Thursday, 16 October 2008

Dressing Up for a Barbie

Well, summer is fast approaching. And in down under, summer means barbie. Barbie Q party that is. For those of you who are concerned of what to wear to this gathering, here are some tips from (ihaw):

Aim for comfort, ease and great style. Call your host or hostess if you need more direction.

Look for clothes that are easy to wear and easy to clean: cotton, nylon, blends and silk.

Think separates: shorts, skirts, easy shirts and the latest thinking in pants.

Wear lively, trendy pieces for summer barbecues, parties and backyard gatherings.

Set the mood with bright colors, big patterns and interesting materials.

Choose fun summer shoes: flip-flops, tennis shoes, sandals and slides.

Take along layering pieces in case the weather suddenly changes: sweatshirts, cotton sweaters, hooded jackets and big shirts.

For women, choose versatile twinsets in silk, lightweight wool, French terry and cotton.
Take along accessories. Sunglasses, hats and scarves keep the sun off and spice up your outfit.

And a tip coming from me? Dress casually (you're not going to see las vegas strip) and for the weather.