Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Could be my dream car?

My last driving lesson was two weeks ago and according to my instructor, I getting there and might be able to take the practical exams at the end of January next year. Doesn’t that sound good? I haven’t got any practice outside of the lessons with the instructor as mainly because; we don’t have an L sign to be posted to the car yet. How negligent is that? I might get them this weekend.

The rule here said that I should hold my learners permit for a year before I can take the practical exams but there are exceptions – when a driver’s license in needed for work or for when taking children to school or day care. I’ve already told my boss about those conditions and he is happy to give me the letter to prove to the Department of Transport that I need to have a license for work purposes. But I doubt it that I will drive in going to work. It’s just too far. I might just when I need to go to the client’s site.

Mcj said, we’re going to buy me a car if I have a P permit. I am really excited about it. This is the car that he likes to buy me and I’m quite taken into it.

Getting this baby would be a major expense, not to mention all those necessary expenses coupled with buying a new car like auto insurance, rego, etc. I think we might assess our finances if we can afford it.

Photo from

Heel Problem

Mcj’s heel structure is almost similar to the foot on the left of the photo below.

I’ve read in the paper sometime ago that he might have some problems on his heel (a heel spur, I think). Nothing serious. If we are so concerned about it, we can just get a pair of corrective thongs or inserts.

Have done a bit of research and some websites are confusing. Some says that heel spur and Plantar Fasciitis are one and the same. Some says that, they are not and actually said, that some are mistakenly confusing the two to be the same but are not.

After some reading, I can deduce that Mcj’s feet condition is just a heel spur not plantar fasciitis. It’s just a bit disformation of the heel because he has a very slim feet and legs and he has put on some weight.

*Photo from

Monday, 29 December 2008

Big Move

I’ve promised myself that as much as possible I would minimise shopping next year and onwards. The impulse buying should be curbed if not stopped. Clothes, shoes, bag, etc. shopping should be scheduled and only then will I buy those items. Buying stuff that I don’t need should be contemplated and reflected thoroughly before spending.

Promises are made to be broken; it’s a very old cliché. I should really be sane when I feel the urge of spending. I should think practically. Do I need it? Why do I want it? Do I already own almost the same stuff? Where am I going to use it? Does the price justify the use? And the best way to deal with it is avoid going to the shop. And think of what I can buy with those moolahs in the Philippines – for us and for our family (I might buy my Nanay a tv stands or a new telly). Yeah, I want to save up for my shopping spree in the Philippines not because I want to save. Period.

Well, that’s the long term plan. Maybe after our trip to the RP.

My Fancy this Season

At the start of December I told Mcj that I would grow my finger nails and maybe have a manicure at the saloon just for the season. (I haven’t had one here yet.) And so I did. I found out that it will just cost me $25 for a manicure at the saloon in the shopping centre (saw some Filipinas working there). I just need time to schedule an appointment. I picked up a leaflet. Read that the saloon is not responsible for any infections that the customer may have after the fix. That fact hazed my mind on the manicure idea. The customer’s responsibility on the infection if it may occur is a given thing but it didn’t get in my mind that I may get an infection. The thought of acquiring an STD crossed my mind. I know, I’m being overly cautious but it pays to be sceptical at times.

So instead of going to the saloon I just did my nails myself. I have several bottles of nail polish that needs exploiting anyway. And I’ve got tools necessary to prim the nails – I only need nail pusher (can’t find any here yet).

Now, my finger nails are sporting a glittery gold polish. Been trying to look for a sample of the nail polish online but it’s too elusive. I think searching for dollar store franchise is much easier. I’ll try to take a photo of nails later. I might change the polish next week. That’s the beauty of doing your nails yourself.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Sun Smart

I was reading the Totline - playgroup magazine this morning and found this great baby accessory. A sun smart sunglasses from

I thought of buying a pair for Jens - red matches his togs. Sad thing is, the shop only accept Visa and Mastercard. I don't use credit card when shopping online.

We'll just pass on this for now. We might find something like these in the shops. The only unique on them is the strap that goes to the back of the head.

There are more shops featured in the magazine, have to checked them also as well as the electronics blog.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Early Christmas Presents

Today, I am sporting my Christmas gifts from my parents-in-law and Mcj. The MP3 player from inlaws:

And dresses from Mcj. Actually, I just made it up. It was my idea to buy the dresses. They're on sale - 50% off and not dear. And he loved them.

No Slimquick Cleanse, though. :)

I actually told him that I want pretty and dear bedsheets for Christmas but looks like it's not going to happen with the rate of shopping that I'm doing. I buy stuff implusively. Oh well, I get some of what I want and they're nice.


We just started our Christmas shopping last weekend and so far, we've covered most of what's needed to buy. It was just an instand decision to shop though we were actually at the shop. The shop closed late that day so we grabbed the chance. As Mcj's idea, we just bought generic gifts for the inlaws and kids - no best diet pills for those who wishes to kick some pounds. They're safe as we don't actually know what their tastes are. Here are some of them:

Hopefully, we'll have some time in the weekend to do more shopping. :)

Friday, 5 December 2008

Great Summer Reads

I just finished reading The Tinker's Girl. It's not my type of book but I got carried away that I can't put it down even if my eyes were saying no. I had to get a better lighting and splash my face with water inorder to stay awake.

It transported me back to the days when my existence in this world is not known yet. 19th century traditions - slavery, mod cons were just a dream, women getting married at a way early age, etc.

It's not a light read yet intriguing that will keep you going. Though, I was so disappointed at the end. I expected more drama, though the book is already full of it. I reckon, the author should have given more piece or words for Bruce as for me, it's not just Jinnie who's driving the story. It's the both of them.


Here are some great summer reads from yahoo lifestyle:

The Kite Runner
Khaled Hosseini
Recently made into a film, this book tells the story of Amir, who has never forgiven himself for betraying his childhood friend, Hassan. When Amir returns to a Taliban-ruled Afghanistan as an adult, he tries to make-up for what happened all those years ago.

Clive Barker
Part soap-opera, part romance, part fantasy, this epic novel tells the story of a woman’s induction into one of America’s first families. Wealth, power and glamour are thrust upon her, but so is something else; the family’s long-held connection to another, more mystical, family to whom they owe everything.

Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus
Kate Hollis’ boyfriend left her just before the prom. Thirteen years later he is a world-famous rock star, who has made a career out of songs about her and their relationship. Having been haunted by his lyrics for all this time, she now has the chance to confront him when he returns to his home town.

More here...

Summer Hairstyle

I have a very long hair and constantly looking for a fitting hair do. I'm not really stylish so I can't say that I follow them verbatim yet, if I have time, I do.

I'm up for looking up summer hairstyles and thought of sharing here.

From yahoo lifestyle:

Get Sexy Waves The Easy Way
"A fast, effective way to style your hair is to separate it into five large sections when dry - two on either side of your face and three at the back." He recommends running a comb through each section, then spritzing them with a setting lotion.

Choose A Foolproof 'Do
popular style at the spring/summer 09 shows, the half-up, half-down look is big right now. "This style is great for formal events as it's dressed up enough to feel special and most women feel less exposed with the back of their hair cascading down.

Beat The Heat With A Bun
"The high bun is a great option as it pulls all the hair up and away from the nape of the neck, making it a cool and easy style to wear. The upward energy of the look is great for elongating the neck, drawing attention to the eyes and, with a tousled bun, gives the appearance of a chic style with a modern, casual feel." It's also a perfect look to try if your hair is dry, as you can comb through a leave-in treatment before styling.

I am currently into bun. Easy, cool and quick fix. And if you're the type who might need some Hydroxycut inorder to look slim, make a bun.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Protecting My Eyes

I wanted to use contact lenses instead of eyeglasses. Not because I want to look vain but because I want to wear sun-glasses when I am out in a very glary sunny day. That was when transition lenses were not invented yet. Though there are glasses that you can top with sunnies, I don’t like the idea because of the weight that will burden the bridge of my nose. My nose is already flat as it is without anymore burden on it.

Now, my glasses have the rolls royce of the lenses – according to the sales attendant. We paid a considerable sum of money on top of the private health benefits and the 40% discount coupon. I love them and I take good care of them as much as possible.

I don’t worry the glary sun during the day or the glary light during the night. My glasses handle it all for me.

To Kills Some Time

To kill some time, I hop on to youtube and search for kids videos or tagalog movies to amuse me. I haven’t tried to look up for Christian videos though. I might try sometime.

Here’s a snippet of what I like:

And more, of course.

My officemate gave me DVD's of Gulong ng Palad soap. I watched the first three and found it very tragic and traumatic that I jumped onto the last one to finish it. I know that I saw it before but it must have been ages ago because I forgot the plot. Anyway, I had fun for a little while.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Something Like This

I'm on the lookout for a formed bag in black or beige, like this. I'm not buying any yet. Still looking :)


I have a pair of shoes with the same style, just a tad higher. They're very comfy. I always wear them even if I have another lower pair because some of my pants' hem would dangle if I wear them. The pair that I have is almost work on the heels but I am not planning to buy a new one yet. I'll see first if I need a comfy shoes on our new office. You know, for purposes of walking a distance, I need to have feed-friendly shoes.

I know shopping for shoes is easy (like buying Linksys router) but not for me. My feet are slim and long, it's not funny to choose the type of shoes that will fit me.

The above shoes are:
Satin, traditionally a fabric reserved for evening affairs, makes its daylight debut with the Ranya. The gathered pleats and ½ inch wedge make this flat fully functional at work or at all depends on what you pair it with. Finally--a satin shoe you can wear without having to wait for an invitation. Leather sole.
Made in Spain. Available in wine and black.


I'm not really in need of new shoes right now but I would appreciate it to have a pair like these. Aren't they pretty? I have to think though, what will match with them.

I've been talking to MIL this afternoon about shoes and it is nice to know that we share the same passion - SHOES and Bags. We don't need them but it's nice to have them, just like horse supplements (just to boost their performance).

Anyway, these are:
Rain Shoes. This rubber flat is so cute you may find yourself praying for rain. Black and pink herringbone print. Imported.

So apt for our stormy weather here.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Home Shopping

My first home-shopping (from catalogue dropped in our letterbox) is in progress. I picked up an Avon catalogue one night on our way in. I browsed and though there are lots of interesting and not so dear items, only a set of green (said to be jade) jewellery caught my fancy. And knowing how Mcj would react if I tell him that I want to buy it, I curtailed my desire. I understand him though. We just had a spending spree last week on something that I thought of impulsively.

Then, I showed the catalogue to my mother-in-law who was so eager some of her money on something that she just fancy to have. She had at least 5 items to order and so I volunteered to order it for her. And eventually, get Mcj to approve of me getting the jewellery that I like. Yahoo!

I had ordered the items and waiting for the confirmation from the sales representative. It is like buying a group health insurance for my MIL and me. We are pooling the items that we like to avail an item at a lesser price. This reminds me to check the letterbox on the way in again later to check if the confirmation had arrived.

Monday, 10 November 2008

What it takes to be driver.

Being a safe and reliable driver, one needs to have so many skills. There’s the multi-tasking while behind the wheels – foot on the brake or accelerator, eyes on the road and speedometer and side mirrors and scanning of traffic in roundabouts, corners and intersections, doing all these while steering. I am a quick learner but I think, I’m a bit old to just be learning how to drive now as my reflex is a bit slower. Well, my sister in law said, learning how to drive at a young age has an advantage as you will find it easy to learn a manual transmission than when you are after 25. I know, that’s why I only learn the automatic transmission car.

Apart from being a responsible driver on the road you also need to consider the safety of your car when parking. As much as possible, you need to look for a parking with security cameras around. Mcj said, don’t park next to an L or P plate vehicles. Fair enough.

I’m just starting and I’ve barely scratched the surface. There is so much for me to learn. I’m taking it in strides with so little time available for me to practice.

Goind Under the Knife

There had been so many news lately about people who underwent physical reconstruction, only to end up their dreams of looking youthful and pretty in tatters. I really understand their desire to get rid of the wrinkles or whatever blemish or superficial imperfection they deem to have but I am not sympathetic of the situation that they ended up to. One who wanted to go through the procedure should do the necessary research. One who’s decided to go under the knife for cosmetics surgery knows there are implications and there is no certainty that the outcome is good. One can only hope. Hence, it is necessary to dig in and know whose capable or not so capable hands that will pull you them out of their “dilemma” if they may call it that.

There were cases that some snatched the opportunity of a cheap nip-tuck overseas and to go back to Australia in tears. Then, have to pay more for the repair of their suppose-to-be prettifies.

There were some who may have used the pain pump lawyers to get even. What is there to get even when in the first place you don’t know what is fair and even?

I admire those who saved up heaps for repairing old age but I reckon, they should at least spend at least half of the same time looking for a reliable and qualified surgeons.

Happy Today

It was my happy today last Friday. We didn’t have a celebration. I’m past the age when I want to be noticed on my birthday, when I would cry if my best friend or family wouldn’t even remember to greet me, when I want something special for that day. All I just want is for my one-and-a-half-men to be with me. I seem to be less selfish on special occasions now but that doesn’t mean I am less materialistic. :)

We had a splurge last Sunday. I wanted to go shopping for my gifts (take note, with S). But we ended up buying stuff for everybody. I didn’t really know what I want. I wanted an Ipod but I reckon, I won’t like to use it as it would affect my already self-diagnosed impaired hearing. So we just went to the department store and browse. I picked up clothes again and I don’t need them or even want them but, hey! I love them. :)

I’ve been spending heaps lately when most people are cutting back. I am just thankful, we don’t pay home insurance for now and I personally don’t worry about any bills that we have. Mcj does.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

ME Time

I had some ME time last week. And what better way to spend it than to go shopping? It was just a short yet sweet time.

The shops in our suburbs are not that big. There aren’t any department stores. Most of the shops are food stores – 4 supermarkets, restos, bakeries, coffee shops, etc. Ah! And several pet shops and real estates. There are also quaint little specialty shops that where ladies, girls, women’s frequently stop.

I saw and passed this one store named, Just Add Bling. There are pretty women’s clothes displays but I never investigated what else the store carries, until last week. And I was surprised by what I saw. Plus, the prices of the goods are not dear. I tried three dresses which fit me but I don’t like the colour so put them back in the rack. I ended up buying earrings and necklace set and a brooch. I didn’t pay much! I’m sure, I will be coming back in that shop.

Oh, and another thing that got me curious was the retail pos systems used by the owner. By the way, she was very friendly and helpful – one of the reasons why I would like to come back. She was using a notebook in entering the transactions and the system that she was using was a bit foreign to me. Not that I know all of the POS systems but I know at least some. I might ask her on my next trip.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Getting Ready

Since we have booked our flights for next year’s holiday, I’ve been looking out for a great deal for luggage. Our luggage is pretty old and dusty. We absolutely need new. There are websites that I frequent and I admit they have better deals but what’s stopping me from buying is the shipping cost. One of the websites sometimes offer shipping during special occasions. When is the next special day? Christmas? Not long to wait.

I’ve been eyeing these:

For Pretty Smile

Have you got tooth fillings? Do you know if it is Amalgam or Composite?

I have amalgam fillings on my molars. I was naive then when I went to the dentist and have them done. I was advised that amalgam was nice as they last longer. But what really are the facts? Here are some from


Because of the metal content, amalgam fillings are very strong and can withstand heavy biting pressure, therefore, used primarily for the back teeth.
Amalgam filling material is relatively inexpensive.
Most insurance companies cover amalgam fillings.
Amalgam filling material contains mercury and other metals. While there have been no conclusive studies relating the mercury in amalgam to any dangers, mercury by itself is very toxic.
Some people experience a period of hot and cold sensitivity after having an amalgam filling.
Amalgam fillings do not harden immediately, therefore, it is not good to chew on that specific tooth for a couple of hours after the filling is placed.
More tooth structure is lost because the dentist has to make a bigger preparation.
Not all dentists do amalgam fillings anymore.



The composite filling material contains only acrylic resin and glass particles, no mercury.
The tooth colored filling material looks very nice and natural.
This type of filling material is already hard when you leave the dental office, therefore, you can chew on it whenever you like.
Less tooth structure is lost because the dentist can make a smaller preparation.

The composite filling material is more expensive.
This type of filling usually takes the dentist a little longer to do.
Composite fillings can stain over a period of time depending factors such as tea, coffee and smoking.
These fillings do not get whiter if you bleach your teeth.
Composite fillings are strong on back teeth, but not as strong as amalgam.
Insurance companies will not always pay for composite fillings on back teeth.

I wonder what the Washington DC dentist advise to their patient/customer?

Thursday, 16 October 2008


I don't go with fashion. They are so short-lived that it's too hard to catch-up. :) Money wise and all. I dress with what I feel good.

If you're like me, here are some tips for us for

Develop and keep your own style. Trust your instincts about what looks best with your coloring, habits, personality and place in the world.

Adopt what you truly like, but recognize that it may not be the last word forever.

Understand the process. Be aware of why, as well as when, a trend is cooling. Fashion trends and fads can happen because a style is cool (heavy-soled shoes) or fun (temporary tattoos) or even shocking (lingerie as outerwear).

Adapt the style you want to adopt. For example, is everyone wearing short shorts but you just can't? Add a piece of fabric or ribbon to your hems so you can wear them short but not as short as everyone else.

Mix trendy pieces with classic ones.

Break some rules; bend others. If the fashion is large breasts, get a maximizer bra and avoid the more radical surgery route. If straight hair is in, use large rollers and blow-dry your hair before you chemically straighten your ringlets.

Develop confidence: Take a class, read fashion magazines, get a makeup lesson, get your colors done.
Learn about fashion, style, tips and tricks, then go out and make your own fashion news.

C'mon, take notes... you don't have a system memory.

Dressing Up for a Barbie

Well, summer is fast approaching. And in down under, summer means barbie. Barbie Q party that is. For those of you who are concerned of what to wear to this gathering, here are some tips from (ihaw):

Aim for comfort, ease and great style. Call your host or hostess if you need more direction.

Look for clothes that are easy to wear and easy to clean: cotton, nylon, blends and silk.

Think separates: shorts, skirts, easy shirts and the latest thinking in pants.

Wear lively, trendy pieces for summer barbecues, parties and backyard gatherings.

Set the mood with bright colors, big patterns and interesting materials.

Choose fun summer shoes: flip-flops, tennis shoes, sandals and slides.

Take along layering pieces in case the weather suddenly changes: sweatshirts, cotton sweaters, hooded jackets and big shirts.

For women, choose versatile twinsets in silk, lightweight wool, French terry and cotton.
Take along accessories. Sunglasses, hats and scarves keep the sun off and spice up your outfit.

And a tip coming from me? Dress casually (you're not going to see las vegas strip) and for the weather.

High Heels Without Heels

Would you wear these shoes?

Me? I don't really think so. Just look at this one makes me feel I'm going to fall backward. These pair really look nice though. Pink and all that.

Have you seen the boots that Posh's wore? They might be trendy but they don't look err... something. :)

I reckon, if you're a bit overweight, you need a weight loss before you can wear these.

I might try them on. To tame my curiousity maybe.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Hot Weather

It's getting hot again in my side of the world. It's time to take off those ever handy patio furniture covers and make our outdoor ornaments useful - entertain friends outside, have barbie (and invite us) or simply just have your brekkie or cuppa outside. Enjoy the sun, the fresh air, the nature.

We weren't really confined in our house this year's winter as the temperature was never that low compared to other states. We got the chance to play outside when the sun was up. But warm weather is definitely a pleasant change.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Online Shopping

I really get frustrated when I’m shopping online (read: browsing) and I happen to like something and found out that the store does not accept Paypal. I’ll tell myself, now you just lost one prospect customer. I’m still dubious of giving my credit card details through the internet. I know that most people do but with the identity theft issues that I’m hearing every now and then, you can’t blame me.

It’s another story though if the transaction is over the phone. We give out details even if the other party is overseas (most cards these days work as international credit cards). You may wonder how more secure a phone transaction than an internet one. I don’t really know. I guess we base our judgement on experience. Mcj has been giving out credit card details over the phone since that mode of payment was made available so there the worry is less, I should say. At the end of the day, theft could happen anywhere anytime.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Pretty and Nice

Some of the good things in life that I like.

Pretty shoes. Pretty bags. Pretty jewelry. Pretty clothes. Short hair. Nice perfume. Delicious food. Holden car. Kohler faucets. Round the world tour. Trip back home. Green mango (indian mango) with bagoong. Chicken inasal. Chicken adobo cooked by my Tatay. Camping. Kisses and hugs and special cuddles. A bike. Weekends. Good music. Wine??? Good company. Good friends. Strawberries, nuts, mudcake, choc chip muffins, pasta. At iba pa!

Skin Condition

Up til now, I still didn’t un-cover the best acne treatment for my type of skin. Not that I have acne. I just used to have pimples when I was a teenager. They were not acne type but fine like heat rashes on my forehead. I also have an oily skin so from time to time back then, pimples would appear on my cheeks and chin. I can’t remember that I did use some cream or whatever. I think, it goes with age?

I really got curious what is acne. According to, acne is:

a disorder of the pilosebaceous unit, or what is commonly called the hair follicle or pore. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is the most common skin disorder in the United States. Acne vulgaris, as common acne is known, is classified as a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin.

Acne is characterized by the presence of pimples or "zits", blackheads, and whiteheads. It chiefly affects the face, neck, chest, back, and/or upper arms of sufferers. Rarely you will find acne in other areas of the body. Acne varies in development from very mild to extremely severe.

Growth Spurt?

The Tatapilla is the biggest “rubbish” I’ve ever known. He just loves eating. He wants to eat every food he sees, every food that everyone’s eating. He’s always curious when he sees me eating. It seems he feels like he’s missing out on something.

One night, he had his dinner ahead of us as he was so hungry. He had stewed apple after it. Then, he wanted some of my dinner so I gave him a tub of custard. He ate it all. He helped feed himself. When the custard was gone, he wanted some of his Daddy’s dinner. Can you imagine that? He’s belly is really getting big. Gone were the days when he was taut and terrific. If he’s an adult, at the rate that he’s eating, he might need alli diet pill already. I just blamed it to growth spurt plus playing all day makes the little boy hungry.


It’s been ages since my last trip to the movie house. I can’t remember the last movie I seen there. Whew! Does that mean, it was really that far in the past? And now that we have the BIG Guy, all the more difficult to see a movie at a cinema. And so we compensate that by collecting dvds. Though we don’t really buy DVD’s of recently released movies as, well, we know that they are dearer than old movies. I don’t complain as I love watching old movies – old, light, nostalgic.

When I was in the Philippines, I was amassing books. I used to buy second hand ones. They’re now in my parents’ place hidden in the boxes. They haven’t dedicated any bookshelves for them.
I do still read books here. I have some stashed somewhere away from little inquisitive hands. But I stopped buying recently as I’ve learned that the local library lend out latest books, paperbacks, etc.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Cooking Adventure

I’ve brought up some courage and time to do a little cooking adventure. Yes, adventure. Because I am not sure of the journey nor the outcome. I’ve tried bihon guisado, lumpiang shanghai, savoury mince and some baked chicked and veggies. So far, I only have complaint in lumpiang shanghai. I used puff pastries and they were wee think and absorbed so much oil in them. They were not the same with the pastry used in the Philippines. Well, that's what I thought. I might not try it out again soon. I need to find the exact same pastry that is used in the Philippines before I try it out again. But I need to get to the Filipino shop first, which is a bit far from our place so it needs to be planned. Maybe, next month.

Meantime, I might check the recipe of sweet potato casserole and see if I can do it. I have one recipe to do today though. Macaroni and cheese for Mcj. He requested it as he's still not able to eat our usual meal.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Crossing My Fingers

We got this massive envelope from the mail addressed to Mcj. It is a fund raising strategy of some charities or organisation working for a cause, sending cards. Not really for free but with the desire for the recipient to send the payment to them. I asked Mcj once what if you won’t pay for them; can I treat them as gifts? (just like some of the eco gifts that I received) I reckon yes, because we didn’t solicit them. But they are worth the money that the charity is charging for them, so I guess it won’t hurt to send to pay for them.

Also, I'm crossing my fingers to win Jimmy Choo shoes from the contest I joined in. Looked at the store and saw these. They're nice, don't you think?


I’ve mentioned before that Mcj in the competition to win a trip to Las Vegas and play poker with Share Warned (not to check vegas hotels). I think that was more than two months ago. Well, nothing really happened. I played his brother’s stake and I even stayed in the game longer than him. He was out for only about five hands. I was running good but in the end I get impulsive and blow my stakes. Oh well, it was just a game. It didn’t cost us a dame, well apart from the power and internet cost then.

That was my biggest game experience as I’m not really into playing games, online or otherwise. I’m proud to say that I’m not addicted to something destructive other than shopping and watching telly. Well, shopping at some extent is destructive especially if you do it on impulse. Well, I have a voice in my head telling me to temper my desire – Mcj that is.


Now that I’m wearing close shoes everyday and walking a fair distance, comfort is the first thing that I want to have with my shoes. But at the same time, I don’t want to wear shoes that will make me look like a dag. I want something with class and those that will match my clothes.
Do you like these? I do. All my closed shoes are black so a colour like this will definitely add variety to my wardrobe. Problem is I don't have a bag to match it. Hummmm.

Another thing to think,employment metrics. Read it for several times but couldn't grasp completely. Hay!

Monday, 8 September 2008

OZ's Giant Burger

Would you eat a burger like this? This burger has so much controversy in it. Health experts want it ban because its calories are more than half of the RDI of a woman and a third of a man. Aussies has just been dubbed the most obese country (people) in the world. And you wonder why or how?

Hungry Jacks response to the attack was the burger is not meant to be consumed everyday.
I guess, it all boils down to how responsible a person who wants to eat it. If you know that consuming it everyday or several of it a day isn’t good for your health, you won’t succumb to the temptation. Yet, because it is indeed a temptation, many might be tempted and eventually would need the best diet pills available to bring them back to normal.

Out in the Open

I just hope this post won’t backfire on me. I’m coming out in the open. I’m gay! Bwahahaha!

Seriously, this isn’t really that serious. It’s just some stuff at work back then.

I am proud to say that I can do multi-tasking pretty good. I call it my exceptional skill. A skill that was very useful when I get bored at work – facing the computer with only trivial stuff to do. I would then surf the net. Well, when I was trying to find my niche in the www, I confess I was just wasting my effort and the company’s money. And my used to be boss knew all about it. Apparently, she advised me to spend my slack time productively – reading a book or whatever to further my knowledge. So then, I started browsing sites that were of big help to me. And of course, those time-wasters sites as well. I had fun reading both anyway.

If only, the company had a keylogger installed to every computer in the office, everyone would have been caught doing what I used to do. Yes, I was not alone in that monkey-business. But, at the end of the day I reckon, the company wasn’t really at the losing end as the employees were very hardworking. There’s no hesitation to spend time after office hours if need be. So, I guess it was a win-win situation for both sides.

Smell Me

I’m not really into perfume but I love to have pleasant, lingering and longer lasting scent. I just develop this fancy lately.

I have two variants of Bench cologne from the Philippines which I haven’t used up yet. I also got some perfumes gifted to me but I don’t use them. They have strong odours. I got a freebie spray that I like and I already used it all up.

Out of the blue today, I thought of buying myself or Mcj could buy me a Channel No. 5. I told you, I was not interested in perfume before so I don’t really have an idea how much it costs. I’m thinking that I could make an occasion so it could be a gift. Nuninuninu.

I checked online and well, now I know how much it costs. Mcj might have a heart attack (certainly not a blood pressure monitor, yet) when I ask him for it. It’s not that dear considering the brand but it is absolutely an extravagance to pay such price for a perfume. Well, that will be my first time to own one. And there’s always a first for everything, right? Let’s see.

By the way, I am really so naïve that I don’t know what Channel No. 5 smells like. So you reckon that’s enough reason for me to buy one?

I might just try to buy the 4ml pack just to test if I will the scent. :)

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Shoes Galore

These are the new shoes that we bought almost two weeks ago. So yeah, they’re not new at all. But the blisters that I got from them are fairly new. And I’m still trying to figure out how to wear them – with inserts, with stockings, or none at all.

It took me so long to take the photos of them because I’m tied up during daytime and the lighting is poor at night. And at times, the camera wasn’t handy when all other else are in place. Oh well, who’s got to say?

I’m loving these pairs not only because I love the styles but also the height. I can walk with them forever that is, as I’ve said, if I’ve made my mind on how to wear them.

Something New

It’s been ages ago since I had my last shopping online. It’s not because I don’t want to. It’s just that I don’t have much time to surf. Plus the online shops where I mostly buy stuff don’t carry much variations of products. Why don’t I shop at the other shop, you said. Because I only transact at shops that accept Paypal. You see, I still don’t trust the internet with my credit card details or with my bank account details (savings or Checking Accounts). Then, lately I’ve been able to drag Mcj to the shops very easily, for some reason.

Yet, with the coming father’s day in Oz, almost all of the shops are "on sale" so I might give them a perve later before I hit the hay. My favourite shop has always very attractive prices during special occasions that it’s too hard to miss.

And hey, look what I just bumped into. Aren't they gorgeous?

Thursday, 28 August 2008


blisters, that is. Yep, on both my ankles.

I bought two pairs of shoes last weekend and wore them this week and look what they got me. the blisters aren't that bad, at least. But I'll let them heal properly before I'll wear my two new shoes again.

Been planning to take photos of them but haven't got the time. Maybe this weekend.

Part of Life

Most of us grow up with Johnson and Johnson products. Lotion, oil, face powder, cologne, etc. You name it, most of the households got it. Didn't we all smell like Johnson when we were babies? Even up to now with my little boy, I use one of their range. And I quite like the smell actually.

Well, J&J is not just about baby products as well all know. It has pharmaceutical companies that sell wide range of medicines that can treat any sickness there is in the world. Like most companies committed to serve the community, they have spend millions of moolah in searching for ways on how to help people live healthier and eventually longer. The research is focused on three units mainly for those illness that are related to central nervous system and internal medicine; biotechnology, immunology and oncology; and virology - more of an infectious diseases.

Oh, and I just learned that babycenter is one of J&J's products. I used to consult that website when I was pregnant. Well, I still do but less than often now.

I can say that J&J products are a part of my life.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Satin Black

I've been meaning to buy shoes like these to add to my wardrobe. I need pretty shoes but are not too high. What do you think? These are gorgeous.


Holiday Plans

Having a kid makes you forget your travel dreams, that is while he is growing up. Yes, I put my desire to go somewhere else on hold until he's able to cope with it. Every destination should be consider if it is children friendly. We don't go to a place that doesn't have entertainment for my little boy anymore. Going to the shops mean checking out the pet store or riding the rides on the alley. But of course, those dream destinations are just pushed at the back of my mind. They will resurface when the time is ripe.

Yes, I want to go to Europe, somewhere in the middle east, Russia or a Las Vegas travel. And I want to go there with my family so it is important that my little boy is big enough to understand that going ons. When is that? Sometime in his school holidays. It's not far you know. He already goes to school (daycare) so it might be very soon. :)

Postponed Plan

Our plan to go to the Philippines was definitely postponed. I found a job and it would take me a while to go for a holiday though the company allow 4 weeks of paid holiday. I'm not the sort that will hurry and take advantage of that 4 weeks yet. But my family back "home" were really excited about our trip. I've kept on telling them that we will be there this year, unfortunately.. I couldnt see it happening yet. My father said that I could at least send photos of the little boy. I will!

Well, planning a holiday entails lots of efforts. There's the consideration of the best travel deals that you can get, the weather and of course the availability of all the persons involve.

I know that when we eventually get to have a final plan, the holiday would be very nice. We would have enough time to spend with my family plus our budget would allow us to do more than we planned before. That's the sweetest thing I guess. The trade off of not going now. :)

Investment Talk

A few months back, our phone was ringing off the hook. The calls were for Mcj - the caller was trying to convince him to sign up to a stock trading business (might be like futures trading). He was on the verge of signing up already. He had filled out the contract while also doing some research about the company. He'd uncover positive reviews about the trading scheme, well that is for the system that they are using, not really for the company. He was tempted. But he found out that there is another company that do the same trading in the same floor as the one that contacted him yet the latter has no idea about the former. It sound dodgy considering of their proximity to one another. In the end, he negated on the deal though he still received a series of phone calls to convince him.

I was sort of relieved that he didn't sign up on that deal. I am a person who needs to see tangible proof before dipping into my pocket. The amount involved was not to be joked of. It could make us a sort of like palace back in the Philippines.

So yeah, it really pays to do your homework. Thanks to the internet for making those data available. I know there are investment companies that are good, you just have to know who are they.

Ease the Burden

I went home one evening carrying my laptop with me. And boy, it was heavy. It was late and my officemate and I were hurrying to catch the train and my 3 inches boots didn't help. Well except to kills the monotony. They were clucking the pavement away.

The next day, I decided to wear the ballerina flat shoes that I bought just the day before last. They were blessings for aching calves and toes and back and shoulders. I reckon, I won't take the laptop home with me in the foreseeable future yet. Only if I am ask to do some important stuff. I just took it home with me to check the vpn connection anyway, which I am happy to say has no hassle really. I didn't even notice the speed difference.

Plus, I might consider to buy a light laptop bag (Swiss Army might have). Actually, Mcj had been telling me that before so it will be in our plan. I might spend some of my personaly money but it is for my own good.

Sunday, 10 August 2008


Do you like massage? I do but I'm ticklish so Mcj gets annoyed with me. :) Massage is good for us (it may help avoid us to having that acne treatments) and to babies also. Here are some facts about baby massage:

What massage does
Massage should be enjoyable for both parent and baby.

It provides lots of benefits:

Learning to know each other
Helping the baby to feel safe and loved
Stimulation of different body systems (immune system, circulation, digestion)
Enhancing development (encourages movement and coordination).
Helping parents and baby to learn to trust and have confidence in each other.

When to massage
Each family needs to find the time that suits them best.
It is best to wait 20 minutes or so after a feed but not too close to sleep time.
Some families massage after bath time when the baby is already undressed, as many young babies dislike being dressed and undressed. Some babies respond better in the evening.
It is not a good idea to try to massage a baby who is upset.

How often to massage
Baby massage can be done whenever it suits the family routines, but don't feel pressured that you have to do it. Be guided by what your baby likes and how you feel as well.

I just bought Jens a massage oil and he seem to like it. His reaction was pleasant unlike when I was just using a normal cream. He went to sleep after the massage. Maybe he was just sleepy or in growth spurt. :)

Christmas Gifts???

Christmas is more than four months away but we're already considering what would be our gifts to the little boy. I would love to give him live farm animals but he is still too small. He loves birds, cats, dogs, any animals or insects. Seeing one would snap him out of his grumpy mood. It's sort of hard to look for unique baby gifts for his age. But I reckon, this one will do.

What do you think? It doesn't come cheap though but I told Mcj that if I got a job by then, maybe we can afford to buy him that. Hopefully. Or maybe, we would be able to think of a more suitable gift for him. Let's see.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Say "ah-sigh-EE"

The highest antioxidant fruit ever - according to

Which fruit is the clear front-runner when it comes to antioxidants? Hint: It’s smaller than a grape and darker than a blueberry.

It’s the acai (pronounced "ah-sigh-EE") berry, and it may beat every other fruit or vegetable by a mile. Case in point: The freeze-dried berry has 30 times the disease-arresting anthocyanins of red grapes.

The antioxidant quotient is reason enough to eat this fruit, but acai berries are also chock-full of B vitamins, magnesium, copper, zinc, phosphorus, and sulfur. In South America, acai berries are pureed and served warm as a sauce or soup. Check your local health-food store for acai juice, smoothies, and other products containing this berry nutritious fruit.

If this fruit is available to everybody, common illnesses won't be a problem in the near future. We will all be glowing, acne treatment is not needed at all.

Pave Curved Gold Ring--Rose Gold

Pave Curved Gold Ring--Rose Gold
Editor's Note: Share in Victory’s love for bold jewelry on Lipstick Jungle with this pave gold cocktail ring! Add dusters for that touch of evening elegance.

It's rare that we find a product that no one has seen before, but Rici's Rings are brand new to us! The curved dome top extends down at each corner, making it look almost like a mini, sparkly parachute. The four corners connect in a small flat plate at the bottom, but the wide open edges let you slip it on forwards or sideways. Technically it doesn't matter, because each side is exactly the same! Pave set CZs coat the ring, making it incredibly glittery. Also, the high arch inside means that you can bend your fingers easily while wearing this cocktail dome ring!


Tuesday, 5 August 2008

On Finances

Since, I am about to join the corporate rat race MCj and I had a brainstorming on our finances. There will be a big overhaul. We just didn't discuss the future inflows resulting from my job but also those expenses that we thought are ridiculous.

We've discussed his superannuation status. As of now, it i not getting bigger because most part of the earnings goes to his life insurance. The life insurance rates is bigger because it used to cover the mortgage on the house. We don't need that anymore. But he didn't change it yet as he will be under the knife next week for his teeth extraction. You know, he thinks that it is possible that he won't wake up at all.

We also talked about our health insurance premium. We are paying that much that we thought we are subsidising those who are sickly. Thank God, we don't get sick but at some point it is ridiculous paying that much at all. So we might cancel it later this year.

When you check your bills and finances and take a look to see if you get away from it. It could be a big savings or something that would go to your holiday budget.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Ideal Car

How do you like this car? This is one of the car that I am eyeing for for myself, incase I know how to drive. It is small. The only thing that I don't like is because it is two door. But Mcj said, it is the right car for me. Feminine. Apt for my size.

Well, buying a car for me isn't in the sooner list of priorities yet. But even then, my mind is already summing up the entire cost - the car itself, CTP, car insurance, rego, etc. Whew! I think, I might just opt to be a passenger for the time being.

But, won't you agree that it's a pretty car? It comes with two tone or caligraphy. Nice!

It Is Cold

It's freezing today. The mercury is not that low but the exposed parts of my body are tingling from cold. Brrrr.

Though winter might be a welcome change from the humid summer or some hot days of autumn, I don't really embrace it. First, I am not used to cold. I don't like wearing layers of clothes. Just imagine the inconvenience of changing jackets and jumpers when you go out just to throw the rubbish or to pick up some mail. Plus, my skin gets really dry. I really like my lotion but I tried the new variety of the brand for this winter. I'm still using the same face moisturizer. It's a bit thick so it is also apt for cold season. Yeah, all this skin beauty regime is another thing that I complain about. Thank God, I don't have to use acne treatment cream. So less worry for me.

I might just need to use cloves but I am cooking our dinner now so I might need to wash something later, grrrr... on and off of things is what I don't like best.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Travel Plans

My sister has kept on asking me when are we going to the Philippines. You see, we informed them of our holiday plan which was supposedly this July but since, Mcj will have his teeth fixed on early August we postponed it. And we are not sure now when can we make the plan happen.

But I think, it is really not meant to be for us to go as we haven't got luggages yet. We planned on buying them but well, it just remains a plan. Plus we haven't consider on taking travel health insurance yet. Though Jens is up to date with his vaccine, he might still be vulnerable to any illnesses out there.

Well, I'm still in the lookout for value for money suitcases. One of these days, we might get around of really going to the shop with the intension of buying luggages. For now, I'll just keep mum on my sister's question. :)

Boost Him Up

Just this evening, MIL was talking to me of her buying a booster seat for their car for the Little Boy's use. Well, though we have car seat for him in our car, there are times that Mcj could not take us to somewhere that we want or could not pick us up, so my FIL is always on the rescue. He doesn't really keen on using our car because it is big for him to control and the steps are higher.

Anyway, I didn't give her any comment. As long as it doesn't cost her that much, I don't really mind. She said, there was a $50 one in the shopping catalogue this weekend.

And I searched the net and found this pretty thing (no really like Britax car seats). If only the little boy can have this. The Daddy already objected of me buying a reddish/pinkish jammies.

Thursday, 17 July 2008


If there were trophies given out to absentee blogger, I would definitely get one. I know it's lame but I am just busy with other stuff. Hopefully, soon my schedule would give me a breather and more time to blog.

Anyway, it's winter here. And as a rule or trend or whatever they call it, most people wear black, white, brown. Neutral colours. But sometimes boring and dull. How about a pair of these pump to brighten your outlook it not your day? Plus a matching bag, belt and other accessories. I'm sure, you'll looks lovely.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Something I Still Enjoy

I rang a friend back in the Philippines one Sunday and she asked me if I was watching a boxing match. Oh, oh. Nope. We don't have cable connection. I am not complaining because we get good telly shows and movies even on free to air tv. Though some series might not be the latest, they still are new to me. :) If I'm after of watching shows from back home, I get to see it if I look up in the net.

Anyway, movies and tv shoes here in down under are not really the latest. I realized that some movies were even shown ahead in the Philippines than here. Still, we get the best of what a free tv can offer. Even some part of the world may already be on Slingbox, I would still be happy to watch the free tv plus our collection of old movies in VCR tapes.

Food for Active Lifestyle

Do you know what to eat inorder to fuel your active lifestyle? It's carbohydrates. It helps keep you energized by maintaining blood sugar levels, and they play a key role in helping your body recover after exercise, so try to get 50% to 65% of your calories from carbohydrates. Most people get enough carbs from their regular diet, but they may not be the best kind. For the most healthful carbohydrates, choose fresh fruits, root vegetables (carrots, beets, sweet potatoes), and whole-grain products, such as brown rice, barley, and whole-wheat bread.

Talking of exercise, I really need to make a routine for myself. I noticed that I get tired easily though, it's not easy to keep up with a toddler, you know. Well, that's the reason why I need to get active. I really don't need a routine that revolves on treadmills but just some simple stretching and walking will do. Have to research about workouts that fit me. But first, I have to find time. :)

The Essentials and What Not

Beannies, berret, hoodies, hats, gloves, woolens, cardigans, track pants, thermal suits, what else? These are the winter essentials. Ah, don't forget the heater. :)

I'm thankful today that it is a little warmer than yesterday. Then, it was 4 degrees in the morning. Brrrrr. Jens and I slept-in until almost 10AM. It was warm in bed.

Winter is the time that people spend most of their time indoors, it is also a good time to stay outdoor and sunbake when the sun is up. It is warmer outside than inside, well that is in our place. It's just not the time to get cozy in your hammock chair however comfy it may be. My one-and-a-half-men had their bonding in our backyard one sunny day. They loved it.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Keeping Warm

The mercury is really getting low in our side of the world. Yesterday, it was 17 degrees. For some who's been living in places that snow, it's not that cold but it was for me. We were out yesterday and I wish I had gloves and bonnet or hat with me especially during the night. Mcj had his hat and the little boy was wearing a hoodie. Plus, I got no pockets to hide my hands so imagine how cold they were.

Now, I'm in the look-out for hats like this with matching gloves maybe.

Or maybe something like this if I'm wearing pretty clothes. Or more classy that has silk flowers in it.
Or I might be able to find something prettier and trendy.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Retail Therapy

When we were at the shops the other day, Mcj showed me something that he thought I might like and I did - eventually bought it. It's a Playboy winter dressing gown. The price tag already showed that it was sort of cheap for the brand but we were more surprised when I checked the docket that it was way cheaper. Almost 50% discounted from the price tag. I loved it.

Anyway, there wa really big sale there. It was the original direct factory outlet. Looked like there is a big sale everyday. Because of the massive options and big sale, I just managed to check the kids (not really much) section and women's, well except lingerie. It was not in my list anyway. Maybe next in our next trip, I would be very interested.


It's now down to final for Wimbledon. I wasn't really following the events and games since the start - just started from the 4th round. But, I wouldn't want to miss the finals for men and women singles. It's Roger against Rafa and Venus against Serena. It would be very interesting especially in the women's.

I know for a fact that there's big money in tennis, that is if you won. But I was overwhelmed to learn the amount that the champion would bag last night.

Anyway, I reckon tennis just like golf is a clear cut game. No nonsense. Unlike other events, I haven't heard of gossips of players using enhancement drug (even like legal steroids).

I'm sure, I would be greatly entertained tonight of the tennis match. There was a controversy with the Williams sisters playing in the finals, that it would be a family decision which both of them found a rude comment as they said, they are professionals.

And tomorrow night, I might be torn between Rafa and Roger. Roger for me is too good to be true and found him too perfect (read: boring) that I am slightly inclined to root for Rafa. Well, let's see.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Tools to Look Tall

It's been more or less two years since I last wear high heeled shoes until last Wednesday. And oh boy, I had sore feet at the end of the day. Plus the fact that the boots are new and I was breaking them in, didn't help. But well, they made me look tall and sexy if you may add.

My boots are as tall as these beauty. But I reckon, I wouldn't wear these one. The heels are too slim that I might skid or slip. I'm not that heavy (I don't need diet pills either) but I wouldn't dare. But they sure are eye catcher.

Happy Me

I needed slacks so when we went to the shop to buy a gift for Jens' mate's birthday, I thought of grabbing some. But when we were at the mall, I just didn't buy some.. but more. We were so caught up with shopping for my clothes that we missed lunch and we were running late for the party.

But I was on high. Mcj was overly generous in buying me clothes. Actually, extravagant. And I was grinning from ear to ear.

Anyway, we bought lots in one store that it entitled me to avail one of their promotional products. I also earned $10 voucher.

And yet, we haven't bought me shoes so when we went to town to do some errand, we bought me boots. Lovely boots. :)

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Shopping Around

I'm on a retail therapy mission again. But this time it's not really something that a woman would be excited about but I am excited about it. Do you know what it is? A techie stuff. An office for my computer (not really technical like CAT6). I don't have any so I can't view those files that I need to look at. Maybe, you would ask me how did I cope all these while? Because I don't really use office. I just surf and blog in this computer.

But, if only I can shop for more shoes.. I would love to own a pair of these now that it's winter.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Auction Highlight

A diamond-encrusted necklace which once belonged to Christina Onassis has sold at auction for £3.6 million (more than 7M AUD). Can you believe that? Well, no surprising really as hanging from the necklace was a 38-carat diamond.
Such wealth for a family. For some third world countries, such amount of money will go too far (even wiping out mortgage lenders) and maybe, lift everyone from poverty.


Indeed! Don't you like these pair? If these are as comfortable as they look, this pair are sure blessings.

Renowned for their textiles, Missoni’s latest creation is a swirling sensation in this season's strongest colors — yellow, mauve, gray and gold. These waves of color blend together to create a unique and elegant result that only Missoni can deliver. We’re honored just to carry the Missoni line, and are humbly proud to call the Blessings an exclusive. Gold leather bow. 1/4 inch heel. Leather sole. Made in Italy.

This and That!

I was just talking to Mcj about my idea of buying flash drive when we go back to the Philippines. You know, we might took lots of photos and will max out the camera's memory card. He said, it's not a good idea. His friend has a bad review of the thing. Well, I practically disagree because I had been using one when I was working and never did it let me down. Anyway, he said how am I going to transfer the photos to the drive? Next thing, he said, I would want a laptop (plus laptop memory if necessary) and then global wireless internet connection and so on. I asked, why would I? Because you want lots of things, he said. Now, I'm branded a chronic "I want this, I want that" woman. :) Which at some point, I don't deny.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A Therapy Indeed!

I was soo upset last Sunday. And while I was wallowing, I made a resolution that everytime I feel upset, I'll shop. That way, MCJ won't even try to upset me lest I'll make a hole in his hip pocket. :) I know, I'm being very childish, nonetheless, it made me feel better.

So, shop I did. I bought a watch (I would have wanted a watch with digital frame) for myself and a birthday gift for my friend. I would want these but my budget won't allow me. I settled for something cheaper yet, made me feel good. :)

Funny, eh!

Have you seen the add of new lg lcd television? I didn't knew then that it was an ad for another telly model. I thought it was a tv series, as it really looks like it. It was starred by one of the actors in CSI New York, so you can't really blame me.

I haven't seen this tv model in person, so I wonder if it is one of those new viewsonic monitor.

I want a big screen tv but it's not a priority right now. With all these new models coming out almost every other month, by the time we can buy an lcd tv these hot trends now would outdated, I reckon. :)

Monday, 9 June 2008

Finding Foot-friendly Shoes

Have you even thought that the shoes you love may give you some health problems? Well yes. They do. According to studies, tight shoes contribute to 9 out of 10 cases of foot problems in women. So to avoid taking out medicare supplement just to see a podiatrist, heed to this advice from the Foot Care Basics.

At home, trace around your foot on a piece of paper and bring it with you to the store. Don't even try on any shoe that is narrower or smaller than the tracing.

Have the salesperson measure both your feet each time you buy new shoes—feet change with age. If your feet are different sizes, buy shoes that accommodate the larger one.

Don't rationalize that the shoes “just need to be broken in.” Find shoes that fit from the start.

Feel inside the shoe to see if there are any tags, seams, or other materials that may irritate your foot.

Make sure you have a quarter- to a half-inch of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe when standing.

Shop for shoes in the afternoon—your feet naturally expand during the day.

Wear the same type of sock that you intend to wear with the shoes.


Friday, 6 June 2008

Shoes Safety

I was very interested in one of the topics in the morning show, which is about the shoes good for your health, but I only had a glimpse. The little boy was cruising around the place, my attention was all for him. So I thought of looking up the net to see some tips. Here, get some pen (do you have Papermate pens) and paper. :)

We sometimes view shoes as just feet covering or some fashion that we need to follow but shoe actually play crucial role in our health. Choosing and buying a good and safe pair of shoes will help you have a good balance when standing up plus prevent you from having blisters and corns.

Make sure you are buying the correct size of shoes for your feet. Always measure your feet before buying. Very crucial when you are buying online.

Go for comfort when buying a pair. Avoid those with high heels, hard or thick soles.

Choose shoes that have good grip soles. They will prevent you from skidding or slipping especially on a wet and slippery surface.

Always maintain a tight shoelace. Tie shoelaces in a way that will stay longer. I sometimes double tie them.

As much as possible avoid walking barefoot or with socks especially on a polished floor.

I know that women tend to grow toenails long. Well, they look good especially with colours but do not grow them too long - up to the point that they will hurt you.


Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Handy Tips

I bought book for practical household hints and it was really handy. Thought of sharing some here:
  • Keep a large box lined with plastic by the back and front doors and insist that your family deposit wet shoes, dirty trainers and the like in them before coming into the house.
  • Drop two alka-zeltzers into a glass of water, drop in your jewellery for two minutes and they'll come out like new.
  • The best way of getting rid of antiperpirant stains is to treat them first with dry-cleaning solution and then with ordinary household ammonia before rinsing the garmeng thoroughly. Alternatively, apply a paste of bicarbonate of soda and salt to the area and leave it for 15 minutes before soaking in a biological detergent and washing in the usual way.
  • With mascara stains, rub with neat washing-up liquid then wash as usual. Any stubborn residual should vanish after being treated with dry cleaning fluid.

'Nough for now. Will share more later. Have to look for tips on computer and stuff (like ram).

Monday, 2 June 2008

Too Many Hats

One day Hubs found out that I stashed my hats in his hat drawer. And of course it raised a question, "why are your hats here?". I said, I don't have room in my drawer. I was advised that I should keep my mortgage to a minimum lest we would need to hire a moving company (just like movers New York) if we're moving. I know, I know, I know. Of course. But there is not just enough stash for a woman, isn't it? And we are only talking here of hats. Hats that I don't wear (yet) nor did I buy or made. They were all given by my MIL. With the days getting colder, they are handy especially when going outside.

Saturday, 31 May 2008

Friends Everywhere


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5. Come back once in a while to get the master list! Let’s see how this makes our Technorati and PR goes up! :D

6. DO NOT REMOVE THIS: scrap page made by Yen. Using alphas and tapes from Kate H., flowers from Ida,paper by Catrine.

Hey Joy, Colors&Styles and Geth, would you be happy to do this tag?
I wonder if I could visit other participants of this tag. But first need to check Caribbean cruises.

Friday, 30 May 2008


I've been admiring these shoes for weeks. What's stopping me from buying them are, a) if online, I am not sure that size 6 would fit me and b) the closest retailer doesn't sell Prima.

I don't really need new shoes. Just incase I would need a closed pair. Most of my shoes are open-toed except for the running pair.

And I can't make up my mind which colour I want. Gold? Silver? Chocolate? Nuninuninuninu...

Self Diagnosed

On Mcj's first trip to the Philippines, he got sick for more than three days. Coughing and sweating. It wasn't normal. We thought it was due to the pollution. We couldn't point out what was the cause until he came back here. After a few days of being back here, he returned to his normal state. But he also deduced that he has an allergic reaction to monosodium glutamate (MSG). You see, we always dined at chinese restos in Manila and MSG isn't a part of his diet here.

The worst part of all is, he acquired an intolerance to milk after that incident. It is a self-diagnosed allergic reaction (hence he is not wearing any medical bracelet) but he really stick to it and stopped drinking milk. The symptom was rashes.

Now, when we have chinese food even a smaller portion, he'll get this coughing attach and sweating. It's not funny.

Though, all these allergies that he got are self-diagnosed (who knows what is the effect of real allergy is), could really beat the good health out of Mcj.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008


My fascination to shoes has really given me various insights on footwear. I've known facts that were so beyond me before. It took me to shopping websites that sell really pretty shoes - some I couldn't afford. And it shown me shoes design that I couldn't imagine of being invented. Well, fashion is anything goes anyway so I am on the wrong side here.

These are the recent find that stump me.

Maison Martin Margiela Covered-Heel Wedge Sandal Shoes

Product Description: Woven canvas with grained leather trim.Canvas toe strap.Canvas band wraps around wedge and top of the foot Soft grained leather lining.Grained leather and canvas insole.Leather sole with rubber heel pad. 4.25" canvas-covered wedge heel.Made in Italy.
Product Description: Woven canvas with grained leather trim.Canvas toe strap.Canvas band wraps around wedge and top of the foot Soft grained leather lining.Grained leather and canvas insole.Leather sole with rubber heel pad. 4.25" canvas-covered wedge heel.Made in Italy.

This hobby of mine, if feed on continuously and with abandon would cost my husband our life savings. lol. Though that is not the case. I haven't bought a pair since February this year. But I reckon, compared to any addiction, this is the most pleasing one - doesn't need rehabilitation (sort of like drug rehab).

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Some Hits Home

You're Not Very Fit

And you're likely to admit that exercise just isn't your thing.

Maybe you need to experiment with new activities to find something you love.

Whether it's roller derby or surfing, just getting out there and moving will do wonders!

This says it all. I don't feel fit because of aching back. I need to exercise more, yet I don't need treadmill either to keep fit. I just need more time in a day to do it and somebody to look after my Bub. :) One of these days, I might live my wishes.

Easy to Match Shoes

There’s nothing taboo about the Tabu. The clever combination of colors — taupe, mauve and white — culminates into a refreshingly new neutral. Enjoy its endless outfit-enhancing opportunities. Adjustable slingback with a gold buckle. 3½ inch heel atop a ¼ inch platform. Rubber-infused leather sole. Made in Spain.

Pet for the Little Boy

My little boy loves any animal. He chase birds in the park. He would sit on his "bumbo" for several minutes while watching the birds feeding in our backyard. He loves our cat, Lucky. It can quite a whiney boy. He loves him that I am looking forward of him leashing Lucky so he can tow him whenever he goes, just like a dog. Of course, it crossed my mind that we might end up having another pet at home the way he adore animals. But, it will be within Mummy's rules. Not high maintenance like horse (that needs stable, feeds, horse supplements, not to mention the VET cost). Do not litter anywhere - should not require too much effort to stay clean. But if the little boy volunteers to do all the job, I couldn't say NO, I'm sure. :)

Barefeet eh?

You Are Bare Feet

You are a true free spirit, and you can't be tied down.

Even wearing shoes can be a little too constraining for you at times!

You are very comfortable in your own skin.

You are one of the most real people around. You don't have anything to hide.

Open and accepting, you are willing to discuss or entertain almost any topic.

You are a very tolerant person. You are accepting and not judgmental.

You should live: Somewhere warm

You should work: At your own business, where you can set the rules

Big On Games

My Husband's brother is big on games, may they be online or not. I know that he loves playing poker or solitaire (or any card games), just like Hubs. I also learned from his wife that he bought himself playstation 2 for Christmas last year. He also got dart. We played it last New Year until the wee hour in the morning. Hubs said that they used to have billiard table. I just don't know if he knows about the beer pong. He drinks so he might want to try it. But I reckon, game as such usually is played on pubs. If we're going to spend the next New Year with them again, I might suggest to play it. It's quite fun by the looks of it.

On Sweaters

It's that time of the year again when we bundle up to get warm. And wear warm clothes and in layer. If you haven't done your shopping for winter yet, you might want to know some facts on sweaters.

Cashmere is available in a huge array of price points, qualities and styles. Cashmere garment weight is often described in "plys," with two-ply having a finer hand and three-ply and up making up a chunkier or heavier knit. Check your care label, but generally cashmere can be handwashed with a very mild soap and laid flat to dry (only recommended after six or seven wearings).

Types of wool include merino (a finer fiber that's good if other wool makes you itchy), alpaca (strong, but soft), lambswool (fine and soft), shetland (usually describes a sweater made from coarser fibers) and mohair (lustrous and long-wearing). Keep your wool sweaters folded and launder according to instructions (some wools can even be machine washed).

Virtually seasonless and easy to care for, the cotton sweater can go from workplace to weekend in a flash. Look for beautiful colors and fun patterns (cotton yarns take color beautifully). Many styles can be washed (machine or by hand). Cotton is perfect for warmer climates where wool or cashmere would be too toasty.

Store sweaters in plastic bag or with moth balls, folded than hanged.

One Sunday afternoon

...while the family was bonding in the lounge room, I get into one of the home theater seating chair and reclined it. I was able to put the feet holder up but couldn't put the headrest back. Hubby told me to push my head back and so I did. It was very comfy sitting there watching telly but when it was time to get up, waaaa, I couldn't get out of the chair. I just usually sit on the three-seater and I don't recline it so it was my first time. Hubs told me to push the feet holder down but I am too light that I couldn't hold it down. The head rest was very easy to put back, just don't lean at all. Hubs had to push the foot rest for me. I swore, I won't ever get into that chair again. :)

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Beauty Contest

I've been surfing the net for sites where I can submit the Little Boy's photos to join a contest. So far, I've found one and you need to pay $10 just to submit one photo so the stingy me, ignore it. lol. I'll keep looking until I can find one.

If only, the little Boy is now a grown up big man. I can join him in You can submit your photos for free in that website. And this is the real thing. This is a beauty contest and the winner will bag a whooping 10 grand. Plus this a good venue for an elusive dream of being a fashion model in Paris, NY and Milan. The judges are the visitors of the site so everyone who join in has a chance to win.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Footwear Facts

Since, I am really into shoes.. of course I am curious about them. I want to know any bits and pieces. Here are some of my finds:

Sandals originated in warm climates where the soles of the feet needed protection but the top of the foot needed to be cool.

4,000 years ago the first shoes were made of a single piece of rawhide that enveloped the foot for both warmth and protection.

In Europe pointed toes on shoes were fashionable from the eleventh to the fifteenth centuries.

In the Middle East heels were added to shoes to lift the foot from the burning sand.
In Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries heels on shoes were always colored red.

Shoes all over the world were identical until the nineteenth century, when left- and right-footed shoes were first made in Philadelphia.
In Europe it wasn't until the eighteenth century that women's shoes were different from men's.

Six-inch-high heels were worn by the upper classes in seventeenth-century Europe. Two servants, one on either side, were needed to hold up the person wearing the high heels.

Sneakers were first made in America in 1916. They were originally called keds.
Boots were first worn in cold, mountainous regions and hot, sandy deserts where horse-riding communities lived. Heels on boots kept feet secure in the stirrups.
The first lady's boot was designed for Queen Victoria in 1840.