Saturday, 28 June 2008

Tools to Look Tall

It's been more or less two years since I last wear high heeled shoes until last Wednesday. And oh boy, I had sore feet at the end of the day. Plus the fact that the boots are new and I was breaking them in, didn't help. But well, they made me look tall and sexy if you may add.

My boots are as tall as these beauty. But I reckon, I wouldn't wear these one. The heels are too slim that I might skid or slip. I'm not that heavy (I don't need diet pills either) but I wouldn't dare. But they sure are eye catcher.

Happy Me

I needed slacks so when we went to the shop to buy a gift for Jens' mate's birthday, I thought of grabbing some. But when we were at the mall, I just didn't buy some.. but more. We were so caught up with shopping for my clothes that we missed lunch and we were running late for the party.

But I was on high. Mcj was overly generous in buying me clothes. Actually, extravagant. And I was grinning from ear to ear.

Anyway, we bought lots in one store that it entitled me to avail one of their promotional products. I also earned $10 voucher.

And yet, we haven't bought me shoes so when we went to town to do some errand, we bought me boots. Lovely boots. :)

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Shopping Around

I'm on a retail therapy mission again. But this time it's not really something that a woman would be excited about but I am excited about it. Do you know what it is? A techie stuff. An office for my computer (not really technical like CAT6). I don't have any so I can't view those files that I need to look at. Maybe, you would ask me how did I cope all these while? Because I don't really use office. I just surf and blog in this computer.

But, if only I can shop for more shoes.. I would love to own a pair of these now that it's winter.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Auction Highlight

A diamond-encrusted necklace which once belonged to Christina Onassis has sold at auction for £3.6 million (more than 7M AUD). Can you believe that? Well, no surprising really as hanging from the necklace was a 38-carat diamond.
Such wealth for a family. For some third world countries, such amount of money will go too far (even wiping out mortgage lenders) and maybe, lift everyone from poverty.


Indeed! Don't you like these pair? If these are as comfortable as they look, this pair are sure blessings.

Renowned for their textiles, Missoni’s latest creation is a swirling sensation in this season's strongest colors — yellow, mauve, gray and gold. These waves of color blend together to create a unique and elegant result that only Missoni can deliver. We’re honored just to carry the Missoni line, and are humbly proud to call the Blessings an exclusive. Gold leather bow. 1/4 inch heel. Leather sole. Made in Italy.

This and That!

I was just talking to Mcj about my idea of buying flash drive when we go back to the Philippines. You know, we might took lots of photos and will max out the camera's memory card. He said, it's not a good idea. His friend has a bad review of the thing. Well, I practically disagree because I had been using one when I was working and never did it let me down. Anyway, he said how am I going to transfer the photos to the drive? Next thing, he said, I would want a laptop (plus laptop memory if necessary) and then global wireless internet connection and so on. I asked, why would I? Because you want lots of things, he said. Now, I'm branded a chronic "I want this, I want that" woman. :) Which at some point, I don't deny.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A Therapy Indeed!

I was soo upset last Sunday. And while I was wallowing, I made a resolution that everytime I feel upset, I'll shop. That way, MCJ won't even try to upset me lest I'll make a hole in his hip pocket. :) I know, I'm being very childish, nonetheless, it made me feel better.

So, shop I did. I bought a watch (I would have wanted a watch with digital frame) for myself and a birthday gift for my friend. I would want these but my budget won't allow me. I settled for something cheaper yet, made me feel good. :)

Funny, eh!

Have you seen the add of new lg lcd television? I didn't knew then that it was an ad for another telly model. I thought it was a tv series, as it really looks like it. It was starred by one of the actors in CSI New York, so you can't really blame me.

I haven't seen this tv model in person, so I wonder if it is one of those new viewsonic monitor.

I want a big screen tv but it's not a priority right now. With all these new models coming out almost every other month, by the time we can buy an lcd tv these hot trends now would outdated, I reckon. :)

Monday, 9 June 2008

Finding Foot-friendly Shoes

Have you even thought that the shoes you love may give you some health problems? Well yes. They do. According to studies, tight shoes contribute to 9 out of 10 cases of foot problems in women. So to avoid taking out medicare supplement just to see a podiatrist, heed to this advice from the Foot Care Basics.

At home, trace around your foot on a piece of paper and bring it with you to the store. Don't even try on any shoe that is narrower or smaller than the tracing.

Have the salesperson measure both your feet each time you buy new shoes—feet change with age. If your feet are different sizes, buy shoes that accommodate the larger one.

Don't rationalize that the shoes “just need to be broken in.” Find shoes that fit from the start.

Feel inside the shoe to see if there are any tags, seams, or other materials that may irritate your foot.

Make sure you have a quarter- to a half-inch of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe when standing.

Shop for shoes in the afternoon—your feet naturally expand during the day.

Wear the same type of sock that you intend to wear with the shoes.


Friday, 6 June 2008

Shoes Safety

I was very interested in one of the topics in the morning show, which is about the shoes good for your health, but I only had a glimpse. The little boy was cruising around the place, my attention was all for him. So I thought of looking up the net to see some tips. Here, get some pen (do you have Papermate pens) and paper. :)

We sometimes view shoes as just feet covering or some fashion that we need to follow but shoe actually play crucial role in our health. Choosing and buying a good and safe pair of shoes will help you have a good balance when standing up plus prevent you from having blisters and corns.

Make sure you are buying the correct size of shoes for your feet. Always measure your feet before buying. Very crucial when you are buying online.

Go for comfort when buying a pair. Avoid those with high heels, hard or thick soles.

Choose shoes that have good grip soles. They will prevent you from skidding or slipping especially on a wet and slippery surface.

Always maintain a tight shoelace. Tie shoelaces in a way that will stay longer. I sometimes double tie them.

As much as possible avoid walking barefoot or with socks especially on a polished floor.

I know that women tend to grow toenails long. Well, they look good especially with colours but do not grow them too long - up to the point that they will hurt you.


Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Handy Tips

I bought book for practical household hints and it was really handy. Thought of sharing some here:
  • Keep a large box lined with plastic by the back and front doors and insist that your family deposit wet shoes, dirty trainers and the like in them before coming into the house.
  • Drop two alka-zeltzers into a glass of water, drop in your jewellery for two minutes and they'll come out like new.
  • The best way of getting rid of antiperpirant stains is to treat them first with dry-cleaning solution and then with ordinary household ammonia before rinsing the garmeng thoroughly. Alternatively, apply a paste of bicarbonate of soda and salt to the area and leave it for 15 minutes before soaking in a biological detergent and washing in the usual way.
  • With mascara stains, rub with neat washing-up liquid then wash as usual. Any stubborn residual should vanish after being treated with dry cleaning fluid.

'Nough for now. Will share more later. Have to look for tips on computer and stuff (like ram).

Monday, 2 June 2008

Too Many Hats

One day Hubs found out that I stashed my hats in his hat drawer. And of course it raised a question, "why are your hats here?". I said, I don't have room in my drawer. I was advised that I should keep my mortgage to a minimum lest we would need to hire a moving company (just like movers New York) if we're moving. I know, I know, I know. Of course. But there is not just enough stash for a woman, isn't it? And we are only talking here of hats. Hats that I don't wear (yet) nor did I buy or made. They were all given by my MIL. With the days getting colder, they are handy especially when going outside.