Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Sun by Butter

With a splash of orange, it's easy to plan a vacation around these sun-centered shoes. With a 3 1/2 inch heel and architectural lines, the Sun emits a warm sensation. Padded insole. Leather sole. Made in Italy.


I love the color and style. Who wouldn't? I just don't like the price. Waaaa! Too dear for me! And for my pocket. One of the nice to have stuffs in life.

What's Inside?

I had a glimpse of the inside of one of the police stations here when I requested (for a certain amount of money) for their service to witness my finger prints on the NBI application form. I was taken to the office where they monitor the prisoners. I saw not only men in their BDU Pants but also what's happening inside the cell and the offices of the police stations. For me, it was a once in a lifetime experience as not everyone else were invited to see what was going on in the detention room. It wasn't really nice though because some part of the building was under construction so it was sort of lik chaotic.

Ginger by Butter

*A SimplySoles Exclusive*
With leather as soft as Butter (hence the name), the Ginger reminds us of shades of Spring, white wicker baskets, and wide-brimmed bonnets. In soft, cushioned comfort, wear with your Sunday sundress to chase down hopping bunnies, hidden eggs or roaming children. These shoes are a testament to the thought that you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. In a warm shade of turquoise. 1.5 inch wedge. Leather sole. Made in Itay.

I got these lovely pair of shoes from This site has really wonderfully made shoes from Italy. I am thinking of buying some shoes there, but holy macaroni, I need to work really hard blogging before I can afford them. Bwahaha. I think I can afford them bu they are not just in the main items of "necessary items". They came with hefty price too. :)


My Plastic Money

I don't carry cash with me, just some loose change for when Jens wants to have fun in the rides at the shops which I need two dollars. I normally use credit card on my purchases. Aside from enjoying the grace period on payments, we also earn one award point for every dollar that we spend. The award points that we earn will soon fly me back to the Philippines return. We only just have to pay for the taxes. That's for me and the little boy. How good is that?

Okay, I don't particularly like using credit card before but I came to love the benefits of using it. And whether we like it or not, it is a reality that the credit line that our credit card offers, is our saving grace sometimes. At some point, we need money but either we actually don't have any or we forgot to withdraw some cash or we left our cash at home or in the car and credit card is there staring at our face and says, use me.

But not all of us enjoys the benefit of having credit cards as some has bad credit record. This is when companies that offer bad credit loans come to the rescue. is just one of them. It gives hope and brand new start to those who are stuck in the mud because they forgot to pay for their bill and got a default. Granting bad credit credit cards comes with a stipulation that consumers should make payments on time so they can start down the road toward rebuilding their credit.

Cozumel by Nancy Geist

Love these pair? So do I! They look very dainty. When I came across shoes that I like, I am actually thinking of occasions where can I wear them. If there's none coming soon, I would make one. :) I want to own these in the future.

A SimplySoles Exclusive! The Cozumel is a white delight, reminiscent of a flower in bloom. Lovely to look at, delightful to wear. Pair with skirts, dresses, or slim fitting pants for a look refined and romantic. White patent leather, green leather accents, adjustable slingback, 3 inch heel. Leather sole. Medium width. Made in Italy.


Stay Connected

Got friends all over the world? How do you communicate? I'm sure, in this day and age.. online is the answer. But some still prefers the straightforward uncomplicated way of getting in touch. Just punch in the number and you can hear the voice of your loved ones where ever they may be. And because using phone cards is one of the cheapest way to ring them, you love hearing their voice.

Where do you get your phonecard? Some of us buy it from the shop owned by our fellow Filipino/citizen, and some online (Hubs used to). is just among the many online store for phone cards. It has phonecards offer to every continent, I would say. From Asia, Africa, Latin, Europe, Middle East, etc. It also have some special deals. It is easy to buy - just select the phonecard you want to buy and proceed to check-out. The PIN will be emailed to you instantly.

I checked the phonecard to call Philippines and the cheapest was 5.4 cents/minute with no connection fee. You can buy the card from 2 to 20 dollars. It is very affordable.

Using this facility is a must for a place where internet connection is not available yet. Just like in my parents' place, neither internet nor phone line is available so I just ring them in their mobile phone.

Coast by Bettye Muller

Known for finding incomparable fabrics, Bettye doesn’t disappoint with the Coast. We love the printed cotton colors of nature — yellow, brown and green. The 3 inch heel and patent brown trim make this floral phenom all the more feminine. Adjustable gold ankle strap. Leather sole. Made in Italy.


I have a green dress, these will surely match. But I need a new bag. :) But these are very lovely. Someday, I would love to own a pair of these.

Just Approved

Pro-blogging is now very common to all bloggers, well at least to my blog roll. Everyone is into it now. Well, this is very good and helpful to those stay at home wife or mum, for we can earn money on our spare time or break time from managing our household, taking care of our child/children and from being a wife.

And just like everyone else, I'm into it also. I was just approved in payperpost. I know there are several companies online that offered paid blogging opportunities and from what I know they are unique on it's own. It seems PPP is the biggest? Well, almost every blog that I frequent, bears it's banner. That's how I come to know it in the first place. Everyone is competing for the paid opportunities but when you look at it deeply, everyone benefited because just like the proces of PPP, you can't reserve more than one opp at a time.

I love shopping, so I'm sure the moolah that I will earn from PPP paid posts will go to retail therapy especially for gifts to my loved ones. You know sometimes, you want it to be a surprise. So how can it be a surprise if you're spending the money that everyone knows? At least with the moolah from pro blogging, it's only me that knows about it. Cheeky, eh!

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Disclosure Policy

This policy is valid from 20 April 2008.

This blog is a sponsored blog created or supported by a company, organization or group of organizations. This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

The compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog. All advertising is in the form of advertisements generated by a third party ad network.

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

To get your own policy, go to

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Color Me Orange

Just what I need. I was thinking today of what are the colors of my earrings and thought of an orange pair. I haven't worn them for a long time. Got nothing to match them on. Now, I need these shoes for my earrings. What do you think? They look lovely, isn't it? Next thing, I would need a bag or a belt. :)

Gladiator Sandals

This is the first time that I heard of gladiator sandals. I don't really know why are they called Gladiator. Maybe, because gladiator is on here on our side of the world? Just kidding.

Well, I did a bit reading and found out that, they look like the shoes worn on gladiators. There you go, another shoe term learned today. :)

Btw, I've learned also that they are hot these days. I mean, this style of shoes are hot. :)

Mother's Day Gift Shopping

Mother's day is very nigh and it will be my first time to celebrate as a Mum. And I am very excited. I've been dropping hints to Mcj for my gifts. Lol. As well as to our Little Boy. Maybe, for once he won't be needing me to nurse him. Another lol.

Well, I don't know what's boiling in Mcj's mind as a gift to me but I am doing my own research for gifts to myself. I've been shopping. I visited this site (it is new to me) and for several categories of gift products, I landed on jewelry. Does that speaks about me?

Anyway, these are just a pair of what I like. They're affordable but I'm still considering if I'm going to add it to my shopping cart.

Talking of shopping cart, I wonder if this website's ecommerce software is effecient. I haven't bought a thing from it yet. I guess I might find it out if it's the same with ashop that warrants to be one of the worlds most easy to use web based administrations with award winning features allows the merchant to build an online store capable of competing with the webs most powerful sites for a simple, low monthly fee. I hope it is, as I'm really planning of buying some gifts for myself.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Broken Heels

Have you been in a situation where the heel/s of your shoes was/were broken in public place? I remember the menthos commercial back in the Philippines. I sort of been in the same spot. It's just that, it wasn't just a heel but the whole sole of my shoes. Lucky for me, it was also sort of like a magic shoe because it stuck back up again. That was the time.. its not worth remembering actually.

I'm sure you don't want to be in my situation or any embarrassing situation, so heed on this advise:

In real life, a tube of strong glue in your purse or pocket can be a lifesaver for footwear calamities on the run.

When you feel your heel coming loose or about to give way, shift up onto your toes, taking the weight off the heel so you don't trip of fall. If the heel detaches completely, retrieve any pieces you can find. Next, carefully make your way to someplace where you can sit down and examine the damage.
If the heel was nailed to the sole, coat the protruding nails with glue, slide the nails back into the original holes and hold the heel in place until the glue dries.

When a glued-on heel detaches from a sole, scrape off the dried glue, coat with fresh glue and hold in place until a bond is formed.

If a high heel snaps in two, coat one piece with glue at the site of the break and try to reattach the other section. Stay off your feet as much as possible until you can change to another pair of shoes.
Repairing Broken Heels at Home
For an at-home glue job, try a shoe adhesive such as Shoe Goo. Be sure the area to be repaired is clean, dry and free of oils, old glue and polishes. Gently sand the sole and heel to roughen up the surfaces. Apply a layer of Shoe Goo to both the heel and the sole and allow the solvents to evaporate for five to 10 minutes before pressing together. Apply pressure by using rubber bands, string or a heavy object for at least 24 hours. The longer the glue cures, the stronger the bond.
Professional Heel Repair
Broken heels are shoe emergencies that may be best left to professionals, since do-it-yourself measures may not last. Visit a cobbler and get an estimate for repairs. Inexpensive shoes might not be worth the cost, while better footwear often is.

If the heel is in one piece, a cobbler can usually reattach it. A heel broken into several pieces can be replaced with a new heel unit, but in most cases you'll have to have both shoes done so the heel heights and colors will match.

If a heel falls off a new shoe, the footwear may be defective. Make tracks back to the store where the shoes were purchased and ask for a replacement.


Monday, 14 April 2008

Help For Tough Times

Credit cards can be ones lifeline. Yes, when all else are not avialable and everybody aren't reachable, the plastic money (if with sufficient credit) never fails to help.

Question is how hard or easy it is to be granted of a credit line? For a person who's money is running out of her ears, it's out of the question at all. Plastic money is just used for security reasons.

While for somebody, who's credit credibility has been marred, applying for a credit line is not that easy. But take a deep breath, there is hope for you yet. There is a company that offers bad credit loans. It is sort of like helping you start anew by granting you a bad credit credit cards and you making payments on time. It is always a two-way street but at the end of the day, you benefit from it.

Shoes of the Day

... of

If you're the type who loves wearing designer shoes with logo all over them, then these ar for you. As for me? I don't mind if there a logo or not. I'm more with the looks. And these pair are absolutely a stunner. Looks comfy.

The Rise of Online Stores

This blog was concieved to satisfy my passion for shoes. You see, when I was working (I love to buy shoes) and up til now but since, I am staying mostly at home now, I don't see the point of buying shoes almost always. But Mcj would vouch that I am becoming Imeldific because of my shoes collection. That was then.

Most of the shoes that I feature here were from shopping sites. I *heart* them, hence they are posted in this blog. Not necessarily I own a pair of them. But if I am someone who has money at her own disposal, I tell you, I wouldn't think twice to buy all those that I love. :)

You see, where would this blog be right now, if there are no shopping sites? If there is no ecommerce software? Nowhere! I would have posted photos of the shoes but they would be very rare. Shopping cart really fuels the rise of online shopping stores. And Ashop is just one of the shopping cart software that made the use of internet interesting for somebody like me who loves shopping.

Metallic Pair

Have you got a sparkly pair of shoes? I haven't. Too bad, isn't it? But I love these. They look very comfy and fashionable.

I reckon, you can wear any shades of clothes on these shoes.
*A SimplySoles Exclusive*

More understated, but just as versatile — mirrored metals are the new wave of metallics. This 1½ inch wedge with a black stacked heel transitions easily from day to night, work to play. Wear with pants (jeans or slacks) for a look of sleek sophistication. Made in Brazil.

Please note this shoe comes in whole sizes only. When in doubt we suggest that you size up.

This shoe is vegan - meaning it's made entirely from non-leather, animal-free products.

Score Some Moolah

There's no such thing as free, that's what my husband always says. At some point, I've proven that theory wrong as I have received some freebies that I requested from the internet or something that I won from a contest which I never dreamed of winning.

Then, we have seen on the current affairs program on telly how Mums or blokes were able to score some moolah while using the internet. I then ask myself, why don't I try to earn money since I am constantly online? I looked up and checked the internet and I found one way to earn moolah, that's blog advertising.

And I know there are lots of companies that you get paid for blogging. Smorty is one of them. I saw this first from fellow blogger and then I tried myself. Found that they are fair in giving opportunities to the pro-bloggers, which means you can only reserve one opportunity at a time until you have published a post for that opps. Sounds really fair! Then the payment comes quickly, normally every week.

There are indeed many ways to score some cash or freebies in the internet. Just request for a freebie or get paid to blog.

Weekend Snapshot 2

The weather was lovely yesterday afternoon. Our little boy and I went for a walk and saw this plant. I wonder what is it. Looks like a miniature poinsettia but Mcj said it's Euphorbia weed. Such a lovely weed, I reckon.
Check out for more WS here.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Winner High Heels

Of all the top sexy high heels, these are the winner for me. I love the color. Really, I would want to own a pair of these in the future. I'm drooling. :)

Shoes of the Day

according to

I love the color, height and style. What is there not to like? :)

Secrets For Finding the Best Shoes

This tips are really handy for me and I would learn a lot from these. You see, I am the type of person who finds it hard to buy the right shoes for my feet. My feet are sort of slim and I sometimes end up buying the wrong size for me.

For those who are like me, here are some tips to carry in our purse. lol.

You can have a wardrobe full of killer shoes without ever straying from basic black, but a littler color never hurt anyone.

If you're not comfortable in bright shades, don't wear them. But just because you don't see yourself as a red stiletto type, doesn't mean you're condemned to a life in brown loafers.

Assess your wardrobe, your lifestyle, and your personality, and look for shoes in colors that fit in well with all three.

If you love earth tones, next time, take a chance and try a pair of rust shoes instead of dark brown. Do you have a lot of navy suits? Chartreuse, red, cream and white all look great with that shade.

Much like painting a room, adding colorful shoes is one of the simplest ways to make over an outfit.

Print shoes are loads of fun, and can inject tons of personality into an outfit. Plaids, florals, paisleys and geometric shapes all add color and interest, while also usually making it easier to work out the rest of your outfit. For example, a pair of pumps that combines blue and purple make you all that more confident about pairing a purple belt with your blue dress.

But print shoes can also be a bit of a slippery slope. Unless you have a larger-than-life personality and the fashion sense to pull them off, you might want to steer clear of shoes that combine several prints, are too "zany," or in general, look as if they might have been someone's home ec project.

It's amazing what a simple buckle can do for a shoe. Especially if it's a really nice, big, round, shiny buckle -- you know, the kind that just looks really polished and nice. Buckles, gems, brooches, buttons, bows, all these little accents can really make a pair of shoes, but again, the key is moderation. While certain occasions and outfits are perfectly suited to shoes that are overly embellished, for everyday wear it's usually best to not go too crazy. Think chic and streamlined, and look for styles that won't seem too outrageous a year or two down the road.
It seems that a lot of women think that shoes fall into only two categories: stilettos and flats -- or in more extreme cases, stilettos and cross-trainers. But there's a wide, wonderful world of shoes out there that fall somewhere in between the two styles. And while I'll agree that most stilettos are not comfortable, I've worn my share of flats that aren't either.

Low heels, chunky heels, wedge heels, and kitten heels are just a few of the options available to women who don't want to wear sky-high heels, but don't want to spend their lives in sneakers either.

And if you do want to spend your life in flats? By all means, have at it. Chic loafers and ballerina flats never go out of style. But if you're less than thrilled when you look down at your own feet, try looking for nice textures, colors, finishes and accents that will take those flats to a whole new level.
Textures and Finishes
Another huge factor that's often overlooked when buying shoes is their texture, yet a texturally interesting shoe is a shoe that grabs attention. A patent finish is like a magnet for the eyes, especially when it's paired with an otherwise matte outfit, and metallic leathers shimmer with every step you take.

But if shiny isn't your thing, that's okay, there's always suedes, tweeds, velvets, satins, tapestries, brocades, linens, canvas, quilted fabrics, and combinations of all of those materials -- the list is endless.
You Don't Have to Follow Trends
It's fun to look at the newest trends, but it's far better on your checkbook if you're not buying shoes that are so trendy they'll seem out of style next year. I'd also argue that it's actually more fun to cultivate your own style over a lifetime than it is to just tear out the latest "What's Hot" list and head off to the nearest department store.

If a trend happens to fit into your own personal style, then it's you're opportunity to go crazy. I've always love patent leather and platform shoes, so for me, having them so easily accessible over these last couple of years has been like a bit of a fire sale -- and it's kept me from having to shop vintage.

However, if you're only wearing a certain style because it's "in," and not because you really love it, don't invest too much time or money into the trend. Instead keep looking for those shoes that fit your custom style.
You Don't Have to Spend a Lot to Have Great-Looking Shoes
One of my favorite pair of shoes cost me about $25. Ironically, they're also one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own. They also happen to be my favorite color (red), my favorite finish (patent), have platform soles and shiny silver buckles -- also two of my favorite things. They're nearly the perfect pair of shoes for me. But I never would have bought them if I wasn't willing to try on a lot of different brands and sizes, shop on sale, and look for shoes at any store that sells them.

It's easy to fall in love with one brand or designer, and want to stick with them. If their shoes are comfortable and you love the way they look, why shouldn't you be loyal? But it's important to know -- especially if you can't afford those higher price tags -- that comfortable and attractive shoes can be had for less. You just need to keep looking.
Watch Out for the Logo Trap
Overdone logos, labels and other trademarks. I know it's tempting to let the world know which designer or brand you're wearing, by having their trademark, initials or logo cover every inch of your feet. But really, a little of this look goes a long way.

It's okay to favor a particular label, but it's far more impressive and stylish to opt for the styles that aren't so blatant about who made them -- and those styles are usually easier to wear anyway.


Friday, 11 April 2008

Gold Shoes and Nail Polish

I haven't got shoes as high as these? But shoes with this height will surely boost me.. I mean my height. And these will accentuate my gold nail polish. Hummm.
Maybe, I need open-toes shoes. What do you call it? I forgot my shoe vocabulary. :)

Shoes I Like Recently

The last shoes that I bought was an espadrilles. I bought them in haste. We went shopping to buy our little boy toys and remembered that Mcj needed shoes so before lining up to pay, off we went to the shoes section. We found shoes for the Hubs and look for shoes for the little boy also as his feet is growing bigger each day. Then I say the ladies or girls shoes actually that were on sale, so I chose a pair that fits me and bought it. I haven't worn it yet actually. It's getting cold here so I might wait until it is warmer before I put them on.

Been window shopping online and like these:

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Yellow Shoes

Have you got a pair of yellow shoes? I don't. But I would love to own these.
Aren't they lovely? I love the height and style. Hummmm...

Caring for Your Shoes

I love shoes but I am not good in taking care of them. When I was working, I would sometimes wear different shoes everyday and after wearing them, I would just stack them in a rack without wiping the dust let alone some grub on them. Well, those were busy days I would say. But I didn't change. I still am busy.. even busier now.

But I do take care of them from time to time.. giving 'em some TLC.

Here are some tips on caring for your shoes:

Use shoe trees between wearings to help shoes retain their shape.
Let shoes rest on the trees at least 12 hours between wearing.
Clean off dirt after every wear with a soft brush or rag.
Always use a shoehorn for putting on your shoes.
Stop new suedes from "crocking" (rubbing off on clothes) by rubbing vigorously with a towel.
Exotic skins need extra care -- use special cleaners and conditioners.
Use water and stain repellant on suede and nubuck shoes before you wear them. When water stops beading up, respray.

Polishing smooth leather in a nutshell
Clean the shoes with a leather cleaner to get the grime off the top.
Condition the leather to soften.
Use a cream a shade lighter than the shoe to cover scratches.
Use paste, wax or cream polish to shine your shoes.
Weatherproof your shoes.


Sunday, 6 April 2008

Close to Spring

It's one month away from spring but our sorroundings are getting ready for it. It's always lovely to take a walk in the morning and take a snap of these changes - flowers blooming and new foliage.
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Saturday, 5 April 2008

Facts on High Heels

I only own a pair or two of high heels shoes. I don't really like to use them but I love how I feel when they're on my feet - sexy and tall and surely make my outfit.

I just want to share this very useful info why we should love high heels for those who doesn't yet.

5 Things to Love About High Heels

1) High Heels Make You Taller
Vertically challenged women everywhere will tell you how they love their heels. But, even if you don't need extra height, having it can make you feel good. It's truly a heady feeling to slip on a pair of shoes and instantly be 3 or 4 inches taller, and reaching things on the top shelf, well, it's a high like no other.

2) High Heels Don't Make You Look Fat
Unlike skinny jeans, cropped leggings, or whatever other torturous styles are appearing on the runways, high heels won't make you look fat. Granted, some styles are more flattering than others, but as a general rule, heels are more slimming than flats.

3) High Heels Can Make an Outfit
Even a pair of jeans and a t-shirt can take on an entirely different look when a pair of heels is added, and nothing can make a plain skirt pop like the perfect pair of pumps or sandals. Heels add a feminine touch to suits as well.

4) High Heels Make You Feel (and Look!) Sexy
Just putting on a pair of sexy high heels can make you feel sexier, but they also can make you look sexier. High heels change our body stance, making our calf muscles more pronounced, and forcing our butts and chests out -- it's nearly as if high heels force us into better posture ... and good posture is always sexy.

5) High Heels Don't Have to Cost a Fortune
While it's easy to spend a fortune on high heels, even inexpensive brands can look great. In fact, there are few things that can cost as little and make you feel quite as happy, as a pair of killer heels.

More here.

Shoes of the Day

Shoes of the day of shoes. - Steve Madden Sandals.

I love the color and the height - would surely boost my shorty pants.

Wild Shoes

We've seen lots of shoes, but have you seen these killer pairs?

What can you say? That's just a pair, wait till you see more here.