Sunday, 22 March 2009

More for the To do Basket

Jens had went home twice with stamps on his hand. He did something good at school, which made Mummy and Daddy proud.

We are thinking of doing the same motivation method, putting stamps on his hand when he did good but I haven't gotten around of buying a stamp yet, maybe rubber stamps. That's one for the to do list which goes longer and longer every day.

Another one, buy the ugg boots on sale in Aldi. They're just $10 a pair. When I told Mcj yesterday, he said I didn't want to buy when we were at the airport two years ago. Not that I didn't want to, I just didn't want the price. For something that you can't wear all year round, $100 bucks is too dear for me. Well, it's just me talking. Mcj doesn't mind paying whatever as long as he wants it/them.

Memory Stick

I’ve been thinking of buying cheap memory sticks or at least one for when we travel to the Philippines. I won’t be taking any computer with us so we need flash drives t save photos in case I think to go snapping frenzy. We already have one flash drive but it’s just 512MB. I reckon, I need at least a gig.

But before all that, I need to make sure that I take with me the camera, the battery charger and spare batteries.

Though, I still need computer to transfer them to the memory stick. Maybe, I’ll just go to the cafe. My parents have no computer at home, that’s why.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Latest Trend

See the latest trend in shoes? I just don’t like them. They don’t look good sexy to me. I admit, I don’t have a sense of fashion anyway. I always choose the safe colour but not dull of course, the neutral style that sometimes, it borders to simple. I don’t like embellishment. Yeah, I don’t like clutters – it’s not just into me.

But hey, if you fancy these daggers, go get them. Feed your senses. But be sure to balance the height of the heels with your weight – some might even resort to weight loss products.

Recent Loot

I just paid my latest loot in ebay. Two brand new Nike caps (not vessel sinks) – white and Navy blue.

I checked out caps in ebay yesterday, thinking of my father and brother. They like caps. I checked out the store of the seller where I bought Mcj’s Taylormade hat and I found heaps of caps and I bid to some of them. And I won two. Nice.

Mcj and I might like them and will buy some for ourselves. Let’s see.

Monday, 2 March 2009

A Car for Me?

We haven’t talked anymore if we’re buying me a car when I have my P licence. I’ll be applying for a practical driving test pretty soon and although as of now, I am not really confident that I will make it to the finish line with none more than 8 crosses, I will see to it that I will pass when time comes. I don’t really want a brand new car. Just anything serviceable and automatic – no European car as their parts are very rare to find (like Ferrari parts). We have the trip to look forward to spending heaps of money and with the state of the economy now, I think it is pretty unlikely that I will get a car in the first half of this year. We’ll see in the other half. I’m crossing my fingers.

Gifts Idea

I’m not done shopping for my pressies to the clan in the Philippines. If it’s just up to me, I wouldn’t be finish ever. I bought some stuff for the immediate family. I have to discuss with Mcj first what do we need to buy for the others. My idea is pretty limited and most of the time he has fairly good idea – bordering to eccentric and unique. And I’m sure, there wouldn’t be any watches (even if they are Festina watches) as I’ve already bought 4. He said, there’s no originality in it. Oh well, maybe shoes?

It's About Work

I’m getting the hang of being a lead consultant in our current project. It’s a floor covering business which I am not really familiar with so R is there as a specialist consultant. The customer’s business requirements are pretty much straight-forward and standard. Customisations are less than 10 items and thankfully, they don’t use barcode scanner. Yeah, that’s another aspect of our system that I have to learn though I have some fair idea about it but not enough to implement it.


Our most awaited family holiday is drawing near. And we’re so excited that although we’ve planned out almost everything, I am not sure if we have thought and considered everything that we need or to do. We haven’t booked our hotel accommodation and transportation in the Philippines.

And I have another holiday to plan – one for next year. Our points in our holiday club will soon expire – March 31st. We don’t have to book a holiday within that date but we can spend the points for future holidays. We are planning to go to Cairns. Although, it is just close here, I haven’t been there. We’ll that’s the closest that we can get without spending much money as after our holiday in the Philippines, I’m sure we’ll be feeling a hole in our pockets.

I’ve been asking Mcj if we can go camping instead but we are in the process of selling the camper-trailer. A camping trip would have a thin chance then and I haven't stayed in rv parks yet.