Sunday, 27 July 2008

It Is Cold

It's freezing today. The mercury is not that low but the exposed parts of my body are tingling from cold. Brrrr.

Though winter might be a welcome change from the humid summer or some hot days of autumn, I don't really embrace it. First, I am not used to cold. I don't like wearing layers of clothes. Just imagine the inconvenience of changing jackets and jumpers when you go out just to throw the rubbish or to pick up some mail. Plus, my skin gets really dry. I really like my lotion but I tried the new variety of the brand for this winter. I'm still using the same face moisturizer. It's a bit thick so it is also apt for cold season. Yeah, all this skin beauty regime is another thing that I complain about. Thank God, I don't have to use acne treatment cream. So less worry for me.

I might just need to use cloves but I am cooking our dinner now so I might need to wash something later, grrrr... on and off of things is what I don't like best.