Friday, 6 June 2008

Shoes Safety

I was very interested in one of the topics in the morning show, which is about the shoes good for your health, but I only had a glimpse. The little boy was cruising around the place, my attention was all for him. So I thought of looking up the net to see some tips. Here, get some pen (do you have Papermate pens) and paper. :)

We sometimes view shoes as just feet covering or some fashion that we need to follow but shoe actually play crucial role in our health. Choosing and buying a good and safe pair of shoes will help you have a good balance when standing up plus prevent you from having blisters and corns.

Make sure you are buying the correct size of shoes for your feet. Always measure your feet before buying. Very crucial when you are buying online.

Go for comfort when buying a pair. Avoid those with high heels, hard or thick soles.

Choose shoes that have good grip soles. They will prevent you from skidding or slipping especially on a wet and slippery surface.

Always maintain a tight shoelace. Tie shoelaces in a way that will stay longer. I sometimes double tie them.

As much as possible avoid walking barefoot or with socks especially on a polished floor.

I know that women tend to grow toenails long. Well, they look good especially with colours but do not grow them too long - up to the point that they will hurt you.