Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Shoes Stars Love

You know how you just get obsessed with a certain style or even a specific pair of shoes, and you want to wear them to and with everything?

Well, you're not alone.

In fact, even celebrities with more money than they could ever spend, and stylists to dress them head to toe often find a look and wear it 'til it's worn out.

For a few months last year, Nicole Richie was obviously having a love affair with black peep-toe pumps, and I can't say as I blame her.

A great alternative to basic black pumps, and if you have a nice pedicure, shoes like these make a sexy but versatile addition to your footwear wardrobe.

Check out all her looks in the Nicole Richie Photo Gallery.


Love The Color

Ugg Boots

I first hear of Ugg Boots here in OZ. Wanna know why they call them Ugg? Short for Ugly Boots, actually. They don't really look ugly but they sort of not fashionable as you just usually don them on winter. They're made of leather but fluffy inside. Some have fluffy fringes. You can buy them in trendy colors if you're the sort that matches her shoes with her clothes.

Well, I don't own a pair of these. Sometimes, I reckon I want to have one but when we're at the shop.. I lost interest in them.

When MCJ and I were at the airport last month, we saw this nice Ugg Boots - look beautiful in plan and dull color and durable as well. It's Merino, what can you expect. While I love to have a pair.. the price just doesn't attracts me. Hehehe. I'm a scrooge! Well, I just dont see the practicality of buying a pair of shoes where you can only wear on winter for a whooping $100 (almost). The sales assistant was really accomodating that I was thinking of buying them but on second though.. hummm. Good thing, I find the boots too long for my legs that they hurt my ankles when I tried them on. The ever-friendly assistant took out a different style - shorter one, but they all don't fit me. Thanks goodness! We end up not buying any.

The sales assistant completed the open-toed pump that I was wearing though and asked where did I bought them. Pinas! Where else? :) She said, I could find the size and style that I want back home... but then, we don't have winter!

Well, I end up buying a canvass shoes in Manila and I'll make do with the uber fluffy slippers that I've got for winter.