Saturday, 22 November 2008

Something Like This

I'm on the lookout for a formed bag in black or beige, like this. I'm not buying any yet. Still looking :)


I have a pair of shoes with the same style, just a tad higher. They're very comfy. I always wear them even if I have another lower pair because some of my pants' hem would dangle if I wear them. The pair that I have is almost work on the heels but I am not planning to buy a new one yet. I'll see first if I need a comfy shoes on our new office. You know, for purposes of walking a distance, I need to have feed-friendly shoes.

I know shopping for shoes is easy (like buying Linksys router) but not for me. My feet are slim and long, it's not funny to choose the type of shoes that will fit me.

The above shoes are:
Satin, traditionally a fabric reserved for evening affairs, makes its daylight debut with the Ranya. The gathered pleats and ½ inch wedge make this flat fully functional at work or at all depends on what you pair it with. Finally--a satin shoe you can wear without having to wait for an invitation. Leather sole.
Made in Spain. Available in wine and black.


I'm not really in need of new shoes right now but I would appreciate it to have a pair like these. Aren't they pretty? I have to think though, what will match with them.

I've been talking to MIL this afternoon about shoes and it is nice to know that we share the same passion - SHOES and Bags. We don't need them but it's nice to have them, just like horse supplements (just to boost their performance).

Anyway, these are:
Rain Shoes. This rubber flat is so cute you may find yourself praying for rain. Black and pink herringbone print. Imported.

So apt for our stormy weather here.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Home Shopping

My first home-shopping (from catalogue dropped in our letterbox) is in progress. I picked up an Avon catalogue one night on our way in. I browsed and though there are lots of interesting and not so dear items, only a set of green (said to be jade) jewellery caught my fancy. And knowing how Mcj would react if I tell him that I want to buy it, I curtailed my desire. I understand him though. We just had a spending spree last week on something that I thought of impulsively.

Then, I showed the catalogue to my mother-in-law who was so eager some of her money on something that she just fancy to have. She had at least 5 items to order and so I volunteered to order it for her. And eventually, get Mcj to approve of me getting the jewellery that I like. Yahoo!

I had ordered the items and waiting for the confirmation from the sales representative. It is like buying a group health insurance for my MIL and me. We are pooling the items that we like to avail an item at a lesser price. This reminds me to check the letterbox on the way in again later to check if the confirmation had arrived.

Monday, 10 November 2008

What it takes to be driver.

Being a safe and reliable driver, one needs to have so many skills. There’s the multi-tasking while behind the wheels – foot on the brake or accelerator, eyes on the road and speedometer and side mirrors and scanning of traffic in roundabouts, corners and intersections, doing all these while steering. I am a quick learner but I think, I’m a bit old to just be learning how to drive now as my reflex is a bit slower. Well, my sister in law said, learning how to drive at a young age has an advantage as you will find it easy to learn a manual transmission than when you are after 25. I know, that’s why I only learn the automatic transmission car.

Apart from being a responsible driver on the road you also need to consider the safety of your car when parking. As much as possible, you need to look for a parking with security cameras around. Mcj said, don’t park next to an L or P plate vehicles. Fair enough.

I’m just starting and I’ve barely scratched the surface. There is so much for me to learn. I’m taking it in strides with so little time available for me to practice.

Goind Under the Knife

There had been so many news lately about people who underwent physical reconstruction, only to end up their dreams of looking youthful and pretty in tatters. I really understand their desire to get rid of the wrinkles or whatever blemish or superficial imperfection they deem to have but I am not sympathetic of the situation that they ended up to. One who wanted to go through the procedure should do the necessary research. One who’s decided to go under the knife for cosmetics surgery knows there are implications and there is no certainty that the outcome is good. One can only hope. Hence, it is necessary to dig in and know whose capable or not so capable hands that will pull you them out of their “dilemma” if they may call it that.

There were cases that some snatched the opportunity of a cheap nip-tuck overseas and to go back to Australia in tears. Then, have to pay more for the repair of their suppose-to-be prettifies.

There were some who may have used the pain pump lawyers to get even. What is there to get even when in the first place you don’t know what is fair and even?

I admire those who saved up heaps for repairing old age but I reckon, they should at least spend at least half of the same time looking for a reliable and qualified surgeons.

Happy Today

It was my happy today last Friday. We didn’t have a celebration. I’m past the age when I want to be noticed on my birthday, when I would cry if my best friend or family wouldn’t even remember to greet me, when I want something special for that day. All I just want is for my one-and-a-half-men to be with me. I seem to be less selfish on special occasions now but that doesn’t mean I am less materialistic. :)

We had a splurge last Sunday. I wanted to go shopping for my gifts (take note, with S). But we ended up buying stuff for everybody. I didn’t really know what I want. I wanted an Ipod but I reckon, I won’t like to use it as it would affect my already self-diagnosed impaired hearing. So we just went to the department store and browse. I picked up clothes again and I don’t need them or even want them but, hey! I love them. :)

I’ve been spending heaps lately when most people are cutting back. I am just thankful, we don’t pay home insurance for now and I personally don’t worry about any bills that we have. Mcj does.