Thursday, 27 March 2008

Chocolate Shoes

Here's a treat for those of you who loves chocolate and at the same time shoes! This is really fab gift.. but if given one, I won't eat them rather preserve them. Must have transparent fridge or esky. :D

Masterfully combining two of my greatest passions, and two of life's greatest treasures, Gayle Harte of Gayle's Chocolates is obviously some sort of genius for creating these stunning chocolate shoes.

Perfect as a gift for a chocolate lover, or the ideal gift for a shoe-obsessed friend, these stunning Gourmet Chocolate Shoes from Gayle's Chocolates taste as great as they look.

And if you like the way these chocolate shoes look, wait until you get a load of Gayle's Glittering Metallic Mules. Equally fabulous in gold or silver, these chocolate mules are covered with edible luster dust.

The Glittering Metallic Mules

Here's how Gayle's Chocolate evolve. Gayle was born in 1947 and her genetics reveals her passion for chocolate and from then on, she used to hang out in the kitchen and learn about Austrian pastries. In 1950, her first culinary adventure where she made chocolate pudding from scratch. And the rest is history.

Friday, 14 March 2008

How do you care for your shoes?

I, sometimes, do wipe them with tissue/toilet paper after using them but when the going gets tough and I am left for just a little spare time at the end of the day, I just ditch the cleaning but rather stack them up not on my shoe rack of course. I just wash those that need be at the end of the week or sometimes, just throw them all in a bucket full of soap-foaming water. I don't really care if they are washable or not. :D

But, what really is the best way to care for our "investment"? Here are some tips:

Use shoe trees between wearings to help shoes retain their shape.
Let shoes rest on the trees at least 12 hours between wearing.
Clean off dirt after every wear with a soft brush or rag.
Always use a shoehorn for putting on your shoes.
Stop new suedes from "crocking" (rubbing off on clothes) by rubbing vigorously with a towel.
Exotic skins need extra care -- use special cleaners and conditioners.
Use water and stain repellant on suede and nubuck shoes before you wear them. When water stops beading up, respray.

There.. pretty much easy and hassle free.


Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Borgo degli Ulivi Red Satin Evening Pump Shoes w/Stingray Pendant

I haven't got (bought or given) shoes of this colour in my entire life but I would love to have this kind.