Sunday, 27 July 2008

Ideal Car

How do you like this car? This is one of the car that I am eyeing for for myself, incase I know how to drive. It is small. The only thing that I don't like is because it is two door. But Mcj said, it is the right car for me. Feminine. Apt for my size.

Well, buying a car for me isn't in the sooner list of priorities yet. But even then, my mind is already summing up the entire cost - the car itself, CTP, car insurance, rego, etc. Whew! I think, I might just opt to be a passenger for the time being.

But, won't you agree that it's a pretty car? It comes with two tone or caligraphy. Nice!

It Is Cold

It's freezing today. The mercury is not that low but the exposed parts of my body are tingling from cold. Brrrr.

Though winter might be a welcome change from the humid summer or some hot days of autumn, I don't really embrace it. First, I am not used to cold. I don't like wearing layers of clothes. Just imagine the inconvenience of changing jackets and jumpers when you go out just to throw the rubbish or to pick up some mail. Plus, my skin gets really dry. I really like my lotion but I tried the new variety of the brand for this winter. I'm still using the same face moisturizer. It's a bit thick so it is also apt for cold season. Yeah, all this skin beauty regime is another thing that I complain about. Thank God, I don't have to use acne treatment cream. So less worry for me.

I might just need to use cloves but I am cooking our dinner now so I might need to wash something later, grrrr... on and off of things is what I don't like best.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Travel Plans

My sister has kept on asking me when are we going to the Philippines. You see, we informed them of our holiday plan which was supposedly this July but since, Mcj will have his teeth fixed on early August we postponed it. And we are not sure now when can we make the plan happen.

But I think, it is really not meant to be for us to go as we haven't got luggages yet. We planned on buying them but well, it just remains a plan. Plus we haven't consider on taking travel health insurance yet. Though Jens is up to date with his vaccine, he might still be vulnerable to any illnesses out there.

Well, I'm still in the lookout for value for money suitcases. One of these days, we might get around of really going to the shop with the intension of buying luggages. For now, I'll just keep mum on my sister's question. :)

Boost Him Up

Just this evening, MIL was talking to me of her buying a booster seat for their car for the Little Boy's use. Well, though we have car seat for him in our car, there are times that Mcj could not take us to somewhere that we want or could not pick us up, so my FIL is always on the rescue. He doesn't really keen on using our car because it is big for him to control and the steps are higher.

Anyway, I didn't give her any comment. As long as it doesn't cost her that much, I don't really mind. She said, there was a $50 one in the shopping catalogue this weekend.

And I searched the net and found this pretty thing (no really like Britax car seats). If only the little boy can have this. The Daddy already objected of me buying a reddish/pinkish jammies.

Thursday, 17 July 2008


If there were trophies given out to absentee blogger, I would definitely get one. I know it's lame but I am just busy with other stuff. Hopefully, soon my schedule would give me a breather and more time to blog.

Anyway, it's winter here. And as a rule or trend or whatever they call it, most people wear black, white, brown. Neutral colours. But sometimes boring and dull. How about a pair of these pump to brighten your outlook it not your day? Plus a matching bag, belt and other accessories. I'm sure, you'll looks lovely.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Something I Still Enjoy

I rang a friend back in the Philippines one Sunday and she asked me if I was watching a boxing match. Oh, oh. Nope. We don't have cable connection. I am not complaining because we get good telly shows and movies even on free to air tv. Though some series might not be the latest, they still are new to me. :) If I'm after of watching shows from back home, I get to see it if I look up in the net.

Anyway, movies and tv shoes here in down under are not really the latest. I realized that some movies were even shown ahead in the Philippines than here. Still, we get the best of what a free tv can offer. Even some part of the world may already be on Slingbox, I would still be happy to watch the free tv plus our collection of old movies in VCR tapes.

Food for Active Lifestyle

Do you know what to eat inorder to fuel your active lifestyle? It's carbohydrates. It helps keep you energized by maintaining blood sugar levels, and they play a key role in helping your body recover after exercise, so try to get 50% to 65% of your calories from carbohydrates. Most people get enough carbs from their regular diet, but they may not be the best kind. For the most healthful carbohydrates, choose fresh fruits, root vegetables (carrots, beets, sweet potatoes), and whole-grain products, such as brown rice, barley, and whole-wheat bread.

Talking of exercise, I really need to make a routine for myself. I noticed that I get tired easily though, it's not easy to keep up with a toddler, you know. Well, that's the reason why I need to get active. I really don't need a routine that revolves on treadmills but just some simple stretching and walking will do. Have to research about workouts that fit me. But first, I have to find time. :)

The Essentials and What Not

Beannies, berret, hoodies, hats, gloves, woolens, cardigans, track pants, thermal suits, what else? These are the winter essentials. Ah, don't forget the heater. :)

I'm thankful today that it is a little warmer than yesterday. Then, it was 4 degrees in the morning. Brrrrr. Jens and I slept-in until almost 10AM. It was warm in bed.

Winter is the time that people spend most of their time indoors, it is also a good time to stay outdoor and sunbake when the sun is up. It is warmer outside than inside, well that is in our place. It's just not the time to get cozy in your hammock chair however comfy it may be. My one-and-a-half-men had their bonding in our backyard one sunny day. They loved it.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Keeping Warm

The mercury is really getting low in our side of the world. Yesterday, it was 17 degrees. For some who's been living in places that snow, it's not that cold but it was for me. We were out yesterday and I wish I had gloves and bonnet or hat with me especially during the night. Mcj had his hat and the little boy was wearing a hoodie. Plus, I got no pockets to hide my hands so imagine how cold they were.

Now, I'm in the look-out for hats like this with matching gloves maybe.

Or maybe something like this if I'm wearing pretty clothes. Or more classy that has silk flowers in it.
Or I might be able to find something prettier and trendy.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Retail Therapy

When we were at the shops the other day, Mcj showed me something that he thought I might like and I did - eventually bought it. It's a Playboy winter dressing gown. The price tag already showed that it was sort of cheap for the brand but we were more surprised when I checked the docket that it was way cheaper. Almost 50% discounted from the price tag. I loved it.

Anyway, there wa really big sale there. It was the original direct factory outlet. Looked like there is a big sale everyday. Because of the massive options and big sale, I just managed to check the kids (not really much) section and women's, well except lingerie. It was not in my list anyway. Maybe next in our next trip, I would be very interested.


It's now down to final for Wimbledon. I wasn't really following the events and games since the start - just started from the 4th round. But, I wouldn't want to miss the finals for men and women singles. It's Roger against Rafa and Venus against Serena. It would be very interesting especially in the women's.

I know for a fact that there's big money in tennis, that is if you won. But I was overwhelmed to learn the amount that the champion would bag last night.

Anyway, I reckon tennis just like golf is a clear cut game. No nonsense. Unlike other events, I haven't heard of gossips of players using enhancement drug (even like legal steroids).

I'm sure, I would be greatly entertained tonight of the tennis match. There was a controversy with the Williams sisters playing in the finals, that it would be a family decision which both of them found a rude comment as they said, they are professionals.

And tomorrow night, I might be torn between Rafa and Roger. Roger for me is too good to be true and found him too perfect (read: boring) that I am slightly inclined to root for Rafa. Well, let's see.