Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Home Shopping

My first home-shopping (from catalogue dropped in our letterbox) is in progress. I picked up an Avon catalogue one night on our way in. I browsed and though there are lots of interesting and not so dear items, only a set of green (said to be jade) jewellery caught my fancy. And knowing how Mcj would react if I tell him that I want to buy it, I curtailed my desire. I understand him though. We just had a spending spree last week on something that I thought of impulsively.

Then, I showed the catalogue to my mother-in-law who was so eager some of her money on something that she just fancy to have. She had at least 5 items to order and so I volunteered to order it for her. And eventually, get Mcj to approve of me getting the jewellery that I like. Yahoo!

I had ordered the items and waiting for the confirmation from the sales representative. It is like buying a group health insurance for my MIL and me. We are pooling the items that we like to avail an item at a lesser price. This reminds me to check the letterbox on the way in again later to check if the confirmation had arrived.