Wednesday, 1 October 2008


It’s been ages since my last trip to the movie house. I can’t remember the last movie I seen there. Whew! Does that mean, it was really that far in the past? And now that we have the BIG Guy, all the more difficult to see a movie at a cinema. And so we compensate that by collecting dvds. Though we don’t really buy DVD’s of recently released movies as, well, we know that they are dearer than old movies. I don’t complain as I love watching old movies – old, light, nostalgic.

When I was in the Philippines, I was amassing books. I used to buy second hand ones. They’re now in my parents’ place hidden in the boxes. They haven’t dedicated any bookshelves for them.
I do still read books here. I have some stashed somewhere away from little inquisitive hands. But I stopped buying recently as I’ve learned that the local library lend out latest books, paperbacks, etc.