my usual choice but I fell in love with this beauty as soon as I see it. Plus, it didn’t cost me much. It’s not a signature brand, it’s not made of leather. But I don’t really mind. It is as soft as leather and it doesn’t look cheap either. I now declare it as my best bag bought in Oz followed by the Colorado bag I always use before this arrived.

Guess how much did I pay for this beauty? Just 20 bucks and that include shipping. The seller has an online store and there, this bag sells at $31. I paid a bargain price. Maybe because the seller doesn’t have to pay for a receipt printer as it is an online transaction. Hahaha. Plus, it is ebay and works on bid.

Thursday, 6 August 2009


Slivers of Tagua Beads are strung together to make this simple but eye catching Fashion Accessory. Truly understatedly chic. Opt for blue if you are a light eyed gal, this piece will make your eyes sparkle. Handmade accessories by artisans of Otavalo, Ecuador, of rainforest friendly Vegetable Ivory called Tagua.

This pretty necklace would be very handy for the summer. Yeah, blue. I have some blue jewellery that I might revive as I get inspired by this piece. It is like buying a speech pill for those who wants to boost their public speaking skills. I also want some confidence booster and maybe some prettifying.

Just For Fun

Are you a grown woman? Are you a lady? Do you know what should you not wear? Well for fun here are some tips from about dot com about what a grown woman should never wear.

1. Overalls
Overalls belong on a farm. Period. They don't flatter anyone, and there are much better ways to look down-home sexy (a checked shirt tied at the midriff is a better start).

2. Pigtails
Plastic surgery, not pigtails, is the only way to go if you successfully want to shave 20 years off your face: pigtails on anyone well out of their teens just looks like a pathetic attempt at girlishness. A single ponytail, on the other hand, is considered almost universally flattering on women of all ages.

3. Knee socks
Oh, you can wear knee socks: just as long as you keep them out of sight under pants. Knee socks with miniskirts are adorable on teen girls and children, sad on real women. Instead, opt for sheer hosiery, opaque tights or fabulous (faux) tanned bare legs.

4. Tie Dye
Unless your child gives you a handmade tie-dye shirt, let the skaters and noveau hippies give this look a try. On the other hand, patchwork pieces -- bags, skirts, hats -- seem to always look adorably bohemian and crafty for anyone.

5. Rabbit Fur
If you must wear fur, please at least stick with a mammal that's not likely to wind up as the family pet. And nothing's more ridiculous than brightly colored rabbit fur. A better bet is something wonderful and faux.

Now my question is, how do I know it is a rabbit fur? Hummm. I actually fancy myself just this wearing wearing an overalls especially when it is cold. I don't pose as a San Jose motorcycle accident attorney at home so I can wear them, right?

Colour Your Day

I am not the typical office girl who wears brown, black, grey, white or any dull colour. I love pastel and light colours and I wear them for work.

Do you want to wear colours as well? Here are some faves according to about dot com.

Why We Love Violet: A little bit of purple, a touch of blue: this flattering hue is soft enough to work on any complexion but vivid enough to brighten features.
Best Way to Wear It: Violet looks great in cozy knits like sweaters and scarves, and as a bright alternative for cocktail dresses. Violet works perfectly with dark neutrals, so it's ideal as a color pop under a black, gray or navy jacket.

Bright Blue
Why We Love Bright Blue: Sure, it's bright and bold, but blue is such a wearable color for most skintones that it works (unlike other brights like lime green).
Best Way to Wear It: Bright blue makes a great after-five color, especially when it's done up in shiny fabrics. But it also works for everything from basic tees to wool coats. Bright blue is also the perfect accent color for accessories.

Deep Purple
Why We Love Purple: A rich jewel tone, deep purple flatters everyone from dark skin tones to fairer skin.
Best Way to Wear It: Don't save deep purple just for colder months (although it looks rich in the fall and winter). A darker shade of purple adds a jolt of sophistication to work wear (pair a purple blouse with a pencil skirt) and casual wear (purple goes great with denim.

Why We Love Teal: Redheads, blondes and brunettes: all look fantastic in this yummy shade of blue-green.
Best Way to Wear It: On it's own teal makes a delicious rich color, but it's even better as a print (especially paisley.) Pair teal with neutrals like chocolate brown or camel for a polished mix.

Why We Love Burgundy:Perfect for drama, this deep red shade of wine (also called maroon) is a show stopper for evening wear.
Best Way to Wear It: Mix burgundy pieces with luxe prints (brocades, paisleys, silk stripes) for a regal look. Opt for career separates using burgundy as a neutral (mixes with colors like charcoal gray and olive).






These colours are not hard to find. They are like thebest diet pill, you can find when you dig deep. My fave is pink and coral and blush.. and all.

More Bags

I still haven't found my ideal sling bag. And what would be that elusive thing? Something that I can use for work and casual but it is primarily my desire to have it for our trip to Sydney. I want to be handsfree with my bag and enjoy taking photos. And then Faye, dropped on my other blog. I didn't know that she was the Faye whom my fellow blogger are buying their bags. I dropped at her home and found this among her loots.

It seems not big enough but they are pretty. I asked her the price. I hope I can afford it. I like bags but I have limits as to how much I would spend for a bag or for a wrinkle cream for that matter. Bags, bags, bags and more bags. I thought, I'm over this addiction. Hah!

On Behavior

The quizzes I take online are sometimes close to home, sometimes too off tangent. Just like this one.

You Are a Hybrid

You're the type of person who worries about doing the right thing. You're very conscientious.

You care about the world and the effect you have on it. You consider your actions carefully.

Doing the right thing makes you feel good. It's who you are, not what you have, that makes you happy.

You make rational decisions and think about all aspects of your actions. You don't act rashly.

Well, I think I just deviate in the latter part but I could also be that but I am just not aware of it. Anyhoo, taking quizzes online are fun, helps you relax. Just like sitting on your patio furniture on a summer day sipping icy cold drink.

Currently Bidding

on three items in ebay. I actually don't need these items. It's just sheer impulse that I did. But imagine, they are all bags of almost the same tone. Where am I going to use them? I've been asking myself that several times already. I can't remember vividly what motivates me to shop. My brain needs a computer memory upgrade so it will be back to frugal mode. I know, it's really not practical but I can give them away as gifts. Christmas is just less than 5 months away. They'll be handy, what do you think? I've been convincing myself that.

This is one of them. I hope I will like it.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

My Pick for the Summer

I like the yellow one. It's a big casual and formal as well. Can be worn when meeting aRochester personal injury lawyer. What do you think?
I also like these. I think, they come in black or dark colour.

Hair Do

Having long hair requires maintenance and I think skills inorder to get a good do if you don't want to look boring. And that's my problem. I don't really have hair styling prowess to make my hair looks good everyday. But as much as possible, I try to make my hair look different, I mean my hair style that is.

And I like Jen's look above. It looks simple hey, it's not easy to get that. Maybe, I need to visit a salon. Whew! Thank goodess I just worry my hair now my weight. As much as I know the best diet pills work, it needs ones courage to turn to them.

And you would think, I'm a Jen Aniston fan. Oh, yeah!

Floral Shoes

Need some girly shoes? You might like these.

Christian Louboutin Petal Sandal Pink
1) Choose pink or black crepe satin.
2) Silvertone hardware.
3) Buckle detail at ankle strap.
4) Petal detail along vamp. Open toe.
5) 4" covered heel.
6) Signature red sole.
7) Made in Italy.

My fashion sense tells me it will look good on short simple flowing dress. When I saw them, summer comes to mind. Wow! I'm a long way from it yet - it's 10 degrees around here this morning. :) I'm donning tracky and ugg boots now - outfit ready to install AED - Automated External Defibrillator, that is.

Messenger Bag

I've been wanting a messenger bag that I can use to work or casually. It's just too hard to find something nice but not dear as well. I have this ideal messenger bag (Ralph Lauren) that cost more than a week of my salary and that's not wholesale price yet. Hah! I've been searching, window shopping and all. For now, I like this one but not in a hurry to buy.

I'll look more in the coming days. I'm not in a hurry to buy one in the near future yet. I'm looking forward to using it on our Christmas Holiday in Sydney.

I Work on Hitting 100%

You Are 94% Thankful

You're an incredibly thankful person, and everyone around you feels very appreciated.

You inspire people to be more optimistic, forgiving, and grateful.

I myself would admit first that I am not thankful almost all of the time. And Mcj said, I am so hard to please. But I'm working on that. I temper my whining. I shouldn't be. There are more people less fortunate than I am. I should be greatful all the time. I have never dreamed to be where I am now. And all my dreams had fall into places. What can I ask for? I got one when God showered the world Mp3 players. Hahaha. Seriously, I have a lovely family and relatives. I have very very good friends. Material things matter less to me now. And I am continuously working on that aspect.