Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Could be my dream car?

My last driving lesson was two weeks ago and according to my instructor, I getting there and might be able to take the practical exams at the end of January next year. Doesn’t that sound good? I haven’t got any practice outside of the lessons with the instructor as mainly because; we don’t have an L sign to be posted to the car yet. How negligent is that? I might get them this weekend.

The rule here said that I should hold my learners permit for a year before I can take the practical exams but there are exceptions – when a driver’s license in needed for work or for when taking children to school or day care. I’ve already told my boss about those conditions and he is happy to give me the letter to prove to the Department of Transport that I need to have a license for work purposes. But I doubt it that I will drive in going to work. It’s just too far. I might just when I need to go to the client’s site.

Mcj said, we’re going to buy me a car if I have a P permit. I am really excited about it. This is the car that he likes to buy me and I’m quite taken into it.

Getting this baby would be a major expense, not to mention all those necessary expenses coupled with buying a new car like auto insurance, rego, etc. I think we might assess our finances if we can afford it.

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Heel Problem

Mcj’s heel structure is almost similar to the foot on the left of the photo below.

I’ve read in the paper sometime ago that he might have some problems on his heel (a heel spur, I think). Nothing serious. If we are so concerned about it, we can just get a pair of corrective thongs or inserts.

Have done a bit of research and some websites are confusing. Some says that heel spur and Plantar Fasciitis are one and the same. Some says that, they are not and actually said, that some are mistakenly confusing the two to be the same but are not.

After some reading, I can deduce that Mcj’s feet condition is just a heel spur not plantar fasciitis. It’s just a bit disformation of the heel because he has a very slim feet and legs and he has put on some weight.

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Monday, 29 December 2008

Big Move

I’ve promised myself that as much as possible I would minimise shopping next year and onwards. The impulse buying should be curbed if not stopped. Clothes, shoes, bag, etc. shopping should be scheduled and only then will I buy those items. Buying stuff that I don’t need should be contemplated and reflected thoroughly before spending.

Promises are made to be broken; it’s a very old cliché. I should really be sane when I feel the urge of spending. I should think practically. Do I need it? Why do I want it? Do I already own almost the same stuff? Where am I going to use it? Does the price justify the use? And the best way to deal with it is avoid going to the shop. And think of what I can buy with those moolahs in the Philippines – for us and for our family (I might buy my Nanay a tv stands or a new telly). Yeah, I want to save up for my shopping spree in the Philippines not because I want to save. Period.

Well, that’s the long term plan. Maybe after our trip to the RP.

My Fancy this Season

At the start of December I told Mcj that I would grow my finger nails and maybe have a manicure at the saloon just for the season. (I haven’t had one here yet.) And so I did. I found out that it will just cost me $25 for a manicure at the saloon in the shopping centre (saw some Filipinas working there). I just need time to schedule an appointment. I picked up a leaflet. Read that the saloon is not responsible for any infections that the customer may have after the fix. That fact hazed my mind on the manicure idea. The customer’s responsibility on the infection if it may occur is a given thing but it didn’t get in my mind that I may get an infection. The thought of acquiring an STD crossed my mind. I know, I’m being overly cautious but it pays to be sceptical at times.

So instead of going to the saloon I just did my nails myself. I have several bottles of nail polish that needs exploiting anyway. And I’ve got tools necessary to prim the nails – I only need nail pusher (can’t find any here yet).

Now, my finger nails are sporting a glittery gold polish. Been trying to look for a sample of the nail polish online but it’s too elusive. I think searching for dollar store franchise is much easier. I’ll try to take a photo of nails later. I might change the polish next week. That’s the beauty of doing your nails yourself.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Sun Smart

I was reading the Totline - playgroup magazine this morning and found this great baby accessory. A sun smart sunglasses from

I thought of buying a pair for Jens - red matches his togs. Sad thing is, the shop only accept Visa and Mastercard. I don't use credit card when shopping online.

We'll just pass on this for now. We might find something like these in the shops. The only unique on them is the strap that goes to the back of the head.

There are more shops featured in the magazine, have to checked them also as well as the electronics blog.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Early Christmas Presents

Today, I am sporting my Christmas gifts from my parents-in-law and Mcj. The MP3 player from inlaws:

And dresses from Mcj. Actually, I just made it up. It was my idea to buy the dresses. They're on sale - 50% off and not dear. And he loved them.

No Slimquick Cleanse, though. :)

I actually told him that I want pretty and dear bedsheets for Christmas but looks like it's not going to happen with the rate of shopping that I'm doing. I buy stuff implusively. Oh well, I get some of what I want and they're nice.


We just started our Christmas shopping last weekend and so far, we've covered most of what's needed to buy. It was just an instand decision to shop though we were actually at the shop. The shop closed late that day so we grabbed the chance. As Mcj's idea, we just bought generic gifts for the inlaws and kids - no best diet pills for those who wishes to kick some pounds. They're safe as we don't actually know what their tastes are. Here are some of them:

Hopefully, we'll have some time in the weekend to do more shopping. :)

Friday, 5 December 2008

Great Summer Reads

I just finished reading The Tinker's Girl. It's not my type of book but I got carried away that I can't put it down even if my eyes were saying no. I had to get a better lighting and splash my face with water inorder to stay awake.

It transported me back to the days when my existence in this world is not known yet. 19th century traditions - slavery, mod cons were just a dream, women getting married at a way early age, etc.

It's not a light read yet intriguing that will keep you going. Though, I was so disappointed at the end. I expected more drama, though the book is already full of it. I reckon, the author should have given more piece or words for Bruce as for me, it's not just Jinnie who's driving the story. It's the both of them.


Here are some great summer reads from yahoo lifestyle:

The Kite Runner
Khaled Hosseini
Recently made into a film, this book tells the story of Amir, who has never forgiven himself for betraying his childhood friend, Hassan. When Amir returns to a Taliban-ruled Afghanistan as an adult, he tries to make-up for what happened all those years ago.

Clive Barker
Part soap-opera, part romance, part fantasy, this epic novel tells the story of a woman’s induction into one of America’s first families. Wealth, power and glamour are thrust upon her, but so is something else; the family’s long-held connection to another, more mystical, family to whom they owe everything.

Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus
Kate Hollis’ boyfriend left her just before the prom. Thirteen years later he is a world-famous rock star, who has made a career out of songs about her and their relationship. Having been haunted by his lyrics for all this time, she now has the chance to confront him when he returns to his home town.

More here...

Summer Hairstyle

I have a very long hair and constantly looking for a fitting hair do. I'm not really stylish so I can't say that I follow them verbatim yet, if I have time, I do.

I'm up for looking up summer hairstyles and thought of sharing here.

From yahoo lifestyle:

Get Sexy Waves The Easy Way
"A fast, effective way to style your hair is to separate it into five large sections when dry - two on either side of your face and three at the back." He recommends running a comb through each section, then spritzing them with a setting lotion.

Choose A Foolproof 'Do
popular style at the spring/summer 09 shows, the half-up, half-down look is big right now. "This style is great for formal events as it's dressed up enough to feel special and most women feel less exposed with the back of their hair cascading down.

Beat The Heat With A Bun
"The high bun is a great option as it pulls all the hair up and away from the nape of the neck, making it a cool and easy style to wear. The upward energy of the look is great for elongating the neck, drawing attention to the eyes and, with a tousled bun, gives the appearance of a chic style with a modern, casual feel." It's also a perfect look to try if your hair is dry, as you can comb through a leave-in treatment before styling.

I am currently into bun. Easy, cool and quick fix. And if you're the type who might need some Hydroxycut inorder to look slim, make a bun.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Protecting My Eyes

I wanted to use contact lenses instead of eyeglasses. Not because I want to look vain but because I want to wear sun-glasses when I am out in a very glary sunny day. That was when transition lenses were not invented yet. Though there are glasses that you can top with sunnies, I don’t like the idea because of the weight that will burden the bridge of my nose. My nose is already flat as it is without anymore burden on it.

Now, my glasses have the rolls royce of the lenses – according to the sales attendant. We paid a considerable sum of money on top of the private health benefits and the 40% discount coupon. I love them and I take good care of them as much as possible.

I don’t worry the glary sun during the day or the glary light during the night. My glasses handle it all for me.

To Kills Some Time

To kill some time, I hop on to youtube and search for kids videos or tagalog movies to amuse me. I haven’t tried to look up for Christian videos though. I might try sometime.

Here’s a snippet of what I like:

And more, of course.

My officemate gave me DVD's of Gulong ng Palad soap. I watched the first three and found it very tragic and traumatic that I jumped onto the last one to finish it. I know that I saw it before but it must have been ages ago because I forgot the plot. Anyway, I had fun for a little while.