Friday, 27 February 2009

Well Spent

The luggage that I was using when to-ing and fro-ing before were already so worn-out that we intend to buy some. I’ve been eyeing a set in the online shop but haven’t decided if I want them. I was not really sure to buy them as well for stuff that you want to use for long needs to be of good quality and you can only assure that if you see the product.

Then, we went to the shops almost a month ago. We passed the bag shop and I thought of buying the most elusive laptop bag ever. I saw one and as usual not sure if that was what I really want. But Mcj saw the luggage set and decided the buy it. I was not so keen as it was almost 40% dearer than what I saw online – they are Qantas brand not Rimowa. We bought it anyway. Then that week I was told that I will be going to Melbourne. Thank goodness, we bought the luggage, I have something to use. It was my business first trip in this job. It was money well spent.