Thursday, 28 August 2008


blisters, that is. Yep, on both my ankles.

I bought two pairs of shoes last weekend and wore them this week and look what they got me. the blisters aren't that bad, at least. But I'll let them heal properly before I'll wear my two new shoes again.

Been planning to take photos of them but haven't got the time. Maybe this weekend.

Part of Life

Most of us grow up with Johnson and Johnson products. Lotion, oil, face powder, cologne, etc. You name it, most of the households got it. Didn't we all smell like Johnson when we were babies? Even up to now with my little boy, I use one of their range. And I quite like the smell actually.

Well, J&J is not just about baby products as well all know. It has pharmaceutical companies that sell wide range of medicines that can treat any sickness there is in the world. Like most companies committed to serve the community, they have spend millions of moolah in searching for ways on how to help people live healthier and eventually longer. The research is focused on three units mainly for those illness that are related to central nervous system and internal medicine; biotechnology, immunology and oncology; and virology - more of an infectious diseases.

Oh, and I just learned that babycenter is one of J&J's products. I used to consult that website when I was pregnant. Well, I still do but less than often now.

I can say that J&J products are a part of my life.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Satin Black

I've been meaning to buy shoes like these to add to my wardrobe. I need pretty shoes but are not too high. What do you think? These are gorgeous.


Holiday Plans

Having a kid makes you forget your travel dreams, that is while he is growing up. Yes, I put my desire to go somewhere else on hold until he's able to cope with it. Every destination should be consider if it is children friendly. We don't go to a place that doesn't have entertainment for my little boy anymore. Going to the shops mean checking out the pet store or riding the rides on the alley. But of course, those dream destinations are just pushed at the back of my mind. They will resurface when the time is ripe.

Yes, I want to go to Europe, somewhere in the middle east, Russia or a Las Vegas travel. And I want to go there with my family so it is important that my little boy is big enough to understand that going ons. When is that? Sometime in his school holidays. It's not far you know. He already goes to school (daycare) so it might be very soon. :)

Postponed Plan

Our plan to go to the Philippines was definitely postponed. I found a job and it would take me a while to go for a holiday though the company allow 4 weeks of paid holiday. I'm not the sort that will hurry and take advantage of that 4 weeks yet. But my family back "home" were really excited about our trip. I've kept on telling them that we will be there this year, unfortunately.. I couldnt see it happening yet. My father said that I could at least send photos of the little boy. I will!

Well, planning a holiday entails lots of efforts. There's the consideration of the best travel deals that you can get, the weather and of course the availability of all the persons involve.

I know that when we eventually get to have a final plan, the holiday would be very nice. We would have enough time to spend with my family plus our budget would allow us to do more than we planned before. That's the sweetest thing I guess. The trade off of not going now. :)

Investment Talk

A few months back, our phone was ringing off the hook. The calls were for Mcj - the caller was trying to convince him to sign up to a stock trading business (might be like futures trading). He was on the verge of signing up already. He had filled out the contract while also doing some research about the company. He'd uncover positive reviews about the trading scheme, well that is for the system that they are using, not really for the company. He was tempted. But he found out that there is another company that do the same trading in the same floor as the one that contacted him yet the latter has no idea about the former. It sound dodgy considering of their proximity to one another. In the end, he negated on the deal though he still received a series of phone calls to convince him.

I was sort of relieved that he didn't sign up on that deal. I am a person who needs to see tangible proof before dipping into my pocket. The amount involved was not to be joked of. It could make us a sort of like palace back in the Philippines.

So yeah, it really pays to do your homework. Thanks to the internet for making those data available. I know there are investment companies that are good, you just have to know who are they.

Ease the Burden

I went home one evening carrying my laptop with me. And boy, it was heavy. It was late and my officemate and I were hurrying to catch the train and my 3 inches boots didn't help. Well except to kills the monotony. They were clucking the pavement away.

The next day, I decided to wear the ballerina flat shoes that I bought just the day before last. They were blessings for aching calves and toes and back and shoulders. I reckon, I won't take the laptop home with me in the foreseeable future yet. Only if I am ask to do some important stuff. I just took it home with me to check the vpn connection anyway, which I am happy to say has no hassle really. I didn't even notice the speed difference.

Plus, I might consider to buy a light laptop bag (Swiss Army might have). Actually, Mcj had been telling me that before so it will be in our plan. I might spend some of my personaly money but it is for my own good.

Sunday, 10 August 2008


Do you like massage? I do but I'm ticklish so Mcj gets annoyed with me. :) Massage is good for us (it may help avoid us to having that acne treatments) and to babies also. Here are some facts about baby massage:

What massage does
Massage should be enjoyable for both parent and baby.

It provides lots of benefits:

Learning to know each other
Helping the baby to feel safe and loved
Stimulation of different body systems (immune system, circulation, digestion)
Enhancing development (encourages movement and coordination).
Helping parents and baby to learn to trust and have confidence in each other.

When to massage
Each family needs to find the time that suits them best.
It is best to wait 20 minutes or so after a feed but not too close to sleep time.
Some families massage after bath time when the baby is already undressed, as many young babies dislike being dressed and undressed. Some babies respond better in the evening.
It is not a good idea to try to massage a baby who is upset.

How often to massage
Baby massage can be done whenever it suits the family routines, but don't feel pressured that you have to do it. Be guided by what your baby likes and how you feel as well.

I just bought Jens a massage oil and he seem to like it. His reaction was pleasant unlike when I was just using a normal cream. He went to sleep after the massage. Maybe he was just sleepy or in growth spurt. :)

Christmas Gifts???

Christmas is more than four months away but we're already considering what would be our gifts to the little boy. I would love to give him live farm animals but he is still too small. He loves birds, cats, dogs, any animals or insects. Seeing one would snap him out of his grumpy mood. It's sort of hard to look for unique baby gifts for his age. But I reckon, this one will do.

What do you think? It doesn't come cheap though but I told Mcj that if I got a job by then, maybe we can afford to buy him that. Hopefully. Or maybe, we would be able to think of a more suitable gift for him. Let's see.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Say "ah-sigh-EE"

The highest antioxidant fruit ever - according to

Which fruit is the clear front-runner when it comes to antioxidants? Hint: It’s smaller than a grape and darker than a blueberry.

It’s the acai (pronounced "ah-sigh-EE") berry, and it may beat every other fruit or vegetable by a mile. Case in point: The freeze-dried berry has 30 times the disease-arresting anthocyanins of red grapes.

The antioxidant quotient is reason enough to eat this fruit, but acai berries are also chock-full of B vitamins, magnesium, copper, zinc, phosphorus, and sulfur. In South America, acai berries are pureed and served warm as a sauce or soup. Check your local health-food store for acai juice, smoothies, and other products containing this berry nutritious fruit.

If this fruit is available to everybody, common illnesses won't be a problem in the near future. We will all be glowing, acne treatment is not needed at all.

Pave Curved Gold Ring--Rose Gold

Pave Curved Gold Ring--Rose Gold
Editor's Note: Share in Victory’s love for bold jewelry on Lipstick Jungle with this pave gold cocktail ring! Add dusters for that touch of evening elegance.

It's rare that we find a product that no one has seen before, but Rici's Rings are brand new to us! The curved dome top extends down at each corner, making it look almost like a mini, sparkly parachute. The four corners connect in a small flat plate at the bottom, but the wide open edges let you slip it on forwards or sideways. Technically it doesn't matter, because each side is exactly the same! Pave set CZs coat the ring, making it incredibly glittery. Also, the high arch inside means that you can bend your fingers easily while wearing this cocktail dome ring!


Tuesday, 5 August 2008

On Finances

Since, I am about to join the corporate rat race MCj and I had a brainstorming on our finances. There will be a big overhaul. We just didn't discuss the future inflows resulting from my job but also those expenses that we thought are ridiculous.

We've discussed his superannuation status. As of now, it i not getting bigger because most part of the earnings goes to his life insurance. The life insurance rates is bigger because it used to cover the mortgage on the house. We don't need that anymore. But he didn't change it yet as he will be under the knife next week for his teeth extraction. You know, he thinks that it is possible that he won't wake up at all.

We also talked about our health insurance premium. We are paying that much that we thought we are subsidising those who are sickly. Thank God, we don't get sick but at some point it is ridiculous paying that much at all. So we might cancel it later this year.

When you check your bills and finances and take a look to see if you get away from it. It could be a big savings or something that would go to your holiday budget.